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  1. Tim C

    TMI....BM/POOP!! Read on...

    This is definitely in the TMI category. Look away now and don't read this for the faint of heart! My poop since surgery and delivering those twin rocks 8 days later has been almost BLACK! Not brown but black! I understand why the stool has improved and not as it once was when eating carbs. My carbs are really low right now and that results in a better stool. The color is what is killing me. Must be some red dye in the chewable vitamins maybe? So weird!
  2. Not pills. I normally start the day with a loaded up protein shake blended in the bullet. I may not have it until close to lunch time some days, I am never in a hurry to eat/drink first thing like I used to be. How about you?
  3. I am sick and tired of this dadgum cpap machine!! I am down about 40 lbs ...guess I will have to lose 100 to quit snoring.
  4. I am looking forward to your second one!
  5. I am not quite 2 months post op and have no hunger which is really incredible. My surgeon said that some people have no hunger for up to 4 years. I hear others on here are hungry all the time and didn't experience no hunger. Since the portion of your stomach that creates the hunger hormone has been removed I really don't understand (but sure someone will tell me) why some folks are hungry and some are not. How long did the no hunger phase last for you?
  6. Without. question this is the right thing to do for your health! You will NOT regret it!!
  7. Tim C

    Gastric sleeve

    OK....Step away from the cookies and chocolate for weight loss
  8. I had a lap band put in about 15 years ago. Nothing but trouble for me the whole time I had it. I could not swallow at night with the least amount of restriction in it. I know many here have/had lap bands and did well...congrats for that. For me that damn thing was straight from HELL!! I hated it! I am only now realizing how much I hated that thing, more than I thought. For me this Sleeve surgery has been amazing. Even with around 20 days of stalls in the first 58 days I still have lost about 30 lbs since surgery. I am not quite 2 months post op and have no hunger which is really incredible. If I had any pain ,and I know most do , it was that first day and I slept thru most of that .I had surgery on a Tuesday (Sleeve AND lap band removed as well...Thank God! I had a 250 mile trip home on Wednesday, went back to work on Thursday. My circumstances may be unique to me but this has been easy so far.I wish I had done this years earlier. This is the ticket my friend!
  9. Dang straight sss! I hope that anyone on the fence between sleeve and band will investigate more and make the right decision. (SLEEVE)
  10. Tim C

    Gastric sleeve

    I have not but only about 2 months out of surgery. Steroids will be the culprit to that weight gain I believe. I would suggest quit eating chocolate and bisquits (Are you talking about what we Yanks call cookies?)
  11. I am trying to get as much protein in as I can early in the day so I add the whey protein to bump it up. I add the Collagen protein(another 10Gs) because collagen is amazingly good for your skin hair and nails. My wife mixes it in her morning coffee. Since I started taking it my heels do no crack anymore. It is good stuff in other words.
  12. That would drive me freaking CRAZY!!
  13. Tim C

    Must Haves For Surgery Day

    I walked to the end of the hall with my IV stand in tow. When I got to the end and started to head back the other way a nurse came out of a room and tied up the back of my gown. As she was doing so I said "Normally I would be embarrassed but right now I don't give a damn"...she got a good laugh out of it.
  14. Same here brother! Wasted a lot of time with the lap band before I had this done. The sleeve abides!
  15. All the above. Liquid will be your friend.
  16. This has been the best decision ever. I wish I had done this 12 years or so ago and had that God forsaken, straight from Hell lap band removed.
  17. Bummer...I was hoping this would last longer (like forever). I guess I need to keep after it until I hit goal and the hunger Demon returns
  18. You should change your name to NotaFattyMatty
  19. Tim C

    Emotional wreck

    This will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself...No regrets!

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