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  1. While scrolling through past postings I noticed there is" Guys who started over 400lbs" in the Guys Room. Well I believe if there is" gravy for the 🐔rooster" there certainly should be "gravy for the🐔 hen " especially those of us with meatier🍗 drumsticks. Are there challenges we face that aren't faced by our 200 lb sisters? Do we tend to lose weight faster or slower than smaller🐣 flock members? Weigh in my sisters, weigh in!
  2. Frustr8

    No F#$ckin BMI Way

    And my BMI teeters between 28/29 - big change from 55+, isn't IT?
  3. Frustr8

    No F#$ckin BMI Way

    And my Mama, may she rest in PEACE, always stated- always believed I was Big- Boned, fated to be on the Larger side of Things. Well having lost over 1/2 of ME, 178ish from High Point of 365+ I AM MERELY Medium - lady- sized boned after all. Told my ortho, the esteemed Kenneth H Doolittle II MD, I was an OBESE Athletic build, told me that was an impossibility! Last office visit, He ate his words, shook my hand and conceded I WAS CORRECT under all that Flabby Fluff lurked an 15/16 Junior size body- almost justifies going from a DD bra cup to a B, semi- perky , at 74 things "flop" instead of "bounce merrily" but it's GOID- ALL GOOD after all!
  4. I would say just before Years End or in the first days of January. But What a Wonderful worthwhile Way to start the Year of 2020. And all of us will be praying for you and a Bright Bright Future. And I am not sorry for MINE- if you went back and read my journey you'd see I was eminately qualified to be bitter with all my freaky unexpected twists and turns. But it's been 16 and a half months,like the Big Lebowski in the Movie "I ABIDE" and joys do outweigh the sorrows, I'm now less than half the size I was when I started, smaller than I was at 14 or 15, which was nigh on to 60 years ago, I don't recognize me in the mirror- somebody accused me last week of trying to pass my sister's ID- difficult when You're an Only Child- yep That's Me THERE, just 180+ pounds ago. So it is a Brave New World but I think I'll see how LIFE goes on! God Bless Darlin' and keep us updated, you hear?😝👍
  5. Frustr8

    December Surgery dates???

    Congratulations to each and every one of YOU and Welcome to the Brave New World!
  6. Frustr8

    Blender that purees

    I💗 my Nutribullet as much as one can an inanimate object!!!
  7. And another reason for Right Subcostal pain is Jejuneal ulcerations, many, myself included, retain just enough acidic gastric juices to wreak havoc on your small intestine, be it duodenal or jejuneal, I Will carry carry scarring the remainder of my missbegotten LIFE and be at risk for (gasp) stricture, stenosis and torsion, and I have a gastroenterologist sworn paperwork on THAT!
  8. Yeah I does its secondary function- gastric acid, digestive juices- it just "Stores No More", in theory one could be reversed but I'm not sure if motility, peristalsis and enervation would come back and you would certainly be looking at OPEN SURGERY and having had an Abdominal Incision for something else They Can Be Boogers to Heal and not Every Bariatric Surgeon Can or Will undertake the grueling process. Have to be convinced. IT IS THE ONE BEST ALTERNITIVE FIR YOU! MINE is that Skilled, would HE DO IT FOR ME? DOUBTFUL, VERY DOUBTFUL! Would I Ask? WELL I Haven't Yet and I have had an extremely Rocky Road and at less than one month to 74, I Very Well MIGHT NOT LIVE through IT ALL- So-o-o.....!
  9. And 8 am a RNY & in nearly 15 months, I haven't yet- of course I v9mit before I even get close- thinking of getting a T Shirt that says URP-P-P!!! in Big Bold Letters😥
  10. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

  11. Frustr8

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Happy Thanksgiving - Day 28- rather relsted- I got my Metro approval in the mail yesterday- Still have to endure a Orientation lecture next week- if rotten non- compliance landlord. still refuses to lower rent(2/3rds of my monthly Social Security is Excessive) after Today I can recall places- don't have one designated area development here for Metro- eligible but there are a few. rental complexs that will ACCEPT- now to find one Small Pet friendly, senior slightly handicaped, like no steps to climb, that is looking forward to 2 non- drinkers, smokers, drug- free, quiet non- drivers near designated bus/taxi routing- Don't Ask Much , do I? Be nice if there was laundry access, one nice thing about here was kitchen appliances, washer/dryer furnished and I didn't have to pay for water, sewer or refuse pick-up. But it was small, 2nd BD so small it should have been mud or storage room with no closets to speak of. Still I am getting Too Old to look forward to uprooting AGAIN but IT IS WHAT IT IS and I am getting tired of the FIGHT. Now that I AM Smaller if landlord wants to "Kick- box" I have the mobility to go a few rounds if necessary. Stay Tuned and if There is an Update, you know I Tell All!
  12. Welcome @Gypsybella- You WILL Find many wonderful stories and journaling on Here, mine is just one of MANY. We all come here , each with our Own Hopes and Fears, We learn from Each other and our Lives become the Richer for IT. Let's Share our Life Experiences and See what Web Can Become!
  13. Frustr8

    Quotes & Inspiration

    I am a work in PROGRESS- too busy becoming the PERSON I was meant to be to entertain worries and fears. TODAY becomes the start of BEAUTIFUL days for ME for there is No Limit to What I May Become.
  14. Frustr8

    Oh the pain....

    Please take Fluffys advice, she is One Smart Chickadee, I have profited much from Her Advice and I Too think THIS IS A" Call the Doctor" time!
  15. And I'm gonna monitor this thread TOO- all my surrounding people say I'm looking FINE- I THINK I look like RoadKill that's been run over at least TWICE on the Interstate.🚗🚕🚛🚒🚓⚠🚧
  16. And here I am Once Again- yesterday was my LAST WoundCareCenter visit- Whoop Whoop Hurray- I have to wear a BandAid over it until the First of YEAR because the skin will be fragile until then. 2 months 2 Days. to heal from What Was Billed as a Simple Low-Grade mostly elective SURGERY, and I currently have a deep dimple in my upper arm fleshy Will it Smooth out? Certainly hoping so! And one month from Today, Thursday December 26th, my 74th BIRTHDAY my Shoulder SURGERY will occur. Warned him unless He wants to Avoid Hearing ME sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME" I intend to be up yodelling at the top of my Lungs, and yes My Peeps I CAN YODEL just like the Old Time Movie Cowboys. Another of my MANY MANY Talents. So to shut Me up he had better order pre- sedatives in the Holding Area- reminded ME it will HURT- NBD I am already in pain, already can't raise my arms above 45-60% from level- so this will "cure" rather than" harm" things And Can Only improve my Life Quality, the way I'm thinking 🙉or least seeing👀. So stay tuned to This BatChannel for the next chapter of the FRUSTR8 SAGA, cause knowing how I am, I go into Nothing without a little kicking and screaming, I earned every red- gold strand of hair and temperment over my Lifetime, and I suspect if I haven't grayed by 74 I won't ever do IT! Catch you all on the Flip Side, Okay?👈😝👉
  17. Frustr8

    Weight-loss funnies

    That's Not merely Wine, my Darling Offspring, that's a Liquid LoadLeveler, now out of MY Way while my eyes still focus!
  18. Frustr8

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    And once again I lost my entire juicy enhanced protein shake breakfast yesterday morning- Gee Whilickers THIS gets so OLD- probably peeve and look like I am ungrateful the powers that be at OSU Bariatric surgery but I want a t-shirt stating " Gastrointestinally Crippled- Slightly" today things are better but I may never be the Poster Child Success I once dreamed of Being- but Still it Is what it is, perhaps like the Biblical Esau I sold my " Birthright" and I now am reaping the whirlwind of THAT decision. But 1/2 the size I started AT...... GOOD..... but I have gone through' Purgatory on Earth" to get There.
  19. Frustr8

    Crazy personal question

    Add children , at 365+ I was DD, now at 180 I am barely a B, I EXPECTED to lose my Hubba Hubba Heinie and my Belly Paunchn who'd of Thunk the Boobsters would go Bye Bye Also? But I 'll not whine and kvetch, I am the only one of my Teen BBF who hasn't had a mastectomy or 2 by NOW, so mini- sized as they are, THEY are still present and accounted for, and weirdly they are not floppy, saggy or with the nipples pointing due South, they are just slightly AWOL at nearly 74. So Life still goes on and DD might look sadly "plastic" with a size 16 (well really a 15ish Junior) body--- sort of like I got a Campership from Dolly Parton to "Big Boob Land" . So a big Fat Juicy smile 😝😝😝of Acceptable from yours TRULY!
  20. Frustr8

    🍂 Nov 2019 Challenge🍂

    Love That Sign @ FluffySaysForkIt; k8nda I 'll do IT if and when I feel like it, I LIVE in a town where This--- the Usual is unusually infrequent.
  21. Frustr8

    Weight-loss funnies

    Oh Fluffy- you and Orchids and Dragons keep my in stitches! Back in The Day. we even had a poem to go with those Planks I KNOW MY HEART--I KNOW MY MIND-- I KNOW MY RUMP--STICKS UP BEHIND! Much 💓 and Have a Beautiful Day in Houston Today!
  22. Frustr8

    Anyone else?

    I LIKED John Belushi's Chee- Burger, Chee- Burger but then there I Go,showing my Age Again!
  23. And if I HAd a calm peaceful surgery/recovery I WOULD shout it from the Rooftops. I did not have the one spoke,of in the pamphlets, books or verbalize by my SURGEON- it was bumpy, weird and beyond what I was prepared for- but ITS STILL GOOD- and even beat-up old jalopies like ME, we still make it over the Finish Line, we just chug- chug loudly but our horn still goes Beep Beep as we Travel Along. And,i would,NEVER Go back to pre- SURGERY AGAIN- it was much more sorrowful, painful and simply than anything RNY COULD throw My Way!
  24. Frustr8

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    And this AM, my back HURTS- something I CANNOT BLAME on Bariatric SURGERY- I am 73, arthritic since 25, being " Creaky- Jointed" goes with The Territory, even Spinal Joints, too too many years over 300 pounds did not HELP Matters, I'll whimper and arise pretty soon- it's still a Good Life when all is SAID and DONE! 👈👵👉
  25. Frustr8

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    Well often you only hear from Squeaky Wheels, smooth- running. tends to be Quite Quiet- but ME? But ME, you'll hear from ME you'll hear from ME and My struggles until somebody beats ME with a Board to shut me up- WAS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED but 85-90% good, so the trade- off is tolerable and I will be still trucking🚚 a while longer upon this 🌎 Earth!

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