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    51 is the new 50!

    Hi everyone [emoji5], I'm about to change my life for the better. After years of weight-loss struggles due to hysterectomy and hormones I finally got up the nerve to walk into a weight-loss clinic and forever change my life. Scary as it seemed the team at the center were and are beyond helpful and kind. Not only that but my Dr. Had bypass surgery himself so he knows all the struggles we will face. My greatest shock is I've suffered for 24 years with GERD and the Dr said you have a hienal hernia let's knock that out and get you a gastric sleeve and put this behind you. So here I am headed for scope and ultrasound next week then to the next step. Today I weight 236 at 5'4 yet I'm beautiful so I can not wait to find that hot mama [emoji7]just dying to be set free. [emoji173]#happywifehappylife #dothisforyou Sent from my SM-G981U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Yeah, even if you're a perfect candidate I think the only way to get surgery quickly is to go to Mexico. And even then, it's not TOMORROW. I wish my surgery process wasn't taking as long as it is; I am so frustrated right now! But every time I say this people who have had their surgery tell me it will fly by and then the efforts I'm putting in now to make the necessary brain changes are super important.
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    Just Starting

    You can watch some great YouTube videos by Erin Branscom (My Level 10 Life) about the process. I liked them so much I joined her facebook group, and I never do stuff like that (I don't agree with everything she says). I have never heard of anyone coming home on oxygen. Mostly for sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass (the most common WLSurgeries) they are done with small incisions, and I can't imagine why you would need to come home on oxygen unless you required oxygen before surgery. At the consult the surgeon will probably take a medical/surgical history and talk to you about the various procedures. I haven't had surgery yet so I can't answer most of your questions.
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    Kitchen supplies for early post-op

    Blender of some sort and/or food processor. Measuring cups/spoons. Scale. Smaller plates/bowls. Child size spoon. 2 (or more) drink bottles. I bought the 2 oz. plastic cups with lids and never used them.
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    Tim C

    Kitchen supplies for early post-op

    Bullet or similar blender. Good luck!
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    Surgery Date 5/5

    Yes me too!
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    Surgery Date 5/5

    5/4 here :)
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    April surgeries

    For what it’s worth my surgeon said I did a really good job on my liver shrink diet and I had very minimal pain post op. I like to think it was cause I shrunk it down so small there wasn’t as much to retract and therefore I had less bruising and stuff on my Insides?? Or they didn’t have to pump me full of so much air because the surgeon had room to get in there. I could be wrong but I stuck to it 100% and had minimal pain (just felt like I did a bunch of crunches).
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    Respectfully, I suggest when you see a topic you aren’t interested in just move along. This is clearly a topic that has great meaning to many of the members of our group. We come here for support. The LGBTQIA+ community has been discriminated against, targeted, and hated by much of society. Here they should experience nothing but love and support as they work through many of the same, but some unique to just them, issues related to their weight and health.
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    Jaelzion, I've read a few of your posts and they have always come across as genuine and real. Thank you for being so honest. I can absolutely relate to coming out of a work meeting feeling disappointed, embarrassed, and upset. It's hard not to fall back into familiar ways of dealing with stress. It sounds like your very self-aware and have found effective ways to deal with it.

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