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PCOS & Rupturing Cysts ALL THE TIME.

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Hey there beautiful ladies! I hope everyone is well and happy on their weight loss journey. I had my surgery in October of 2018 and am down a total of 86 pounds so far, my goal is to hit 175 and start trying for a baby.

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years back after I ruptured 3 large cysts and had a nasty infection in my belly. Since then, I've been coping with the diagnosis. And, at that point at least was given an understanding as why after trying to get pregnant for so long...I just wouldn't. I'm not the gal with PCOS who doesn't get a period, I get them irregularly and sometimes several times a month.

I shown own stock in Tampax.

Anywho...since the surgery I have been rupturing cyst after cyst. Last month I had one the size of a tennis ball rupture after trying to put the star on the top of our Christmas tree. FUN! TMI...sorry.

It honestly feels like they're rupturing constantly and I'm super bloated. While my weight continues to drop (HALLELUJAH), my periods remain irregular and my belly just seems bigger. I'm thinking Water weight. Then I'm conflicted...do I take a water pill? At the very same time, I don't want to run the risk of getting dehydrated.

I'm rambling.

OK, so after visiting my GYN, she told me that estrogen is stored in our fat and when we drop a lot of weight in a short amount of time, it dumps heaps of estrogen into our system. Causing me to form more cysts. I'm confused, I thought my fertility was supposed to sky rocket? Not make me a cyst factory!

If you took the time to read this...thank you. I'm nearly 3 months post op and maybe slightly impatient, frustrated and hormonal. There's no one in my life I can relate to, and I just to be a mommy so desperately.

Wondering if anyone had the same experience post-op and what your journey has been like. Hope everyone had a fantastic new year and a lovely holiday!!! ❤️


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