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Hungry 7 days PO

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I had RNY Bypass Sept. 30th. I am feeling great! I was sent home on a liquid diet (strained cream Soups, broths, yogurts, puddings, Protein Shakes, jellos) to last 2 weeks. I see my nutritionist on the 15th. I was told I would be comfortable eating 1/4 cup. Honestly, my liquid diet isn's cutting it. I am able to eat 1 cup of cream Soup comfortably and still left feeling hungry. I am not feeling comfortably full, at all, and it is driving me crazy!

I am getting all of my recommended Proteins and fluids in. But, I am dying for something with more substance. I have heard of so many struggling to get fluids in and never feeling hungry, that I am feeling frustrated with my hunger 7 days post op. I'm getting approximately 600 calories in, daily and easily. I worry that 600 calories is to many?

Ugh, what can I do? I put a message into my dietician, but received a return message that he is out until the 12th. I hope someone is covering for him. I'm dying and ready for purees!!!

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Congrats on your surgery & I’m glad you’re feeling so well.

Remember, you are healing after your surgery. Your nerves have been cut, your digestive system is working differently & you may not feel/experience things the same way. The restrictive diet & volume limits are to allow your body to heal.

My first thought regarding your hunger is are you really hungry? Head hunger or habit eating hunger is real & can mess with you bad. We all have to work through understanding the difference & learning about about mindful eating. It’s part of this journey. You’ll work your way through this too.

Also because your ‘drinking’ your meals at the moment you can consume more because the liquids go through your tummy more quickly.

If you are really concerned & can’t speak with your dietician, contact your surgical team.

Good luck.

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Arabesque (love the name) made all the points I would have made, probably better. Damn her. ;)

Probably the most important point, which I will underscore, is if you can't manage or are having concerns, talk to you Doc. We don't know your plan, we don't know the little personal touches your Doc did in your surgery. We are voices on the interwebs.

If changes need to be made, they need to be made in concert with your Doc, not our wild arse ideas.

You can do this. Don't be shy about advocating for yourself with your Doc.

Good luck,


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