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Ok so I am over 30 days post opp RNY, and down to 210. I feel really good about the weight loss so far, I am able to eat almost anything I want of course I don't. I include exercise everyday because I really want to increase my weight loss b4 the holidays, just to give myself a little cousin incase it gets tough.

SW: 235



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Stop experimenting and stick to your plan.

It's difficult to not lose weight in the first few months. So, you can keep experimenting with foods you shouldn't be eating *or* you can stick to plan consistently and you will lose weight either way. You are conditioning yourself. What I eat, how much I eat now = weight loss. You are building your new habits now. Are you building the habits that will get you to goal and keep you there?

I know I'm being "that person" but I've been around for a minute. I've seen the "I can eat anything" posts too often followed up a few months later with "I've stopped losing weight, what do I do?" By time it gets here it's too late. It's back at "I can eat anything" that the change needs to happen.

Focus on your plan now. You can eat anything you want, in moderation, later. Honest.

Good luck,


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