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    No post op packet (that I know of) is going to say enjoy carbonated beverages. There are standards that are decided across the board and that is one of them. Ask your team for the real reason why carbonation is out for a better understanding and you can decide how to move forward. There is a stevia or natural another sugar substitute that is root beer flavored. You can add it to plain water. Safe Journey 🎈
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    Fat shaming ?? Post op over 4 yrs

    Given the opportunity, I actually find myself going out of my way to smile, say hi, or even provide a compliment to someone overweight. A small gesture of kindness goes a long way. I think I do this because I remember (and honestly I hope I never forget) how it feels to be overweight and self-conscious that people are looking at you. I will admit sometimes I think to myself, God I hope they somehow are able to have the opportunity I had and look into surgery! I would never, ever think to randomly suggest surgery unless someone asked me about it.
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    Dr Submitted(pprwrk) as Urgent

    No experience with this, but awesome Surgeon.
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    So Many Thanks!!!!

    Congrats! We are all here to help one another.
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    Can I have zevia sugar free soda?

    Thank you. I just ordered the last one on there cause it said no sugar alcohols. And saw they had orange breath mints too. That were the same. That I’m gonna get for my apron at work. Cause I always worry about my breath. Thank you so much. This sounds like a great fit. Fixes a craving why staying on track. They also have a ginger ale one I found. With actual ginger extract. So it might help the stomach. Without the soda and sugar. Thank you. I can’t say that enough.
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    Constantly Tired @ 2 Weeks

    I am 6 days post op - I know this is an older post but if made me feel better so THANKS TO ALL I am sooooo tired and I was getting scared thinking - is this my life now blah blah I have a hard time taking it easy and patience - but I am going to HAVE TO TAKE IT EASY AND BE PATIENT
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    I had no restriction for that they just told me if I took my pain meds that I could not drive. Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Protien and Broth!

    I prefer Protein20 protein water from Sam's. Not quite as sweet. Also, the other ones can be mixed with sugar-free lemonade to lessen the sweetness. Don't get too concerned about your protein right now, hydration is the most important. It takes a lot of people a few weeks to get all their protein
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    Vitamin Patches

    But you get vitamins and minerals from your diet I don't know how you can attribute it to the Patches, when there's other variables in your diet. Presumably you also take sublingual vitamin b and calcium supplements? Now for the sake of simplicity I don't feel like arguing forever, but I think we can both agree the degree of efficacy is unproven. So why spend more money on something that is less proven
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    do you find that you seem to judge overweight people now ?? or is it just me ?? please dont eat that ice cream or cookie,,, I frequently try to bite my tongue,,, Look I was a FAT guy,,, 325 at my heaviest,,, now 160 ish ,,, steadily for 4 + years,,, (sober too) did surgery help me ?? absolutely,,, just one step in the process,,,, but ya gotta change your way of looking at food.. I always say,,,, after I mention WLS,,,, does FF and sweets go in me,,, yup,,, ya gotta make a choice to change ... re think your whole way of eating,,, if you dont you are destined for failure,,, I regularly still see / consult my dietitian,,, work out / stay insanely active,,, and extremely watch what I eat,,, I have recently started IF (intermittent fasting) for health and fat burning,,, results ,,, Im curious if anyone will really admit,,, to shaking your head to a overweight individual,,, I actually on a long follow up appt,,,,, WLS doc appt,,, spoke to some folks about the journey and was very willing almost boisterous to praise its,,,, life CHANGING results