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Hey all, I have seen so many different pre op things everyone is going through but here in our program in Vermont as part of the classes and program we have a journal where we have to create a four day liquid diet and then actually do a 3 day liquid soft food no chew diet. Has anyone else done this? From statistics I guess our program is much longer than other states as I started this process in September and it is now April but I am near completing all of the requirements in order to submit it to insurance but am wondering what others on their programs have had to do. This 3 day is not the final liquid diet before actual surgery but a prep so to speak for the big 14 day and at this point I am stuck on the weight loss portion needed. Any an all tips to keep my head in the game and lose this weight will also be a huge help. I look forward to chatting with anyone else here on this journey :) Also, I was planning on the gastric bypass but struggling with that or the sleeve what are everyones thoughts for each?

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I am in SC and was told that the sleeve was best for me.
I have severe reflux disease and was type 2 diabetes, hbp,high cholesterol and sleep Apnea.
So I did have the sleeve done, i lost 87 lbs in 11 months but I was having worse reflux. Much worse had 2 add 3 extra medications to what I was already doing. Went from 2 pills a day to 10 a day now.
My gastrointestinal doctor said that he believes it has gone into Barrett's Esophagus now and I needed to originally have the RNY surgery. Now in process of getting approved for the RNY revision from my insurance companies.
My advice is if you have reflux disease to get all the information from your doctor about the effects of the sleeve before considering that option.
RNY is supposed to completely get rid of it.
I was told that the sleeve would get me off the meds.Well it did for the first 6 weeks. Once foods were coming back in the Reflux got way worse and has gotten so much worse since surgery. I am absolutely miserable.
I don't know your situation but I just wanted to let you know that reflux can get worse with the sleeve.

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    • Arabesque

      So went to my surgeon today for one month follow-up. Last time I was there he wanted me to put on 4kgs but oops I’ve lost another 2kgs. Told him it was intended, was trying to maintain, upped my food intake, was stable for almost 3 weeks but last weekend broke it.
      Mum turned 80. Drinks at neighbours, a couple of crackers & dip, home late, no dinner. Out all morning, followed by celebratory family lunch, home late, no dinner. Whole dietary routine out the window. Did have a protein bar & tuna frittata muffin in between but didn’t eat much at all those two days.
      What dumbfounded me was he was ok with it. I told him I didn’t want to put on his 4kg because of the weight gain many experience in the 12+months in maintenance. He agreed with me. What the??? Invasion of the body snatchers??? Totally opposite position from last month. 
      He was also ok with my stopping my multivitamins. Agreed with my thinking that is better to feel ok & eat then be nauseated & not eat. He’ll just monitor my bloods to ensure no problems which is what they do anyway.
      Not complaining. 
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    • 50Startingover

      How do you fill out the last profile part, the part that says your weight, height.. etc
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      1. My1smthop

        I'm trying to figure this out as well.

      2. Too many dogs

        Go to profile look for patient in drop down -


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        Under patients my surgery is it

    • MsMocie

      Just came from my GPs office. He would want me upping to 1500kcals a day. Have no idea on how I'm gonna do this - a year ago it would been an issue to come _down_ to 1500 kcals 😂
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    • His Daughter

      Sleeved on Monday, February 3rd. Do I have any sleeve twins? ❤ #LovingHerFirst
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      1. november11

        Hey ! @doublepau has a February surgery dates forum with lots of pages of February people maybe you have a twin !!! called February something lol.. I forgot the exact name..

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      3. Symone80

        Had mine on 2/3 also!

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