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  1. Relatives will no longer call me " Hefty" or Wide-Load,perhaps They will have to come with something nicer to say, I looked to see on our grocery. list. a couple ideas I have ready to purchase. That's why I still keep my Sparta options open in case town- living gets a bit much...
  2. Frustr8

    Hair Loss

    I have nearly lost my bangs, my hair is thin and what is left doesn't want lay down or behave. But it still. has Good Time facets to this weight loss wagon train I am on.
  3. Frustr8

    New discovery - ribs!

    Ribs, collarbone,even a few hipbones showing. My wrists and forearms, really look like thin people bones. And when you lose your Rump Fat, you feel like the back. of your pelvis is going to pop through, so the same seats you needed help getting out of, now they are so hard to sit very long,dang things make you hurt! And I think now the swelling in my ankles has largely gone, so I can see those bones too.
  4. Watch out for your stoma narrowing down, this is a stricture or stenosis, and I am a veteran of that war and also have ulcerations in my jejunem- the send third of our small intestine that our pouch now attached to. Mine I believe to happened at 2 weeks but I did not have a confirmatory endoscopy until 6 weeks past my surgery date. And I have been fighting it every since. It really is kind of rare, but you will find there's me, Briswife and Mousecat all active. I believe my Bari- bud is the one closest to having all facets rectified. But I do still vomit frequently, my pouch is tender, sometimes it feels like Precious clenchs herself like an angry little ✊ fist, and I have a lot of right subcostal pain, that means right below the ribs, that is where my ulcers, the great majority, of which are there. Oh my weight loss is wonderful, 150 down from my Highest Weight, and 98 at last weighing since my surgery. But it has been a bumpy journey getting there, at this point. almost 9 months, I had expected " The Good Times To Roll", OH I don't think my Bariatric Clinic is that worried about me, but they are merely watching, I'm having to LIVE IT! They just seem to call it All ---Atypical. Healing Procee. Well Whoopee Ding isn't that just so special!!!🚩🎪🚩
  5. I went the seminar at Ohio State on March 10th 2018, received my Surgery Date July 17th 2018,my actual Surgery Date was September 5th 2018, so a little less than 6 months from first contact to Actual Surgery Date.👼👍😛❤
  6. Frustr8

    Weight-loss funnies

    I do know Right from Wrong Wrong seems to be the Fun One!
  7. Frustr8

    Weight-loss funnies

    I think I'm the front tiger in that picture, wanting to kick back and relax. Yeah I know exercise is good for tigers too , but don't it make my black stripes gray?
  8. Frustr8

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    And I ❤ having someone else wash my hair, makes me feel like Cleopatra with handmaidens to wait on me!
  9. While scrolling through past postings I noticed there is" Guys who started over 400lbs" in the Guys Room. Well I believe if there is" gravy for the 🐔rooster" there certainly should be "gravy for the🐔 hen " especially those of us with meatier🍗 drumsticks. Are there challenges we face that aren't faced by our 200 lb sisters? Do we tend to lose weight faster or slower than smaller🐣 flock members? Weigh in my sisters, weigh in!
  10. Frustr8

    Weight-loss funnies

    That's P-A-t-S, she was never merely Par!
  11. Frustr8

    Weight-loss funnies

    Sad isn't it, with her peeved little face the only way they could be certain was that she closed her eyes! If animals go to Heaven ( and I still believe they do) I plan to give her pars if she requests them!
  12. Frustr8


    And nausea still rears its Ugly Little Head for me and I am 8.5 months out from my RNY. Maybe my tummy will be more sensitive the rest of my life, but it's Okay, I would rather be a little queasy and 200 than a Cast-Iron digestion and approaching 400. Back then the only times I bubbled over was when I tried to eat myself into oblivion, believed if I didn't eat everything I saw somebody else might get IT, and that is a SAD SAD WAY TO THINK! Nothing tastes as good as Smaller Feels! Love and a Hug from Frustr8 in Ohio!
  13. Frustr8


    Try infusing your water with Citrus slices or something else. One of my Bari-pals swore by cucumber slices, another Springs of Mint. I have always found RoomTemperture Waters were sent by Satan, so I iced or chilled them.
  14. And please celebrate for ME, I am about ready to go to ONEderland, yeah me that started out Obese, Sad and 365+ pounds, I remember how triumphant I felt to break out of 300-How Much Did You Say? into Twoferland and putting a "1" in front of my weight will be Glorious! I am Glad I Didn't Give up on Me!😛
  15. Frustr8

    Day 2 post op

    👈😛👉And LOL
  16. Frustr8

    Day 2 post op

    Yeah I just got a survey from Mount Carmel East in Columbus, I had an MRI there on Feburary 5th. Hello? It took you 90 days to decide you needed MY FEEDBACK? Oh what the hey, I'll fill it out, send it back, maybe they were having a lonely day when they reached out!
  17. Frustr8

    May 20th

    Well if those shakes were made perfect you would want to stay on them forever and not move on to other foods! Maybe they are made to become obsolete.
  18. Frustr8

    May 2019 support group

    Be kind and loving to yourself, YOU still need that body To Live In!
  19. Frustr8

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Hematologists are smart people, may they find out you're recovering from a minor- league infection and things will still continue going forward!
  20. Frustr8

    Bariatric Emergency Kit

    Well chocolate does come from a PLANT; this makes it a SALAD!
  21. Frustr8

    June 2019!!! Surgery Siblings!!!

    I am and was an RNY Bypass, surgery-weight was 319. At 8.5 months I am approaching Onederland, if last weight correct, within 12 pounds, with my blips and bumps, feared I would NEVER make it. But I am on the brink and. will never go back to what I was before. No food tastes so good as feeling smaller feels. I keep "undergrowing" my clothing. only thing that still fits from last summer are my sandals, and they are almost too wide. Your feet don't sprawl out so much with less weight pushing down on them. I tell my son my face looks like a train wreck on the B&O, he says it is not, and besides everything is AMTRAK anyway. I have almost Native American cheekbones, who would have thought they were lurking under my Moon-shaped Face? Sorry Aunt Minnie for all your denials, but there is Too Much Evidence in the Family Pictures, there a few Indians in Our Family Woodpile! Not everybody sent back to England and Europe for Wives! At least I have more rights to be here than the Average Settler did. I'm not wrong and Still Buckeye strong!😛❤😛
  22. My biggest surgical Worry? That I would wake up to find out my Surgeon had backed out and refused to do my surgery. First thing I did when I was put in my Post- Surgery Room? Flipped my gown up to my chest to make sure I had my 6 little slits, actually I had 7, I had forgotten he also uses the navel as a portal. I hurt so subtly I was concerned very much! All was well then, the blips and bumps in my recovery came much later!
  23. Love love love your post! These are things I want for myself!
  24. Frustr8

    RNY tomorrow!

    Loved those Leg Pumpers, my calves do tend to ache, at 73 it does happen, but they felt so good while lessening my chances of throwing a clot from inactivity!
  25. Frustr8

    May 2019

    A thought for us all! Where do I see me 5 years from now? I see myself no longer looking at price tags or size markers! Stay Strong Grow Healthy, Live Live Life To The Best of Your Abilities!