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Has anyone tried chef woo ramen?

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I have been craving ramen. I am in my soft food stage and I have been looking for some high Protein options and the IMMI ramen reviews are just not doing it for me. Recently I came across chef woo ramen on Amazon and it’s all plant based protein and I was wondering if anyone has tried it. And if so, how did you like it?


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Well, I haven't tried it since I've had bad last to with "plant based" noodles..the texture is...to me is bleh! Next, the nutrition is not the best (to me at least):

Sodium: 1330mg (58% of the daily allowance)

14 grams fat

29 carbs ( I'm limited to 50 per day) that's a huge chunk in me sitting for me with only 2grams Fiber so 27 net carbs!

Lastly at 320 calories (A lot per meal for me personally since at 9 months out I'm only allowed 800) I'd have to for go these noodles...even as much as I miss noodles...especially pad Thai!! The only thing I liked about this is the Protein is decent...I'm not sure how much you're supposed to be getting, but, based on my requirements I need 80 grams and with the calories ...I'd have to find a low calorie option to get my full protein in..

If you decide to give it a try (I've read noodles sit on your stomach like concrete after surgery) let me know how they taste! Good luck.

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I was only eating around 300/400 calories at the soft food stage so these wouldn’t have even have been a consideration. My meals were often just Protein because I couldn’t eat thing else. I was advised 1/4 - 1/3 cup of food from purée slowly increasing to a cup at 6 months. Protein first, then any vegetables & then only if I was able any carbs. I was never able. 🙂 I’d think these noodles could still be considered a carb.

I still struggle with bread, Pasta & rice at almost 5 years out. They sit like a weight in my tummy & that includes vegetable pastas/noodles. So I don’t eat them. (Did try a hot cross bun at Easter to see if there’d been any change but no, that lump sat in my tummy for hours.)

But plans & experiences differ so check with your dietician to be sure.

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        Thanks for your post. I may need to rethink my decision... :(

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