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Dr. Courtney Doyle, Anne Arundel Surgical Specialists

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Just wanted to put in a plug for Dr. Doyle and the entire Anne Arundel Surgical Specialists team, since I haven't seen her discussed on these forums. She is the partner of Dr. Alex Gandsas, who is highly regarded and is the main bariatric surgeon at Anne Arundel Medical Center. I saw both surgeons, but after progressing through 90% of the pre-op requirements under Dr. Gandas' care, needed to put my process on hold to deal with my mom's terminal illness. Once I was able to resume work and start thinking about myself again, but before I had returned to schedule a surgery date, I wound up in the ER with a gallbladder attack.

The NP who treated me said I needed to be admitted right away to have the gallbladder removed. Once the Acute Care surgeon came down to see me, though, my attack had passed and luckily the Acute Care team is part of Anne Arundel Surgical Specialists. Dr. Brook Buckley saw me in the ER and noticed I was already a patient of Dr. Gandsas, and slowed that NP's roll by saying "we have options here." She saved me from two surgeries by referring me to Dr. Courtney Doyle, who scheduled an expedited appointment to review my chart and examine me for cholecystitis. Dr. Gandsas doesn't do gallbladder removals (unless absolutely necessary in conjunction with a gastric procedure), but Dr. Doyle does both bariatric and general surgeries, and was willing to allow me to finish the requirements for my sleeve and schedule a single surgery for VSG and cholecystectomy.

Her bedside manner is excellent. She is friendly, spent more time with me than Dr. Gandsas, and made me feel less like a number and more like an individual patient. Post op, she was kind, caring, and firm about what I needed to do to recover. To me, that is the best balance - I want a surgeon with excellent bedside manner (something that is hard to find, in my opinion), who is open, honest, and willing to spend time to answer my questions. She totally fits that bill.

Of course Dr. Gandsas and Dr. Doyle are backed by an excellent admin and dietitian team. I can reach the dietitian, admin, and Dr. Doyle's nurse all by e-mail and have my questions answered within a day. I highly recommend Dr. Doyle and her practice.

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I agree with you. I am almost three weeks post op and have had an excellent experience with this practice. I had Gandsas do my sleeve because of all the great feedback I’ve heard. He’s definitely no~nonsense and is not much for small talk. I had minimal pain after surgery and no gas pain at all. His support team has been fantastic too.

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