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Sleeve longest life span?

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Hello friends, I am in the process of svg surgery. I was ready until the day of pre op and bariatric class I had to sit through. I kind of felt that years down the line I might have issues and need additional surgery. Not to redo the sleeve because I’m not loosing weight or regaining but for scar tissue or Gerd or other reasons. If there is anyone that has had the sleeve for many years I would love to hear from you. I just want reassurance. I always wonder if 10,15,20 years from now there will be problems and what would happen if I don’t have half of my stomach... The thought of it scares me...it’s an important organ in our body... any information will help.
Thank you!

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you're probably not going to find anyone that far out because a standalone sleeve surgery isn't that old. It became popular 5-10 years ago when they started phasing out the lapband. Although there may be some long-time DS people (who have a sleeved stomach) who might be able to address this

although I don't know about VSG per se (since it's a newer surgery), complications that far out from WLS are pretty rare. GERD is the most common complication of VSG (although the majority of sleevers never have issues with GERD), but it'll usually appears within the first couple of years if it's going to appear.

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