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  1. Nicely said. From a recent post:

    "My surgeon was complimentary on my current success and implored me to not become a slave to the scale and to not let a number put me on an emotional roller coaster. He reminded me that should I follow the guidelines that there is no way I will fail at meeting my weight loss goals. "

    One smart Doctor!!!

  2. Let's try this... Map the seashore. From 10,000 feel, it's a nice smooth line, isn't it? From 500 feet it's a bit blurry. Can you map the coastline from 20 feet??? No, things are a jumbe with the high and low tides and the waves.

    Same with the scale. If you want to weigh, why not every 10 minutes? Why not every hour???Daily changes don't tell you anything, IMHO. Water, hormones, bowel movements all "modify" weight. And I just discovered that when the batteries are getting low, the scale loses its OWN mind!

    I weigh (begrudgingly) every week in order to track. I generally lose from 1 to 3 pounds in a week, and about 10 a month. Slow but steady, especially since my knee limits a lot of activity right now.

    Bottom line, your head is hooked on the scale, and it might (worst case scenerio) try to convince you that you've failed and you might as well give up. Well blow that for a lark!

  3. They might not notice... They might notice but are afraid to say anything... No worries, you do this for you. Me, I have the opposite problem. I've lost 80+ pounds and I still seem to look the same to me despite what others say...

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