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weight regain after gastric bypass surgery

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I weighed about 315 pounds before I had my surgery. I had my surgery October 2011 somewhere around there. Now I weigh 177.1 and I really want to lose some more weight. I want to get down to 130 pounds but I have no idea where to even start. Is there anyone who can help me please?

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go back to how you were eating the first year (not all the way back to liquids or purees - but back to way you were eating once you were a month or two out. That is, Protein first, then veggies, and then, if you still have room, maybe a small serving of fruit or whole-grain carb.

figure out what your sweet spot is calorie-wise. You can do that by tracking. First track for a week or two while eating what you're currently eating to see what your average calorie intake is NOW. Once you know that number, cut out about 100 calories a day. After a couple of weeks, if you're not seeing results on the scale, cut out another 100 calories. Rinse and repeat until you start losing again.

another idea is to join Weight Watchers. I know several vets who are fighting regain who've had success with the new WW program.

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