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    • MrsGamgee

      It's a little early, but I'm calling today a victory... 3 meals and 2 snacks in and NO VOMITING! No pain! Hallelujah!  
      Now if I could just get that !@#$% scale to move! 
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      1. MrsGamgee

        Dammit... jinxed myself. Rotten pills...

    • freetobeme

      I joined a bariatric support group at Torrance Memorial Hospital yesterday and it was so inspiring and incredible to meet other people who are on this same journey! They knew nothing about this forum, by the way. Most of them had a significant other, a sibling or a friend tag along for support — how kind! There was one young lady (Ilana) who came with a friend (Katie) who was taking notes for her and asking all these questions — “playing the devil’s advocate”, as she put it. I shared my story. I was emotional and lengthy, but everyone was supportive… I met 6 people — some who’ve had surgery already (one lady was only 9 days post-op) and some who are still in their waiting phase (I’m the only revision and lowest BMI, but oh well)… There was one lady (Lisa) who lost 40 lbs. in her pre-op diet, had the sleeve done in October 2018 and thereafter lost another 80 lbs. — simply incredible! She said she’d actually like to be 10 lbs. heavier… (You're never going to hear me say that, LOL!) I got everyone’s phone number and created a GroupMe group for us. I’m excited for that to be our safe space; sharing/support portal kind of thing, especially since everyone is local and we can meet up!
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    • ms.sss

      Worst. Dumping. Ever. Last. Night.
      So I thought I would throw caution to the wind and sample some of the fruit salad that my mom brought over for the fam. I dutifully portioned out 1/8 cup of the stuff.  I figured the sugar in the fruit may be in issue, but come on, 1/8 cup?  Barely a couple bites, should be fine.
      Before I could finish it, my heart started to feel like it was beating out of my chest.
      *** TMI Alert: continue reading at your own risk ***
      Ended up in the washroom barfing. And while I was barfing, I had to .  I was literally alternating ends to face the toilet until it felt like there was nothing left in my insides.  I swear more came out of me that I even put in it over the last 3 days.
      I laid down with my forehead on the cold bathroom floor tile for like 20 minutes afterwards to recuperate.  Then Mr. (my hero ) carried me to the shower and helped me crawl into bed.
      So yeah, I'm feeling pretty shitty this AM.
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      1. MrsGamgee

        Dang that sucks! I'm so sorry that happened!

        I was talking with a couple of friends this morning, trying to explain how unpredictable our physiological responses are to various foods are post op, but I don't think I was able to get them to really understand.

        I hope you're feeling better soon. Hang in there!

    • allwet

      Coffee and Tea drinkers Rejoice
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    • CJ.  »  BrendaIsela

      Did you go through with the DS? How are you making out?
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