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  1. Interesting article! http://www.nbcnews.com/health/scientists-obese-have-higher-levels-hunger-hormone-their-blood-6C10639235
  2. At a year out I have been approved by my bariatric surgeon to use NSAIDS!
  3. Arts137

    60+ sleevers please help

    No problems post-surgery (a year ago). Fatigue took Months to clear, but I took it as a license to nap!
  4. I too am around in more a "lurking" mode... just quiet. Stable. Still working at working at it.
  5. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/03/31/297160022/weight-loss-surgery-can-reverse-diabetes-but-cure-is-elusive
  6. This gets better as long as you are strict. If you are, it'll get 'easier' after 3/4 days. If not strict, you start the three days over again! And it's 2 weeks, the surgery is Forever! Your behaviors must change forever too!
  7. Arts137

    Oh the gas

    walk as much as you can... it'll help!
  8. Arts137

    Random suggestion

    Still use my baby spoons... and I am 10+ months out.
  9. Arts137


    Missy, hang in there. We all get frustrated with stalls. And we all have stalls!!! Keep following your program and rejoice in 30 pounds gone!!! More will drop!!!
  10. Arts137

    bitter taste

    You are a couple months out. So you are healing still. Might be some reflux... always nasty! If iy continues try talking with your team.
  11. Arts137


    Yes, you are doing well at 5 weeks. Sometimes adding a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) helps (like Prilosec) since it might be stomach irritation. My trick, whenever I am unsure of hunger is DRINK! Drinking can fill you up for a little while so you can get back to sleep...
  12. Arts137

    Mindless eating

    Yes Shel, you learned a BUNCH... Keep us posted!
  13. Arts137

    Struggling with junk food.

    I am a carb addict. I cannot have ANY. I AM the Lay's chip commercial... betcha can't eat just one... BAG. SO, for sugrs and refined starches and carbs, I follow Yoda's advice: "There is no try. There is only Do or Not Do". I choose Not Do.
  14. Arts137


    I use Unjury bariatric products. You NEED them vitamins!
  15. Arts137

    Average weight loss

    No such thing, really. Some MDs talk abot percentage of excess weight lost... Follow your plan and you WILL lose weight. That is for sure! I am a slow loser, and at 9 months I've lost 110# (started at 423# and 6'2"). I am still losing, very slowly. I am focused on the food PLAN and the activity PLAN and let the pounds take care of themselves. You will do GREAT!!!
  16. Arts137

    What's your secret?

    Talk about a "forgetful" friend!
  17. Arts137

    Mindless eating

    A GOOD story for us to remember. Thanks for sharing. The real battle is "mindful eating" I reckon.
  18. I am not sure that Journey meant that a low BMI was (or should be) by definition a reason to exclude from surgery. That said, we are on a similar journey but have vastly different paths. Luckily I was (well, still am) a Very fat healthy man. My BMI was 52. Some with BMIs much lower have very significant medical reasons to be sleeved. Nonetheless we are ALL in this together! The only exclusion from the sleeve is a high liklihood that the patient will not or cannot comply with the behavioral changes that the sleeve requires (and even this is IMHO)
  19. hehehe, I am nine months out and I LIVE on avocado with hummus! And I am happy if I average 1/2 to 1 pound a week. It's ALL in the right direction (I've lost 110# so far)
  20. Kitty, you are with friends. Remember... No journey is too long as long as you do not stop. This is not magical. This is every day. Day in and day out. It's not painful. It's Mindful! Just think and plan, and work to place food in its proper perspective (which is NOT the most important issue and activity of the day!) Stay with us, love.
  21. Arts137

    I'm trying to come to terms with the idea that...

    Ah Lipstick, you are a dear! I am fat, no matter what I weigh. I have a fat brain. But I am in control!
  22. Arts137


    I avoid because they have a LOT of sugar (high glycemic as said before). I am being VERY controlled when it comes to sugars of ALL kinds and refined carbs. Just me though.
  23. Yep, I write it down in my food diary which is there for her to see. And yet we share our weight (and a LOT of other stuff) with other members of Bariatric Pal???
  24. Read about stalls. You'll get them, we ALL get them. And weigh once a week to forestall complete insamity. The scale is an evil and mean mistress!
  25. hahaha, and I have always liked the word (and the concept) "Crotchety"

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