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Week 1 Post-Op.

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Finally full liquids. Everything is still going well. I have been keeping myself busy, with sorting through boxes from my mom's house so I can clean out my garage. I have been using my slave labor, my 18 year old is home off & on, she would bring the boxes to the rooms I said, then I when I would be done she would haul stuff either to the car for donation or the trash. Then when my kids came home from school I have them hauling big heavy boxes or books & stuff to the rooms where I will go through them. I over did it a bit yesterday, I made sure my tummy was ok, but overlooked my back, now I am on a heating pad. Doh! Oh well I got a lot accomplished & hopefully can resume more tomorrow. As of this morning I have lost 11lbs since surgery & 12 inches. it's a great personal victory. I went to the store by myself & started looking for the foods for the next stage of foods. Kind of makes my head spin. reading the labels, thank goodness there is this website to help, with people who have went through this, before me. I went looking for somethings for this diet & found that the area I live in is terrible for much of a selection of sugar free stuff, like Torani syrups, I made an online order for a couple flavors. I mean they have crystal light, I think there was 3 pancake syrups, (for my cream of wheat) but I didn't buy yet, I think next time I go into the bigger city where I live I'll run into the health food store. It's a different shopping experience reading the packages verses grabbing what you like. but I can do this, I have committed to this, why put junk back in, that would be a huge waste of my time & money. I think soon enough it will become the normal. Just have to retrain the brain.... I did see the store in my town has a HUGE select of Tons of different flavors of Lite Laughing Cow cheese that made me happy. now I just have to get through the next week. Oh well, it will be worth it when don't have to over think when I go out. will I fit here, can I do that there, will I be asked when I am due. will that make me look stupid. who's driving what vehicle are we riding in. I am beyond ready to just be able to get up & go, no second thoughts about it.

That is one wonderful thing about this site, no judging! everyone has similar things going on in there life. everyones stories are different but we all have had parallel things happen, no one wants to be this way, there are many things that happen in life & the next thing you know your needing a surgeons help. The Best decision I have made for myself. Don't get me wrong I love my Hubby & Kids, but there are times they all drive me CrAzY! This is for me, not for anyone else. just to get me comfortable in my own skin, can't remember the last time I was, if ever.


Good Luck Everyone.

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