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Ladies TMI- Period Questions

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I haven’t been in this forum in a while (life got really busy and the hospital I had my surgery at has a Facebook group/monthly meetings) so I got distracted.

Just wanted some insight from others. I have an IUD and since I got it Oct of 2017, I have not had a period. Light spotting every no and again, but that was it. After surgery Dec of 2018, I had a medium period for two weeks following surgery. Seemed normal from everything I read.

Nothing in Feb, had a 2 week one in March, week long in April, 2 weeks early May. Then I went one week without one in May and have now had one for almost 3 weeks now.

My surgery was almost 6 months ago. Should this really be happening still with insanely long irregular periods? Especially since I have an IUD?

Not sure if I should call my surgeon or my OBGYN or something.

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I can’t say for sure, but I know that sometimes Iron deficiencies can cause abnormalities and your period. Might want to check in with your doctor just in case.

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Estrogen is stored in fat cells. As the fat is burned, the hormones are released, and can play havoc with your cycle. I was having crazy periods (extremely heavy bleeding) and as I lost weight, I noticed I could feel my uterus when I touched my stomach lying on my back. I saw my OB/GYN and was diagnosed with adenomyosis, and had a hormonal IUD placed. It regulated things for me. I see that you already have one of those, so your issue is probably different, but anything going on with your cycle should be checked out by your GYN!

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I haven’t had my surgery yet, but I do know what you’re going through. I used to have the IUD and it made my periods light but also made them last two weeks and really irregular. I got mine taken out and replaced with pills. I just recently stopped taking the pills in January. I had normal periods until March. It was late by a few days, then April was my last period. Went to my primary and they did a scan, turns out I had a cyst on my ovary, I didn’t have a period in May, but spotted until this past Thursday. Now I’ve been bleeding heavy.

I’d go to you’re GYN or primary because it could be a cyst.

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Go to your GYN they should be able to help. I have had regular periods but they've gotten a lot heavier since surgery (which is saying something because they were heavy before surgery) so I have an appointment next week to talk to them about it.

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Let us know what your doctor says, okay? Heavy periods are a bummer, I used to sneeze and spot through my clothes, yeah, TMI, but the gospel truth. Don't know how I could made it through surgery,the hormones being released from my fat and still be cycling. I would have probably, knowing me the best, drug myself to the Gynae and begged to be spayed. Would he have done it? Not my current of record, but mine from Columbus, yep , he wanted to after Tomkitten's birth 40 years ago. Probably why I never darkened his door, had a few more appointments with varied , never discussed it, now my own here, he has no desire to. Told me the only way he would was if my uterus "fell" and my cervix was protruding out of my body. And he also doesn't have correct Feng Sei, so even the forces of nature are not making him brighter. So he is living his own life, and I will be ding dang donged if I EVER. walk through his. office door again!

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