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Hydration and fueling issue Cycling

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Hello is there anyone that is doing cycling after WLS. Looking for information on fueling but main thing how to stay hydrated. I usually do Century Rides at my old weight 280lbs. Now down to 230 but having a hard time with hydrating and eating.

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I haven't done a century ride but want to work my way there. It can be tricky to balance fluids and food.

This is what I do:

Combine hydration and fuel as much as possible. - I add benefiber to my Water and carry costco Protein Drinks. I have a hard time seeing powdered Protein drinks working well in most bike bottles. The Kirkland drinks usually fit into my jersey pockets. The muscle milk and adkins are about the same size.

*Carrying the drink does add a little weight but because of my health issues, I have to lug a lot of extra stuff anyway. So I don't really notice it.

Jam packed protein bars - I know there are so many opinions on bars as food vs bars are not food. For rides, I like to find the ones with the most bang for my buck. I like Quest and find they work well for bike rides. They have a high amount of Fiber and protein. The fiber, protein and fat can deliver a good amount of fuel.

Preride - I drink a lot and eat a quest bar. Kind of fill up the tank as much as possible. Then on the ride, I try to watch my time and drink as soon as I can. Just little sips. It can be a little uncomfortable to guzzle the Fluid and eat. Also a little annoying to watch for the thirty minute timer to drink. It has gotten easier.

Moment of truth here - My husband and I ride together and we usually stop along the way to eat. Ok, so maybe we plan our rides around where we will eat... Stopping to eat does play a role in staying fueled for me. When we stop I drink as much as I can before eating.

What do you typically do for hydration and fuel?

p.s. I'm thinking of switching to clip in pedals and shoes. What is your recommendation on style? DH has the egg beaters and has liked them. I'm still nervous about making the switch.

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Thanks for info. I actually do Century and a 7 Day 500 mile ride. I did this all at my heaviest weight 305. Never let my size stop me for enjoying riding. I do clip in peddles actually speed plays. I do egg whites I order in half gallon or gallon from international egg whites.com .

Most rides I do are support so at every sag stop there is food . It’s the 30 min to drink after eating and riding in the heat is going to be a challenge .

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On 4/17/2019 at 4:25 PM, YellowBird19 said:

Hello is there anyone that is doing cycling after WLS. Looking for information on fueling but main thing how to stay hydrated. I usually do Century Rides at my old weight 280lbs. Now down to 230 but having a hard time with hydrating and eating.

Century ride, that’s impressive

Keep your bariatric dietician informed on your cycling. They will need to know where you are at with training. (distance, calories burned, workouts per week) As your endurance increases, your dietician may change up your food plan. (don’t try to fuel like an athlete it can slow/stop your weight loss.) Once you get to your athletic zone and your weight is closer to goal, Consult your dietician and a sports medicine dietician.

Some things to try for hydration.

Isopure zero carb Protein Drink/water.. Protein and hydration all in one. Purchase single bottles is more cost effective. GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.


Nunn tabs. Saved me from dehydration


Hydration vest. it’s easier for me to take small sips on the bite straw during a race. I still cannot gulp.

What works for me may not work for you.

I never carb loaded until I was closer to goal. Some things I learned about fueling along the way. I only carb load and increase calories on half to full marathons. (I cycle to cross train) With a small stomach, it takes eating seven days pre-race to fuel glycogen stores. I eat low glycemic carbs with my protein. Find foods and hydration your stomach can tolerate. Your food tolerance may be different than mine

I use liquid carbs (powder form add to water) I cary it in a baggy and add it in my running vest for fuel. I am carb sensitive. Carb loading is a necessary to stay healthy but, I will see a weight gain. I go back into weight loss mode after I recover.





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