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Canada? Anyone?

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Another T.O. resident chiming in!! ...But I'm almost 2 yrs post op (1 year, 10 months, to be exact).

Congrats to you all getting through your surgeries ❤️ 🇨🇦

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I’m from BC but got it done in Toronto in February. (Self pay. I thought I had been on the wait list here for nearly 2 years. The surgeons offices ask you not to call, and that they will call you when your closer down the wait list. Turns out my dr. missed sending something, they sent a fax to let him know something they needed was missing, my dr. office apparently never got this fax. And I didn’t find out until I had my doctor look into it late last fall because I was worried about how long the wait was. So rather than start the possible 3-5 year wait all over again, I opted to use my line of credit to pay for the surgery. Very expensive, but better than slowly dying...)

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13 hours ago, ontarioerin said:

I'm pre op currently.

Congrats everyone! Did everyone get it done in toronto?
What was the wait time like?
Any glitches or surprises with ohip, etc?

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I had mine done at Humber River, paid for by OHIP. No issues nor glitches in the process, and had I not changed my mind a couple times, from PCP Referral in May 2017 to scheduled 1st surgery date (Jan 2018), it would have been 8 months.

Turns out I delayed my surgery twice (due to indecision) but finally bit the bullet and had it done in Oct 2018. Looking back, I wish I just went through with it the first time. But yeah, hindsight is 20/20.

If you are able to choose which centre in T.O. to go to, Humber is better for parking availability and cost....and you won’t have to deal with downtown traffic to attend the multiple appointments (AND it has a higher percentage if private rooms 😎)

Good Luck!

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