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Surgery on March 5 the anticipation

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So my journey has begun, a little over a month out and i’am getting excited to get their. Does anyone have any helpful hints and lots of good suggestions that help y’all along your journey.


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    • Little Green

      I ALMOST sneezed today - first time post-op. It was coming but as I flailed around to get a pillow to splint my belly, I lost it.  Usually I hate that feeling but in this case I'm okay with it. I'm not pain-free yet so I would love to avoid a sneeze until then if I can! 
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      1. Little Green

        OMG I JUST FRIGGIN' SNEEZED ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! I had nothing to splint my belly so I just held it as tight as I could :lol::lol::lol::lol: It was fine, there was no pain!

    • MSDionne

      Hey all im 4days post op with full bypass, I came home fine getting all my liquids in no problem, but now seems like protein shakes are causing me alot of gas and excrutiating pain, and now my stomach is real sore, its terrible any ideals from anyone. Im trying to get my protein in.
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      1. Matt Z

        Did they send you home with the Incentive Spirometer? Are you using it every hour? Tip for after laparoscopic surgery is to do deep breathing exercises to help expel the gas from your abdomen. Take a long slow deep breath in, as long as you can then hold it, while holding press down into it slightly (like doing a small crunch) the object is to stretch a little and to slightly increase the pressure in your abdomen to force the gases into the bloodstream for processing. Helps out quite a bit.

      2. Karen Kenney

        you may still have gas from surgery if you are not walking, please walk as much as you can even if it's just around the block. Walking, sweating. peeing, breathing, farting, all will expel the gas from your body. Use your spirometer too. Good luck home you feel better soon!

    • allwet

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    • TxAlpha06

      Want to lift weight so badly.....
      Relax big fella....got a whole lifetime ahead of you....two more weeks....
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    • TexanGal

      I was preparing for the gastric sleeve when my pre-op EGD scope showed I have Barrett's esophagus, with dysplasia (pre-cancerous).  My WLS surgeon said I need to treat the Barrett's first and then strongly suggested I have the Gastric Bypass instead of the sleeve because of several reasons -- GERD is usually eliminated with bypass and worse with sleeve (acid is the cause of the Barrett's), and the stomach is left if needed for esophageal cancer surgery (worst case scenario, obviously). 
      My first priority is getting the Barrett's treated.  Then, in four to six weeks, having the WLS surgery, which is recommended to also treat Barrett's (from an obesity perspective).
      So, I'd like to hear if there are other WLS patients like me with Barrett's and what happened.  I'm anxious for info!
      I'm a bit in shock since I got the news today during my pre-op appointment with surgeon.  But I consider it a blessing because if I hadn't gotten the scope, I could have had a much worse diagnosis later.
      My May 30 surgery is now postponed, obviously. 
      · 1 reply
      1. Kevin M

        Hello, I also found out I have barrett's esophagus during my pre op tests. It rocked my world to think I may have esophagus cancer but I was lucky and no pre cancer was found and my gastric bypass surgery proceeded. I am glad you are getting treated for the barretts before your surgery. I still have that worry because it may turn cancerous. My surgeon has told me that my esophagus should heal within the next year once my reflux is gone. I initially also wanted the gastric sleeve surgery but once they found the barrett's disease that was off the table and my insurance company would not approve sleeve surgery in any case after the barretts diagnosis. Good luck and hope all goes well for you.

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