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  1. Thanks that was good info. There is a fine balance of which I was unaware.
  2. Wow I have been having such an easy time since the sugery overall...It has just been an incredibly smooth ride thus far. Well...Today I became light headed and and went in to check my BP...62/42 WOW!! What happened? My BP never ever has been that low that I know of. I had 2 ounzes of cream of chicken no meat) a little later drank some water and now back up to normal or getting close. I beleve my sodium is low and surprisingly I have exceeded 64 oz a day and still Dehydrated I will have to drink a little more. It has not bothered me.. Now I am 102/55 almost back to normal...That was wird.Any guesses or similar stories?
  3. Before surgery I could pee like a race horse , now...not so much. must be reduced volume in liquid. As a former beer drinker I got in north of 64 oz of liquid a day. Anyone similar to this post op?
  4. I saw a video on Youtube about a lady headed to the hospital for surgery. She talked about the need for dry mouth spray. I bought some at CVS. They have Biotene dry mouth and the CVS brand. I was so thankful to have it at the hospital. I would encourage folks to take this with them to the hospital. My mouth was so dry I could barely open it. This spray is good stuff! Less than $10. You can use it later as well. Just a little nugget 😎
  5. Thanks...Hard to believe it was dehydration even though I thought about it. I have exceeded water intake every day. That includes surgery day. I have been under for several surgeries and never had a mouth that dry when I woke up! Had to be dehydration that day.
  6. Tim C

    Pre-op diet & failure

    Mke dang sure you are clear liquids today all day and nothing on monday at all by mouth after midnight tonight... and no cheating! You can do this!!
  7. I have been on Clear liquid for 6 days. I haven't pooped in 6 days which has been weird. I guess I just don't have anything to poop out yet. Any similar folks out there that can share? I would like to hear from you. Thanks
  8. Wow! Honestly I would be good with just going once every few days. I suspect that may not be the case for me but I lern something knew on here wveryday. Thanks for the scoop on poop!
  9. Thanks, I will ask my doc about it. Strange thing is it started right after surgery. Yesterday/ day 5 post op, I had improved pressure. Nurse told me it take a while for all of those organs to wake up.
  10. Thanks! I will pick up some Smooth Move!
  11. We will be saving a lot of money on Toilet paper and groceries!
  12. Yes you pre ops pack it in your bag to take to the hospital, Great Stuff!!
  13. Something I learned pre op. I had no idea. I've had several surgerise and never had a mouth that dry!
  14. Have any of you guys had Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck? What was the cost of the procedure? Why did you choose one over the other? Thanks and I hope to hear back from some of you.
  15. Thanks for giving me the low down on POOP! I would think that you cannot make stool without food.Just wanted to ckeck ...Thanks for your solid answer!
  16. I believe I will have an apron or some loose skin below my belly button. I am not worried about arms because I lift at the gym. My legs may hve some but I think I cn get those tone up to some degree for a 63 year old. Anyone with any similar experiences? Would love to hear from you.
  17. Tim C

    Scared I'm recovering too fast...

    Good to hear. I've had no pain to speak of at this point. I feel like my Belly is still swollen or could be from gas but I don't feel anymore gas. I hope everything contiues this way ! No hunger, No Pain and no desire to eat. I am going to lose weight for sure!
  18. Thanks for responding. I believe the main thing I need to worry about is the areunder my belly button but we shall see. Do you know the difference in mini Tummy Tuck and Tummy Tuck? As much money as I am going to save on food and booze forever, I plan to do something!
  19. Tim C

    Heavy weights/ powerlifting post VSG

    My surgeon said to wait 5 weeks with anything above 10 pounds. I am looking forward to getting back in the gym. My wife asked to stop over a year ago. She said I was just getting bigger and not losing weight...which I was.
  20. My abdomen area seems swollen(Could be from trauma).I don't think I have anymore gas right now. I have no pain or desire to eat at this point. If this is as bad as it gets I am amazed! Did anyone else have swelling or bloating in the abdomen area? I haven't weighed yet but feel I am retaining water. Any advice is appreciated. I have follow up with my surgeon on Tuesday. Thanks for any input.
  21. Thanks for sharing. It is good to hear that this is unusual.
  22. Glad to hear this is somewhat common. No pint in weighing until my belly goes down. I am bound to have lost some weight with such few calories.