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Sleeve to Bypass revision weight loss success?

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I can't get my old username to work so I had to create a new account but I used to post on here a lot. A little background on me. I had the gastric sleeve in July 2014. I never felt I had the restriction I was supposed to from this surgery. When everyone else was posting they couldn't eat a whole egg or yogurt, I was thinking are they nuts. I could eat that and not feel any fullness at all. My starting weight was 290 and through tracking and monitoring everything I ate, my lowest I got down to was 210 and it took over a year to get there. And then I stopped and got stuck there for months and months. Nothing worked, decreasing calories, increasing calories, changing exercise, nothing. Every time I visited my doctor's office I mentioned my lack of restriction and their advise was "just keep eating your Protein and tracking your food". Honestly, I felt like I was doing a weight watchers program again because the lack of restriction I had.

Fast forward to now and I have regained 40 of the pounds I lost. For the most part, I'm still watching what I eat, but when you have the ability to consume almost a full entree when you go out to eat, it makes it hard to stay on the program. In the fall of 2016, I finally got my surgeon to check the size of my pouch and he stated it's enlarged and I now have a hernia too. After going through everything in 2016 for a revision, i found out my insurance had a one bariatric surgery per lifetime benefit and would't budge on approving it. At this point it was too late for me to switch to my husbands insurance for 2017. I now have finally switched to his insurance and hoping the revision can finally happen.

My surgeon is stating he can either do a resleeve or switch me to a gastric bypass. I choose the sleeve because I didn't like the idea of all the Vitamins that are required with the bypass surgery and some of the negative long-term effects I heard about. I'm now considering the bypass because I don't want to get resleeved and be back in the same situation a couple years from now.

Has anyone had the sleeve to bypass revision for weight loss? I realize weight loss will be slower with a revision. Can you advise what kind of success you had after the revision or any issues you are having afterward?

Thanks for all that reply.

On another note, I'm not looking for "this is just a tool and just because you can eat a full entree doesn't mean you should" replies. If I had a sleeve that worked like it was supposed to, I probably wouldn't be posting this.

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Wanted to add one more question. How long were you off work for a revision from sleeve to bypass?

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