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  1. After thinking I might make May-June-July-or August for my surgery, it turns out I will be singing a SEPTEMBER song. Do I have a surgery twin, someone who will be going through this wonderous transformation with me?
  2. Frustr8

    TPN and nausea

    And finally after staying home all day because I didn't want to miss the delivery man , UPS showed up at 6 pm, after I stayed home all day. Today was 10% off for senior citizens at my favorite meat market, now I missed it. Drat them, they only sent a partial shipment, so after I return from blood draw, I'll be waiting again. Be nice if they would show up during daylight hours, my back step doesn't have a light, another thing to mention to my landlord or son, maybe mention it with my. January rent?
  3. Frustr8

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Can you imagine breaking wind and having it echo? I have heard it jokingly called the🚽 Porcelain Palace, sounds as though yours could just be THAT!💩🚽
  4. Frustr8

    Puking: Post-Op vs. Pre-Op

    Usually the Campbell soup that causes the Dump deDump-Dump is 🍅 in fact quite notorious. I don't know if someone in the original got the pea-sized brain that tomatoes were bitter and so nasty that you had to add sugar and starch to the formula, nut they did it and some of us end up "reaping the whirlwind". And alas and alack, there we are!💦
  5. So @ Pamdi51, did things finally start going,your way and working well? Is there anymore to the story?
  6. Frustr8

    August bypassers/sleevers

    @Aidanog, are you still monitoring? I had an PICC line installed on November 29th 2018. I have had stomal stricture and jejunem ulcers, am now on TRN to see if the increased protein levels will help my body heal them. I have a endoscopy scheduled December 28th, maybe we will get good reports, the endocopies on October 12,26th,November 9th,and 28th were not good, so we shall see. Hey thanks for being a PICC nurse, my team at Ohio State University were wonderful, the installation was very smooth, very painless and my basilic vein seemed to be happy to cooperate.Hey have a Dynomite December and I hope you're still around÷
  7. Oh it is going to happen , and at least you don't have to resort to. a PICC line like me. Wouldn't it be groovy if we are both better within a month? Take your Carafate, I will too, much as I HATE the chalky old stuff, it could've,helping heal me. I now have 240 or so on board, when I picked up my meds after I got back to Mount Vernon, there was another tall bottle, guess i dont mind THAT much, copay is only $1,25. So each and every day, 4 get dissolved and down the hatch, at a minimum I have them for 3 months ordered. I just think they taste like drinking flour water!
  8. Frustr8

    TPN and nausea

    Well heard from my TPN coordi ator, yeah I do have one, her Name is Kelly and she's at Option Care in Columbus Ohio, she doesn't realize I know but she's closer to Worthington by her prefix. Among my other work journeys I was a Long Distance Phone operator for quite a while. Anyway based on my last blood draws for the next couple nights I will be on clear instead of milky liquid, and if tomorrow does okay I may go from a 14 hour pump cycle to a 12, that's what I was on before coming home. Soon I be starting to be making progress and its a minor victory but one anyway! so Yippee for ME!
  9. Oh you didn't get that size in one day, so it will take a good while to go down, but you have made a Great Great start and remember we believe on YPU, we know you can and will do it. Small increments can make a bid change. Never give up on yourself!
  10. Frustr8

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    And I had a small child who was on it for duodenal spasms. I always thought it smelled a little minty from the times he would urp up on me. And I think it may be somewhere in the opioid family,minor league but still qualified to attend the Family Reunion.
  11. And congratulations to you also LynnV1964, you always make my day better. Love them postings!
  12. Frustr8


    You know it is great to read these threads, not saying surgeons and the bariatric staff generals aren't great, they are but sometimes the humble footsoldier in the Weight Wars has the Best Ideas!💊
  13. Never Binge Again, I'll start looking around, see if I can find a cheap enough copy, might try my local library system. If I can't find one, it will be one of the first items I buy in 2019.
  14. Frustr8

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Danke leibling, in the midst of bewilderment I do try. Did I ever tell you my story of why I am a 🐝bumblebee? Okay Thebumblebee is aerodynamically impossible, his little wings are too short to hold up his fat little body. But no one EVER TOLD him this so he just keeps on flying. People thought it was much too late in life for me to attempt surgery, let alone be successful. And like the bumblebee I just keep on flying and flying, trying to fly a straight course, trying to achieve a ✌ victory against all the doubters, nay-sayers and ones with flyswatters who wanted to put me down. And it has been a bitter, hard-won victory, I used to want to be like this one or that one,but finally I came to realize I am a good bumblebee,there is room for me to be me and that is Good Enough for me at the finish🐝
  15. Frustr8

    100 lbs in under a year?

    🐭🐺Fluffy Chix calls this emjoi Jazz Hands , I call it a hug from ME to You and we both may be correct, just heard from my TPN dietician, yeah got my own, her name is Kelly that since my blood work shows I am at least trying to eat, for 2 nights I go to a clear formula, no fats so it won't look milky like baby formula anymore, and there is a possibility I may decrease length of feeding from 14 hours to 12, depends on what my Thursday blood draw says. Surprise, I NEVER KNEW it could talk! But she, and by extension Dr Noria are pleased , that's nice but ultimately I should be the one pleased, not them. I have been 2oz cupping down a strawberry shake, after 19 weeks of protein shakes my my palate is jaded, I am varying from one shake, 2 soups to 2 shakes, one soup, and liquids , vitamins, minerals, Dexilent, Zofran, Wellbutrin, Carafate in between . Tomkitten wants to sell one TV to make money at the pawnstore, I am resisting, I HATE pawnstore, check into cash places and all those liwlifes. Been trying to sell my very nice Kerosun heater worth $159 for $30, that would ensure he and I at least get our haircut for Christmas, next month will be better November I had those moving expenses, December I was in the hospital, had to buy meals for Tomkitten because he was loyal enough stay in Columbus with Me. Next month, should be early- mid, my insurance settlements will disperse, the ones originally set,to come August at latest but it he side drug their feet, they were and are a self- insurered entity, does the term" Big Box Store" ring a🔔 bell? Yep THEM People, the original pay low, sell High folk founded by a gentleman named Sam . Worked for them for over 11 years, showed up H***, High Water, Tornadoes, Cracked ribs, drug myself in, I believed in THEM, did they reurn the FAVOR? Nope, a full wallet has no conscience, consequently we Did Part company. Oh I miss my customers, especially the regulars, my former work area looks worse than a train wreck , try to not to look when I shop there, I do not miss the ungreatful lying for their own gain supervisors I had. Might have bowed under, dropped my case without a whimper,but one came up to me one day , stated "Why should we pay you anything, you don't work for us any more, why don't you just disappear from sight? " honey I do have strawberry blonde(golden red) hair, grew each and every strand myself, not that fakey rose-gold from a box shade she was wearing. Now don't get me wrong,it is pretty,on many ladies but not with an ugly bulldog face. When I did still work there, I often thought I KNOW who her mama slept with. But I am not the compliant sweet tempered person who buckled under, kept her mouth shut for the good of the COMPANY. Throw me down a challenge like THAT , and like Dee Snider of Twisted Sister " We ain't gonna take it anymore!: I thanked her for her observation, told her I had other things to do and left her standing with her ugly mouth hanging open in the middle of the Produce Section. Went home ,called my extremely competent Columbus Lawyer and Said " Let's Rock" , after 2 and a half that Corporate Turnip will bleed, bleed, bleed. And although it does reflect badly on the local store, the money ultimately comes from the Head Honchos at Corporate. And after any outstanding bills are paid, I have a few little projects to plow money into. When it happens I may tell ALL about it, just keep tuned!
  16. Frustr8

    100 lbs in under a year?

    Mouse's you said you would like a permanent IV in you? Be careful WHAT you wish for, I have had a PICC line in my upper left arm for 2 weeks tomorrow, not a barrel of giggles and laughs, oh it does have some sterling features but my feeding solution weighs close to 8-10 pounds, which is (surprise surprise) the amount you cannot safely exceed lifting with affected arm, so must remember to always puck bag apparatus up with right arm, yeah the one that has broken twice and had to be surgical repaired 8 years ago with a titanium plate and 12 screws. So both of this birdies wings have been wounded! Squawk squawk! Most of the time I wear it on my back, let my back muscles bear the strain, get fed for 14 out of the 24, so if I put it on at 9pm it isn't through until 11 am the next morning. And a story upon myself, last Friday I made a trek to. the BR, and 2500mp being fed in means frequent #1 trips. Took bag off, laid it on my shower bench to take a test from the weight. Got up and went to swing it back on, over balanced , staggered trying to regain my center of gravity, ended up hitting the bathroom door with my rump and sliding down it to the cold floor. And there I am, cradling the bag in my arms like a sick toddler. Tomkitten , hearing the commotion, comes trotting from the other end of the house. Now remember hes's all mine , even thinks like me, poor kid. " Are you all right?" Oh yeah, every 72 year old woman dreams of sitting on a cold slate floor on a Friday Night! " Shall I pick you up?" No Junior, any stress on THAT ARM you better have your Funeral suit found because if the catheter snaps inside me, it goes to my ❤, my lungs I might make it to local hospital but I'll die before I make Columbus! So I rolled to my least injured side and by bracing my feet and doing some fancy maneuvers managed to regain an upright position. TK wishes he had. made a video to post on YouTube, said he would earn MASSIVE👍 and it would be,popular. How much longer will I have this? End of year soonest, longest FOREVER? And since it is an open access to my innards it has to be kept very clean and sterile as possible. Monday was to be a blood draw day for me, went to my local Band Aid Station, derogatory term Columbus hospitals have for my county community hospital, and the access was clotted off, had to get order to declot and make the PICC line open again. It was accepting the saline flushes and TPN in, but like a little toilet flapper valve, it was flopping closed. So spent a couple- 3 hours having it rectified, and I actually got a small free dinner. I had about a third cup mashed potatoes, some gravy and a Tablespoon maybe Tablespoon and half very tender Turkey that I chewed, chewed and put gravy( one bari-pal called it meat lube) on it, swallowed and kept it down. Mousecat, that is the first MEAT I have had since September 5th that I could keep down. And I took it abysmally slow but it worked. I almost cried with joy. And now my TPN for the next couple days will be clear, they are stepping back on the fat content, since I kept some food down. I made myself some potato soup with skim milk and my lower fat cheese, celery and onion, and pureed it down smooth. Heat up about a 1/2cup in the microwave, sometimes I can get it all down, sometimes not but slowly. with baby spoonfuls I try. I want to get WELL so badly!
  17. Frustr8

    Random Midnight Vomiting?

    My guess and its a IMHO, stomach secretions, maybe a tad gastric acid, your ulcers romping and stomping in there,, remember I too am fighting the stomach spasms et al right along side of you. HAVE often said Do I WANT to wake up today?
  18. Frustr8

    1st appointment on Saturday

    And also it is possible they (your insurance) might accept documentation from your primary care physician for the 6 months. Mine wrote a letter that did that , cited days where we discussed my obesity, how it affected my quality of life, how we had tried non-surgical means of weight control, whether it was lack of meaniful mobility or that my body refused to deplete its fat storage, that I had given the "old college try" and that he felt a surgical intervention would be in my best interest before my body totally broke down from the strain. I was at High Weight of 365, 3 months after my RnY I am 260 with a goal of 175. Since I am older it may take 18 months instead of the year many achieve it in, but I have been given a life extension to do it now. And in the midst of a day where I am gloomy about other things, Christmas, my birthday, insufficent money for my bills and other needs, this still shines brightly. So Keep on Keeping on and I will also!😝❄⛄❄⛅
  19. Frustr8

    December Bypass Twin?

    Jacie, honey, I am So So happy for you. As someone who almost left it until too late , I congratulate you for doing it at a much younger age. Your son will be getting a new improved model Mommy, one that will have fun , play games with, and generally be fun to be around. Not saying you were all those things before but mobility does mean a lot. You'll now be the express train instead of the Huff and Puff model. And I want to be kept updated as time goes along because I do believe in the operation and its benefits. And mine has not been a textbook recovery, ask anyone who has followed me, but I find much to be upbeat and hopeful about, and I will not die soon from obesity, as once was predicted. I WILL MAKE IT AND DO A GREAT JOB DOING IT! This is my vow before God and all my Bariatric witnesses!😝🌺🎶🌸
  20. One more thing to celebrate, 8 have broken the 40 BMI barrier, and I am as happy as a jet pilot who broke the sound barrier! 39.87. And pounds GONE FOREVER! Best pre-birthday gift I have ever gotten.🍰Much better than sticky old Cake!
  21. 17 months, she started before sleeve at I think 41BMI. She c was supposed to wait the extra month but she and Scottie celebrated and she got the "Gold ring " off the marital merry-go-around. She wasn't sure at first because she hadn't been fertile in the past, she was 26 so youth was on her side. Her mom teased her --why 3 names for her son? She said " He's a miracle,I'll use all my favorite names at once" her success, although she is so much younger, kind of inspired me to "keep on Keeping on" when I hit some roadblocks along the way to my own. And I swear in my county there are No More Rny, so I befriended mostly sleevers. Haven't seen updated pix for a while, maybe if they come for a visit I can see them again. But once her morning sickness abated. she walked, did prenatal yoga ate so clean, green, she was a poster model for good living, basically went towards minimal meat, I would say close to vegan, grew as much as possible. I'm sure there are girls out there maybe didn't do so good but I'm proud of Emily.
  22. Try doing your liquid with just a teaspoonful, barely let it trickle down, also a barely warm heating pad on your upper tummy to relax the muscles, try warm instead of room temp or cold liquids, and although it sounds counterproductive to what i just said, sugar free POPSICLES. All else fails still notify your surgeon/surgical team, the valve between your esophagus/st9mach could be spasming. Although you're sore I'm sending you a virtual hug anyway!
  23. Frustr8

    Please tell me your progress

    Well Mr Viking you have gone from fat chubby Hagar the Horrible to Wulfgar the Wonderful. I was ahead of you,on high weight 365 to your 346.5, 319 on my surgery day 9/05/2018, I also cheered when I too broke 300 and last Wednesday 12/05/2018 I was 260 when dismissed from my Ohio State University-Wexner Medical Center after a weeks stay. I now have a PICC line in my upper left arm, get fed 14 out of 24 hours a TPN solution, but still am regarding it as an unexpected quicksand on my Bariatric Journey, I shall still dance in the sunlight☀ and claim a Final JOYOUS VICTORY!
  24. Frustr8

    Emergency Surgery

    She is absolutely adorable, I have that look on my face also, you see I too have a new friend, mine more of a pain. I now have a PICC line in my upper left arm and receive TPN 14 of every 24 hours. My gastrointestinal system is on holiday, I have had that unresolved stomal stenosis, the 5 evil ulcers, 2 near the stoma and the other 3 on the back wall of the jejunem, well Wedneday November 28th at my last endoscopy Precious Pouch was all disgruntled and swollen, the ulcers had not resolved, showed no signs of healing, truth be known, they were marching down towards the third segment of my small intestine, I had been on Carafate for over 6 weeks, kept my diet liquid and mild, avoided smokers like the plague, and I was worsening, not able to get a healing amount of protein in orally so my happy Hoohah got planted upstairs in a room on Doan 10, the Bari-surgical floor. And there I was for a full week. On Thursday November 29th I had a PICC line installed in my upper inner left arm, after 24 hours of letting things settle down on Friday November 30 My first TPN feeding was started , a 24 hour seige of it, at the end of the weekend they started stepping back to 12 hours, after that we started cycling 12 on,12 off. Monday they were satisfied I wasn't going to swing into hyper or hypoglycemia so started preparing me to come home. First Medicare( and by extension Ohio Medicaid, the tag-along) said basically" We've seen her picture, She Looks too healthy!" Hey that picture was 60 pounds ago, my color is off, I now have dimples/dents in my cheeks and a hang-dog expression on my face! Tuesday they would approve a PEG tube and an LTF(aka nursing home) placement, first of all I WOULD NOT accept a placement in one of those, worked in TOO many of those, Homie ain't going There! And fact #2. A PEG tube placement, your stomach and pyloric valve need to be accessible, never going to happen with an RnY short of open abdominal surgery. Wasn't in shape for that! So tall talking from. my surgical team, much tutorials to explain and finally Medicare relented, I could go home, with instruction my son and I could take over the care, and Frustr8 could return to her little humble home. A difference is my portable pump, which I carry around in a medium sized backpack along with my solution, runs 14 instead of 12 hours. So 14 on, 10 off. Last night we were running behind because I fixed him a good meal instead of guess & by gosh sandwiches, Oh I owed him, he has put up with cranky old me, and I do get cranky at times. So didn't get it started until after 10:30-11pm so it's still chugging along now. You really can't hear it run very easily. At a minimum we are BFF until the end of the month, and the longest,maybe FOREVER? I guess the additional protein et al is starting to make me feel better but it can be a pain in the tush to handle the logistics. But I can and shall do it, just a patch of unexpected quicksand on my Bariatric Journey😕