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Week 2 Post-Op

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Ugh not as fun, I got my woman garbage & I retain a lot of water. so I had to try to step up my water intake to compensate. At least its almost over. ;)


I had a rough week in dealing with that, but as of today I am cleared puree food! Hallelujah!!! I am normally not a Hummus fan, but that was some great food. Dinner tonight was low fat refried beans, a bit of guacamole, a bit of salsa & a touch of sour cream. in total it was maybe 2oz. but it was good. now it's to introduce the other pureed foods, I bought some baby food, for days when I have to run, sounds bad but when your hungry, you never know. I figure I will keep eating the soups where I have a freezer full & as they told me today 1-2 protein drinks a day for a very long time. which is fine by me. makes it easier.

He said to drag a bottle of water everywhere, when people start eating they forget to get water in & get dehydrated. I usually do any way. now I'll be checking my urine again to make sure today I am a long way away from my goal of 64oz I maybe have 30. so I will be drinking, drinking, drinking... in sips, sips, sips.....

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What a coincidence, I never in my life would have thought I would ever eat whatever hummas is but my husband went to the store a little while ago with hummas on his list!!

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Good points about the dehydration. I know I am not getting in enough, though with each day (3 weeks today) it is easier to get plain water in larger amounts. And kudos on being creative with your pureed foods! I never thought to combine all that. Would have been more appealing

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Congratulations on Phase II; the secret of success is plenty of protein and water. It sounds like you have a solid grip on your puree diet. Hmmmm...Hummas, sounds interesting, I will have to try some.

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