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ESG January 2024 Buddies??

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I’ve scheduled the ESG procedure in January 2024 and am very excited and nervous! Wondering if anyone else has this procedure scheduled soon as well to connect with on progress?

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Made it to day 2 post op! Not so much in pain, but get some very uncomfortable stomach feelings or cramps. They prescribed oxy and liquid Tylenol which I’ve been taking pretty much every 3-4 hours (woke up every three hours the first night following the procedure). Otherwise I’ve been up and walking in between napping - very tired! I had my procedure Thursday and was planning to go back into my office on Tuesday. Based on how tired I am, I will probably work from home the whole week following the procedure.

My dietary guidelines are as follows:

Day 1 (procedure day) & Day 2: Clear Liquids, supposed to have 64 oz of Gatorade or a diluted fruit juice but I haven’t been able to drink that much at all. They said the first two days are the worst as your stomach heals, so hoping tomorrow is better.

4 weeks: Full liquid diet

2 weeks: Blended/pureed foods

4 weeks: Soft foods

Regular food

I feel ready but am a little nervous for the amount of drinking I’ll be doing at the office!

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Omg you remembered! Yes I’m on my way to have the procedure. Thank you so much. Hope all is well with you. Talk to you soon. Much love.

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Hi- I had my ESG done around the same date as you and hoping to hear an update. I live in San Diego so opted to have it done in Mexico. But I’m wondering if that was the wrong choice. I feel very little restriction 6 weeks out. I can eat a significant amount of food before a sudden full feeling comes on. I have no issues meeting Protein or Water goals. I can comfortably drink a Protein Shake in a minute.. I’ve had 10lbs weight loss and no weight loss since starting solid foods.

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Hi @Allie727- I had my procedure done in January at mayo Clinic in Minnesota. From what I’ve read online, compared to what they recommend for post-procedure guidelines, they recommend a pretty strict diet. Did the clinic provide you with how much food to consumer at each phase, along with how many calories? Here’s what they had me follow:

- Weeks 1-4: liquid diet (protein shakes + regular Gatorade). 60-80g Protein, 64 oz liquids, less than 1,000 cals a day. I was probably only consuming 400-500 a day.

- Weeks 5 & 6: pureed foods (no more Gatorade). 60-80g protein, 64 oz liquids, 600-700 cals a day. A meal should be 2-3 ounces of food.

- Weeks 7-10: Soft foods. 60-80g protein, 64 oz liquids, 700-900 cals a day. A meal should be 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup.

I just started a regular diet/regular food today, 3/24. 60-80g protein, 64 oz liquids, under 1,200 cals (but I have a call with the dietitian in a week to see if that’s correct. A meal should be 1 cup to 1.5 cups.

Like you, protein and Water has never been an issue. I’ve never really felt restricted. I definitely feel full after I eat, but not sick-full at after eating. They also recommend you take at least 30 mins to eat. I found that if I finish my food quicker than that, I’ll get a stomach ache. I felt bloated earlier on post-procedure, but that slowly goes away. 6 weeks out, I had lost about 34 lbs at that point, but everyone is different!! Hope this helps!

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Hi ESG Pals. I had my procedure on March 22nd...close to a month ago and I have already lost 18lbs in less than a month. How are you all doing with the Protein and calorie requirements? Any advice on how to get it all in as I can't seem to go over 500 calls and about 50-60gs in protein? Any recommendations will be welcomed.

  • SW 289
  • CW 271

My total cholesterol was 321 on the day of the procedure. I just got my results back today from my PCP, and my cholesterol is down to 266. It's still high, but I'm praying that in the next three months, I will no longer have high cholesterol.

And for everyone who has posted picks of progress...I was smiling like I knew you all. Congratulations on your dedication to your body first and to those who love you.

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Congrats on the weight loss and lower cholesterol in your first month! I am three months out and I’ve always struggled with hitting the recommended calories…

I’ve hit almost two weeks now where I haven’t lost anything, but the dietitian told me that’s completely normal. Trying not to let it get to me! Curious if anyone a little further out has experienced this yet? I am down 56lbs after three months and started around your SW weight as well.

Are you currently doing a blended/pureed diet? When I hit that phase, I think I was still consuming two Protein Drinks a day (I like Fairlife Nutrition Plan or Premier Protein) which gave me 60g Protein total (30 each) and 300 cals total (150 or 160 each).

I would try to have three meals a day. For meals, I would make a yogurt smoothie with a little bit of fruit, milk or Water. The pre-made Chobani Zero smoothies are also good if you need something quick. I would have half of one for a meal.

Fat free refried Beans were good at that phase. I also made a lot of cooked, mashed carrots and sweet potatoes. Ricotta or cottage cheese blended with fruit or lemon juice, Tomato sauce, etc.

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