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  1. Dang straight sss! I hope that anyone on the fence between sleeve and band will investigate more and make the right decision. (SLEEVE)
  2. I am trying to get as much protein in as I can early in the day so I add the whey protein to bump it up. I add the Collagen protein(another 10Gs) because collagen is amazingly good for your skin hair and nails. My wife mixes it in her morning coffee. Since I started taking it my heels do no crack anymore. It is good stuff in other words.
  3. Tim C

    Emotional wreck

    This will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself...No regrets!
  4. Tim C

    Must Haves For Surgery Day

    #1 most important thing....DRY MOUTH SPRAY!!! Don't leave home without it!
  5. Oh and I get the lions share of my protein in right out of the gate with a Body Fortress 40G shake, add 20G whey Protein, and add 10G Collagen powder protein and blend with ice for a shake you can drink on for a while in a Yeti.
  6. I am not sure if I am expecting to get on the scales and see a 5# weight loss one morning from the day before or what but I can't stay off the scales. I have got to go to once a week!
  7. Tim C

    100 lbs!

    Well I bought few XL's but sound like I have chance to get to a large!
  8. Tim C

    sleeve post op hunger

    I take an anti anxiety pill nd it too will add some weight to ya. You may experience some hunger for a few days but it should pass as the portion of your stomach that was removed had the hunger hormone creates hunger. I am 7 weeks post op and still have no hunger. I eat nd find myself looking in the fridge when not even truly hunger. Just an old habit. Get some SF popsicles. At 15 cals each you can eat 2, 3 4 and not fill guilty. It does not bother me with people eating around me. Once you get to the soft/ semi reg diet it gets better. You have got this...hang in there.
  9. I like capsules. The price is incredible for a year.
  10. I too had the God forsaken band when I was 49. I had revision to sleeve at 63...on 2/23 and wish I had done it about 12 -13 years earlier. You will not regret this decision. You will be able to eat some things with less trouble with the sleeve... just smaller portions. I work from home but had surgery on Tuesday and went back to work on Thursday...I could have gone back to work on Wednesday but had a 4 hour drive home. The only pain I experienced was on the day of the surgery and when I had my first BM post op (8 days later). I stayed so doped up in the hospital that I really didn't have much pain. Best decision I have made in a while. I am down 42 lbs since Jan 26th. Good luck...I am glad I did this.
  11. Tim C

    Maybe TMI

    No...And I had been taking stool softener for several days at that point and still do take them.
  12. Thanks Cat! I was already under 800 cals most days. Not constipated. Water or MUSCLE...Yes!
  13. Tim C

    Surgery tomorrow

    Go buy some DRY MOUTH SPRAY RIGHT NOW!! This is a must have for when you wake up. You will do great!!
  14. I like your new photo BG! Looking GOOD!
  15. Tim C

    Living Rent Free

    It sounds like it MIGHT lead to an argument if marriage has not been stellar recently.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I was about to buy these.
  17. Tim C

    Any surgery regrets?

    I agree as a previous bander. Sleeve is sooooo much better!
  18. Congrats...I know you are excited! Go buy some dry mouth spray right now! You will need it when you wake up from surgery!
  19. Tim C

    Drinking after surgery

    I could drink liquid normally after surgery. I understand many have to sip but I did not. Quantity changed that I could drink at a time and yes you will know if you are drinking too much at once. I feel sick for few minutes until it passes. You will learn fast.
  20. What are you consuming during the day?

PatchAid Vitamin Patches