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Exercise and Loose Skin

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1 hour ago, JenniP said:

How long after surgery did you start exercising? And what have you done to help with loose skin? Thank you!

I could walk right away. I was released to do everything else except for weights at four weeks out. I think I had to wait eight weeks for weights.

how much loose skin you end up with depends on a lot of factors - age, how much you lost, how long you were obese, genetics. If there's a lot of it, there's not much you can do other than have plastic surgery. For most of us, it's pretty easy to hide in clothes, though, even if it's bad.

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+1 on the comments above about getting loose skin. You won't really know how you will fare until after you lose the weight. Some are lucky in this regard, others are not (I got mine surgically removed last year)

I started walking on Day 1 (started by doing laps around the kitchen island, lol..worked my way up to walking around the block once, and then multiple times, etc., etc.)

Was cleared for ALL exercise at 4 weeks, but didn't really get into a regular routine until month 3. By month 3 I was walking 3km a day and doing some sort of other exercise 2-3 times a week (hot yoga, zumba, salsa, bouldering)

Fast forward almost 2 years and my regular routine is running a minimum of 5km a day and 20 mins of some sort of strength training almost every day (I haven't gone to the gym or any classes since pandemic started, not sure when I'm going to be comfortable going back..but this works for me for now).

My only tip would be to find something that you like (or at least don't hate, lol), you have a better chance of sticking with it :)

Good Luck!

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