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Things I won't miss about being fat!

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Going to the Doctor and the anxiety of getting on the scale.

Having a new Doctor tell me if I lost weight it would help my neck and back pain. Um, yep i know that. I critique my body EVERY SINGLE day.

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I won't miss having to shop for a new bathing suit and buying anything that fits! I bought 4 new suits this year and I love how all of them fit and I love going to the beach again!

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On 7/30/2020 at 9:11 PM, futurefinemama said:

I wont miss saying I don't like amusement park because I can't fit on most of the rides.

I wont's miss people saying, you cute for a big girl...

I won't miss my feet swelling.

I won't miss not fitting in a booth.

I won't miss not wearing all my cute shoes because they hurt my knees to walk in them.

I wont miss being out of breath while climbing a flight of stairs.

Omg, I can relate to your post! I always hated when people would say you have such a pretty face or you're pretty for your size! Arghhh, I always took it as you don't get to choose parts & pieces of me to like, my body is a 1 package deal!

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I will not miss the itch and rash on my lower back and at the top of my butt from sweating and friction no matter how I try to prevent it!

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I still have a really bad habit of using WAY too much body wash. The amount i used for my 400 pound body is not the correct amount anymore. Yet i always forget. lolol

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Things I won't miss:

1) Eying a chair with arms and hoping I would fit in the seat!!

2) Not being able to stand up with pushing myself up on something

3) Support garments and pantyhose in the Florida heat...every day!

I'm sure there is much, much more!!

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I do NOT miss:

- Boxy clothes.

- My husband’s disappointed glances. Now he wants to touch me more all of a sudden :-). He never said anything out of line, but I don’t miss those occasional glances...

- Inner thigh rashes and zits.

- Hiding behind people in photos.

- Only liking photos of me taken from the neck up.

- Saving smaller clothing sizes for “one day”. Now I can actually wear them.

- Pot lucks & buffets. Yeah... no thanks. An all-you-can-eat place would be a complete waste of money for me now, anyway.

- Car seatbelts riding up around my neck.

- The waddle my walk was developing.

- Weak bladder control. I can “hold it” a lot longer now. As a result, I have less issues with odor after near misses. I know... TMI

- Hot flashes. Somehow they have disappeared. Interesting.

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I won’t miss:
1. Not being able to fit into cute clothes. Fat girl clothes are always old lady clothes. I’m too young to be dressing like some old church lady.

2. Hiding from existence.

3. Random strangers calling me fat. That crushing, heavy, feeling when it happens.

4. Avoiding cameras.

5. Being out of breath and moving slow

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Love this post was gone for awhile from here but good idea

1. Struggling to tie my shoes

2. As a guy not comfortable with shirt off

3. Fitting in a Airplane seat with no belt exstender

4. Not being able to fly in a helicopter

5. Getting winded fast on stairs or other activities like fishing

6. Most importantly I do not miss food

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I won't miss:

Judging myself by my appearance.

Assuming others are doing the same.

Avoiding the mirror and eye contact with people.

Wearing leggings and track pants cos wearing plus size jeans made me feel even fatter. I used to wear clothes that made me stand out, and have kept some that I can't wait to wear again. Then I'll get to post them on the OOTD thread 😊

Feeling physically exhausted from my job and needing a 2hr+ nap between shifts. I have a physical job as a dairy hand, but it shouldn't be that tiring. 🐮

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My surgery is on the 24th and I cannot wait to say goodbye to low self-esteem relating to my weight, refusing to be in family pictures, low energy, achy feet and joints, blood pressure meds, and my double chin; I hold fat in my face and it makes me so self-conscience. I’m just looking forward to this new chapter :)

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I will not miss;

Being the fat mom at my kids' school.

Fearing the white plastic lawn chairs everyone has.

Not going to sporting eventsand concerts because of how small the seats are.

Trying to hide when cameras come out.

Being the fat girl who's panting on a treadmill at the gym.

Being tired all the time from sleep apnea.

Being ashamed to put on a swimsuit and enjoy a public pool with my kids.

My chins.

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Before WLS, I made a list of all the issues I was having. I am now 18 months post op and have thus far maintained my goal weight and normal BMI. I recently found that old list and discovered that ALL the issues have resolved! Amazing!

asthma, sinus drainage, sleep apnea, GERD, joint/back/foot pain, fatty liver, pre-diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol/LDL/trigylcerides, elevated inflammatory markers, skin infections, shortness of breath, low energy/endurance, activity intolerance, heat intolerance, shame, and depression. ALL GONE!

I can now ride my horse, bike 50 miles, walk, hike, climb 60 flights of stairs, swim, get down on (and off) the floor with my grandkids, wear normal sized cute clothing, sit in any chair, have room to spare in an airplane seat, and just plain LIVE a normal, active life! It has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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I won't miss hearing my knees crackle whenever I walk down a flight of stairs.

I won't miss the feeling that I need to get a meal when I leave the house to make the trip 'worth it'.

My fiance won't miss my snoring for half the night.

I won't miss wearing long shirts to cover my protruding stomach.

I won't miss not being able to put on my first ever pair of knee-high boots.

I won't miss being unable to participate in hikes with my friends.

I won't miss looking down the barrel of diabetes, arthritis, and crushingly low self-esteem in my next phase of life.

I won't miss having my life defined by food!

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    • Mammysm

      I am   finishing up all I have to do to have the Loop Duodenal Switch. I have had a Sleeve which didn't work out well for me and I gained some weight back. My Dr. Suggested the Loop. So only thing I have left now is hearing back from my Bariatric Dr. With an appt. But I would love the be able to talk to some people who have had/going to have/going through process of the Loop Duodenal Switch. Forums? Support Groups?
      Thank You 
      Donna Smith
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      Ok Bariatric Pals it's been a long time! I'm back and in need of help had the sleeve done back in 2013 regained some weight current 280 looking to have a revision done. Any suggestions 🤔 
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      6 days post op..
      Highest weight...350lbs
      Pre op weight ..315 on 2/15/21
      Post op weight.. 335   2/16/21
      Day 6
      -10.. 325
      Alot of swelling.  But up and about.  Started full fluid diet today. 
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    • Annie2021

      Waiting for a sleeve.... any comments on positivity ?
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      1. Grayce

        Just keep in high spirits. I'm 9 weeks post op and I'm glad I did it. Do you have a surgery date?

      2. Neensyb

        7 weeks post op here. Take one day at a time.

    • CrowLuv

      It's been so long since I came here and I'm disappointed in myself for that, it's such a wonderful forum with amazing people. 
      But I'm back with exciting news: I had my surgery in August of 2019, and I met my goal of 180 by the fall of 2020! And even better: as of today I've far surpassed my initial goal and am now at 156lbs!
      In hindsight, I made the goal of 180 never dreaming I would be able to go below that, and yet, in the back of my mind I always knew that somewhere in the 150s would be the absolute ideal for me, I just never thought that would be a possibility, even with this surgery. So this is a dream come true for me!
      The mind is a very powerful machine, and I guess my mind clearly said "we're not done here" when I got to 180. I didn't even try to get below it, to be perfectly honest - it took no effort on my part, the weight just kept (keeps?) melting off of me. 
      That sounds like the worst kind of humblebrag, almost cringe-level - but I truly don't mean it that way. It's just that I'm just completely gobsmacked! I never in a million years expected this to happen!
      More good news: I started exercising with a program I'm obsessed with called Essentrics last October - heck, I've only missed a handful of days since I started. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be so excited about working out, that it would be the highlight of my day, even. But it is! I always haaaated exercise! But this program is downright enjoyable and I always feel something akin to euphoria at the end of my workouts. That's not an exaggeration. It's possible that doing this is why I kept losing weight, but I'm not sure, because it's not cardio-heavy at all...it's more like just stretching and moving your body, I guess kinda like a more "active" form of yoga, but NOT yoga, it's hard to describe honestly. Nothing fancy, it just really feels good for my body, I can't say enough about it. I can't imagine it burns that many calories since there is very little cardio involved, but I don't know because I don't do math and that's that lol.
      But now I have a new goal, and it's a big one: get back to a nutritious, healthy diet (maintenance I mean, not active weight loss). I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have to be brutally honest with myself, and this is the ideal place to do it - the fact is, my diet SUCKS. I haven't even tried to eat healthily for quite awhile now. I'm so ashamed of myself just typing that out, but I need to face it and admit it to myself before I can fix it.
      I haven't participated on this forum for way too long, and that was a mistake. This forum is amazing and filled with such great people who always inspired me so much!
      So now I'm back because, even though I'm at my goal, the fact is, this is a lifelong journey - it's not just the weight loss part, it's so much more than that. I need help getting my diet back on track. I need the inspiration and excellent advice I always found here. Just because I'm at goal doesn't mean I'm done - far from it.
      So although I'm embarrassed that my diet (currently!) sucks, I can at least give myself credit for finally admitting it and setting my intention to change that. Being at goal weight does NOT mean I'm healthy. It's great that I'm exercising, but if I'm not giving my body the nutrition it needs, then I'm only hurting myself. If I took the giant step of having bariatric surgery, I owe it to myself to follow through with the WHY I did it - which was to become healthy again - and that is sooo much more than a number on the scale.
      I'm ready to make the changes necessary to get myself into the healthiest state possible. I won't be perfect, nobody is, but it's time for me to truly commit to giving my body the healthy nutrition it deserves as best as I can. I don't know where to start though, it's like I need an entire education about it. But I'm ready and willing to learn.
      I'm so happy to be back here because I know that inspiration is found everywhere here in this forum.  
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      1. kunkelgw

        Welcome back and congratulations with your added weight loss. That is so wonderful.😀

      2. CrowLuv

        Thank you so much! :)

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