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    3.5 weeks PO Gastric Sleeve DUMPING?!

    I have eaten eggs multiple times before this episode without any issue whatsoever. I spoke with the surgeon's office and they said its definitely dumping and that food is going to be trial and error for a while, which is scary as heck.
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    Liquid diet

    Yes its normal. Its all based on your weight, height. SOme are only on it for 1 week. some 2 weeks some more than a month for the bigger people. and some only 1 day before. Consider yourself VERY LUCKY. I did 2 weeks and it was hell lol
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    kinda sounds like food poisoning… might have had some bacteria that you reacted to
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    Labs After RNY

    I thought as long as it was below 6.0, you're good. Mine runs about the same as yours -just over 5.0. My lipids always been within the normal range, even before I had WLS (I'm 7.5 years out) P.S. I just looked at my lipid results. It says standard range is 60-129. Anything below 100 is optimal. Not sure if your PCP is using some different scale or...?? Otherwise, your 86 value is fine. I suppose there's always room for improvement, but I can't see why she would have an issue with that.
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    August surgery buddies!

    The stalls are a bit frustrating. I'm having one too, but I'm not as desperate now as I was during my last stall. I have passed my initial goal or getting under 100 kilos (220 pounds). My next two goals are 93 kilos (205 pounds) because then I will have lost an even 20 kilos from my highest weight, and then 91 kilos (200 pounds) which was what I weighed a decade ago after I had my son. Also, 91 kilos / 200 pounds for my height is the cutoff for obesity according to BMI, so once I'm below that I'm considered overweight but no longer obese. I know BMI is not an exact science, but it still makes a difference to me psychologically. Initially, I wanted to be 91 kilos / 200 pounds at the end of this year, but maybe 93 kilos is a more realistic goal. Still, I'm thinking of taking up more exercise to help me reach my goals. I have 7 weeks to go until January 1st, so I should be able to lose at least 3 kilos, and maybe more. Fingers crossed.
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    September surgery buddies!!

    I haven't tried gum but I have used straws a few times with no issues. The cravings are something I understand though and I'm sad to have them. I was looking forward to not being hungry and being happy on my protein diet, but it hasn't been as easy as I hoped. If its just a rare event then it shouldn't hurt anything at all as far as weight loss. The hard part is the mental one after a treat day. You realize you can eat those bad for you foods and then you want them more and more often. If you can handle the mental part and go back to the prescribed diet and stay on it then I think a treat day every once in a while can be fine. I plan on thanksgiving being my treat day and I'll eat the carbs and dessert and just relax for one day. This diet is like a full time job sometimes.
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    I was officially 4 years post op last week, and i was gonna go do a 4-yr anniversary post with pics, but alas i got lazy. So for now here is my OOTD at 4 years, 6 days post op, wearing my laze-about-at-home clothes (when its too hot to wear a shirt, lol). Surgery Oct 2018 - 235 lbs Goal May 2019 - 127 lbs Today Oct 2022 - 119.2 lbs
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    Hi everyone Not sure if theres anyone else out there feeling like this. Im on soft stage so having things like egg/ricotta/spinach baked in oven or egg/ricotta pan fried without oil or little bit cous cous with veges or shepards pie, supposed to have half cup volume but im lucky if i have a whole tablespoon worth, i count 20 seconds between each bite and i get these pains in my chest and back, its unbearable. I take medication for heartburn. I constantly feel weak & lethargic Sent from my SM-S908E using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Regrets ?

    absolutely no regrets, i feel like i'm living again.
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    3.5 weeks PO Gastric Sleeve DUMPING?!

    I have been super paranoid and careful with my food progression and choices. I am 3.5 weeks post op and my plan allows for soft or pureed foods starting at 2 weeks PO. Yesterday I had one hardboiled eggs (mashed up really well) with low fat mayo for lunch and within 45 minutes I was in the bathroom for the next two hours with things coming out at both ends. I had NEVER been this sick in my entire life. It was violent and non stop. I don't get it, I ate extremely slowly, took about 35 minutes to finish one egg, I've eaten eggs before (soft scrambled) and mayo (with tuna) before with no issues whatsoever. Now I am legit terrified to eat anything as I don't trust my body. Please tell me what your experience is with dumping after sleeve surgery and does the risk of it happening lessen as you heal more? Yes, I am eating very slowly, eating small amounts, not drinking during meals, etc. All the rules that I was taught to prevent the risk of dumping.

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