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    Support each other

    BRECHER,baby, not whatever Spell Check. is using today!
  2. Frustr8

    Support each other

    Hmmmm does Alex Need her know if there is a website for us recovering food addicts? Maybe someone should start one. Something like" On Journey Together" sounds better than Stretched Skin Society? L.O.L🎁😝📦
  3. Frustr8

    A minor set back

    Well we'll its Me, lttler by the day ME. For those who have been following me it's 5 months 2 c weeks into this cheap poorly-written soup Opera of my post- surgery life. 2 and a half months since Catheterine Jo my PICC line catheter became steady company with each,other. Actual Surgery was September 5th 2018, PICC LINE insertion November 29 2018, started 24 hours a day because I had depleted my Protein stores, was accidently starving myself with malnourishment, and since I had gone to Surgery Date with a BMI in the mid/high 40s, outside world would not have noticed the state I was in. My body was at the point of stealing protein from other body portions to sustain itself. And where was its next potential target? Yep the Cardiac Muscle, already had a potential "time bomb" in my chest called a thoracic aorta aneurysm, if my poor poor beleagured ❤ started whimpering and flailing around, what could the Final Outcome? Do you all stock high heels, a black outfit and a hat with a veil? Went from from 24 hours, to 14 to 12 and this coming week,on February 19/ 20th I am to go to 2 ounces of mushy as possible, if not mooshy mushy I am to chomp it to a gray gelatinous mass before attempting,to ingest it. Now Titus was just a weanling pup when all this started, 7ncle Alfie has him out in the fields and woods, cause now That Dog Is big enough,to Hunt . Now I am a little excited, a little apprehensive, I have now been given Bariatric Permission to re Enter the the Land of the Chewing. And I get a picture of my 4 Bariatric Foremothers sitting and perhaps stifling a giggle behind their Weight reduced hands. Fluffy Chix, Green Tealael, Orchids and Dragons, Silly Kitty. You see folks , since 2 1/2- 3 weeks since my stomal structure and jejunal ulcers reared their ugly little heads I have been permanently,parked in Liquid-Land where all my Exs are not in Texas , they are with my currents in Liquid-Land where everything has the consistency of damaged Rainwater. So my little glass scale is waiting, my baby 2 oz cups, some wax paper to put under meats, my itty- bitty spoons which in the silverware drawer in a zip lock bag. And although the would prefer meats I can have 2 mini meals of smooshed up carrots or other soft veggies. No Virginia mashed potato is not a veggie, 9h I did ask. So at this point 2 oz every 3 hours during waking hours, they will mini- evaluate last of March, my TPN decreases in size of bag and calorie level and timing , I got to go 10 hours instead. See for over 2 months I have lived on TPN and Bariatric Vitamins. Wonder if there is a Saint dedicated to diatetics, Orchids and Dragons will know such things, if not it gives her an opportunity to go to Mid-week Mass to ask Father on my behalf. So everybody think positively for your Frustr8, I haven't had THIS CHANCE for months!😝🍮🍳🍏🍒🍍
  4. While scrolling through past postings I noticed there is" Guys who started over 400lbs" in the Guys Room. Well I believe if there is" gravy for the 🐔rooster" there certainly should be "gravy for the🐔 hen " especially those of us with meatier🍗 drumsticks. Are there challenges we face that aren't faced by our 200 lb sisters? Do we tend to lose weight faster or slower than smaller🐣 flock members? Weigh in my sisters, weigh in!
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    Single after weight loss

    Happy Birthday 🎁🍰📦Cecy50 my dear So happy I got to meet YOU on here May your days go happy, may they find you well And most of all Cecy may your waistline again never swell! From your Bari' Bud in Central Ohio, Frustr8 February 16 2019
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    Quotes & Inspiration

    If you feel you're going to be wetting yourself still move on to reward slowly but bravely. It is far better to leave smal droplets than than to stand frozen and immobile in a puddle of pee signed S. W. W. ( sadder, wiser , wetter) February 2019💦😥💦
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    Prayers requested and gratefully accepted

    Faith is seeing light when all your Physical eyes can see is deep darkness. Hope says there is an answer when all that x an be heard is silence, and there shall be a TOMORROW when all your Todays pile up in a stack of pain.🙏
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    Prayers requested and gratefully accepted

  9. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

    Never be ashamed of YOUR STORY; It may be an inspiration to someone else.----- The Wise Old Sage 2019
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    Single after weight loss

  11. Frustr8


    The last week or or so, say since 16th February, 8 have had some we8rd conflicting medical reports, I have gone from " Maybe this will be Okay with mere Home Treatment to my PCP to my local Emergency for Cat Scan. and additional and traditional. blood cultures. First one taken at PCP was within most limitations, but the second which,was v taken a few days laterThursday) showed something abnormal. Either the hospital here, an community one alas, not even a Trauma level unless you consider reference or "feeder fish" as one. Either they cross- contaminated it themselves, which knowing KCH not impossible, I have developed a strange blood abnormally or I really need more exstensive,testing. KCH calls on a Sunday afternoon when Mount Vernon not onlynrplls 6he sidewalks up, they sit a big rock on top to hold them,into place. Now today is Presidents Day, s9 even Publics Transport,is shut down So what am I asking? for prayerwise? A little clarity of thought would be a good start. Kay my good buddy who would normally drive across broken glass for me has her late' minor stage,grand daughters, 12 and nearly 17. Do I ask her to load them, my son Tomkitten in the back seat, her and I in the front, set out,on a modern day Conestogsa trek to Columbus, not knowing what we may find? One of the girls parents are in Kentucky, the other in. Florida, that's why they are at Kay's, house anyway. What to Do , What to Do ? Meanwhile am I feeling,better? N*O*P*E!
  12. There are the Sexless Squad. Oh don't worry too much about Thaddeus or Tina, they are obese, we all know they have no sexual sensations, they got fat didn't they? And that is a facet nobody mentions.
  13. You will still be you, that is true. But you might be natually more secure in yourself. You would not have been a victim of "fat shaming" , no one would have told you had no right to an earthly life because you were obese. And Fat Shamer has several Siamese twin. brothers, in fact they are quads. There is Economic Shamer- Don't pay any mind to Tubby Thelmika, she is from a lower economic class and didn't want to better herself. They are Dub
  14. No they would not as neither should a child abuse/ molest victim, I still believed my groomer/society that it was my fault for being so sexually appealing. Now from my adult knowledge, just hope appealing is a little flat-chested informed figure being? But we were taught it was all little Pennie or Billy's fault, often we were threatened with the death of a pet or baby sibling. My friend who I call Billy here, his baby brother was threatened. Why would. adult not be believed? He had killed many animals by many diverse methods before. It is difficult even to talk to help people or law enforcement, for in our day small children were not believed.💦😪😥😪
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    Natural fruit juice chilled and thinned extremely down to a lo-cal level, watch infused with herbs, or frui t slices like orange, lemon, lime ( I 💞line slices) decaf green teas, some actually sweat by chilled herbal ones.
  16. Frustr8

    October 2018 Sleevers

    And mine took it even further, said unless there is some ungodly. future event where you would have to know, center on one scale to trust, and I WOULD PREFER IT TO BE MY FREQUENTLY recalibrated medical one. Something I wasn't aware of, since he is in my State's Premiere Land Grant College Ohio's Divisions of Weights keeps him recalibrated. And just like fire extinguishers have last service/ certified until this date labels, his what I Jokingly called his " cattle scale" has one also, just have to know where to look!👸😛👸👍
  17. Frustr8


    I noticed on the 💗You section there was Take a New Selfie, well on Valentine's I did its not a" facial selfie", instead it is of my upper tummy, I wanted to give it some b love and a shout-out here. You see I feel one of SELFIES beauty is noticing the beauty where maybe others couldn't see it. Well my belly went along with me on this Great Bariatric Exposition. It received its 7 obligatory slits, healed up without infection and has now teeny tiny silver scars,band although I was fearful with all the stretching, scarring already, and the stretch marks are a legacy since I was 11 years old, 110 pounds, turned out they came from a skin collagen defect, not frank obesity, a nasty heredity all 3 children received, sorry Babies! But back to me , I thought my skin would give up, did not,my skin still keeps the outsides out and my innards in, just having to stretch less daily as I lose weight. So although to many viewers it is NOT beautiful, to me it is a thing of joy and beauty, a vision of success, each skin Mar is a battle ribbon of success, I maybe be 73 but the woman within is strong, committed to success, best of all still living, starting to do it with a little more vibrance, Thank You God, Thank You Bradley J Needleman MD and Thanks Bariatric Pals for your emotional underpinings as I found my way there! So Blessings be upon you My Abdominal skin, you've never failed ME yet!💭💛💙💜💚❤💞
  18. Just tell her " why no, mother in law dear, I am still lovely girl your brilliant son married. Why would you ask?" just lob that heavy old medicine ball backinto her side of the court!
  19. Frustr8

    Goal Weight

    I have said since the beginning 175 or size 15 junior I think I would look G O O D there, but truly 190 and under, probably teetering between overweight and obese, mfft men my age have given up picking up woman except with their silver tongues, they tend to have lost arm and upper body strength in the first place. Lower bodies strength usually still there, main problem is their minds write checks their bodies have an insufficent credit line to utilize. They may still have "will" but the ole body just "won't" My rotten 50-51 year old PCP keeps chanting Morbid Obesity,in a tone between Boris Karloff and Vincent Price, tried Freddy Kreuger one day but his vocal cords just don't have the chops!
  20. Has anyone tried the Ensure brand protein waters, Wal-Mart , blast their greedy little souls deleted Protein20, but they still,have blueberry pomegranate and and a fruity punch flavor, almost $7, hate to throw my money into their gaping financial money-bag if it's no good. 👜
  21. Frustr8

    January surgeries?!

    oh I am sure you will be be just fine. THEY downloading all my recent bills.
  22. Frustr8

    I just can't get warm!

    'I,have both lonfs of pnrpmia shots ad well as the flu shot And every,joint,in,my,body,hurts tonight . I am,chilling and feel,generally,rotten. I have had a sore throat for 3-4 weeks, amoxicillin didn't touch it. Help,I ' sure,dea5h might,be a,promotion. If I sm,mp,better I guess I'll,have,to visit my,local,ER. And,i,had a bunch.of stuff,to Do,on Monday
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    New here and just had surgery

    You may show a loss at 2 weeks if you have lost your surgical overhydration water weight, otherwise at a month or 6 weeks you should have a pleasant surprise coming! Everybody is different, but that is a good rule of thumb. And as you go further out there may be even more varience, I know an almost surgery day twin, lost only 38 pounds, then there are people like me who are in the 60s, same surgery , our bodies just reacted differently, she's lost less but went down 2 sizes, I've only gone down 1, I'm still a little envious but she started out at a different weight point than me, Its still okay, when all said and done!
  24. Frustr8

    7 day post op

    Mine were covered with criss-crossed hypoallergic strips like stereo-strips. Like one of the other posters, I was told it was okay to get them wet in the shower, just wash around them and pat them dry, the one in my navel,dropped off first, it was pretty caked with blood as was the "money" slit, Bypassers on the right , sleevers on the left, it took the longest to heal, was a little tender from it maybe a month, Dr Needleman. removed the rest at 2 weeks, the reason you're not permitted a tub bath or swimming is those contain chemicals and/ or germs, whereas. a shower is clean water just trickling over. I turned the pressure down on my shower because high pressure needles of water made them sting and hurt. At 5 months mine have faded into the surrounding stretch mark scenery, sure a surgeon or doctor could find them because they know where they should be, average layperson couldn', I just looked at my tubby tummy, only one still distictive is mine up between my slightly saggy "girls" it's visible only because my skin up there isn't stretch- marked but smooth. And FYI that is where the liver retractor went in, since I had been so successful with my liver- shrinking diet, he did not have to use the industrial- sized retractors and didn't bruise anything, it is tiny tiny, always has been, maybe 1/2 the size of the rest, and they weren't big to start with. My surgeon did a pretty pretty job, gosh I can only wish all my surgeons sutured as skillfully. He could have been a plastic surgeon. My exterior turned out as pretty as a 70+ body can be, it's. my innards where my Big Bad Problem is. I am very very allergic to Dermabond as I am most adhesive bandaging. Liked that about Dr N , he used what would be best for me, not what he was taught or comfortable using. Case in point, I had to have some breast biopsies, multiple so they were going to give me General anesthesia. I told the surgeon, reminded the nurses even stuck a post-a-note on one boob, what do I wake up with , Elastoplast, Whole no-one bright red blisters,part broken and weeping, itch like Hades, and when they finally removed the Elastoplast, I lost the entire top layer of skin, it had just melted away, my subcutaneous layer showing, had to go to wound management, where they take care of the trophic ulcers and burns, and when it healed at least my body made new skin so I didn't have to be grafted, but it still is a little shiny. Late Husband offered to kiss it and make it better, told him to keep those lips on his can of Pepsi and far away from me!😧😪😍
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    Wow--- I can see why you like her. and those slides remind me of lovely lovely SummerTime!