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I was just thinking about my life and how many times I have lost weight. I then was wondering after losing the weight how often did I put it back on plus more......

After repetative weight loss and weight gain the final DIET I was on was the Adkins Diet and I lost 55 pounds and then after 6 months of losing I gained 75 pounds in 5 months.

I couldn't take it anymore..... I truly believed that I was a lost case and just believe that I am supposed to be 251 pounds and DEPRESSED.....

Whether it was the band or finally my 41 years at the time and the respect for life I began rethinking my health and how badly I wanted to live without medical issues.

I have kept my weight off for almost 3 years and I think that I am finally cured of the addiction of food but I will still never trust myself.

How many of you have finally realized the meaning of food and the necessity of it. Has this experience helped you with keeping your weight off? Are you still afraid of the past coming in front of your eyes again? Have you learned from the band or hve you just always relied on the fills to make you eat less?

I am terrified to go backwards and to some (my family) they believe that I have become addicted now to the healthy life and only know how to promote that.....

I have no right to judge anyone who is different than myself but if you question me about my experiences and my new found knowledge of healthy living I will promote it.


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