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    That is good to know. Hopefully I will be at my goal weight before 9 months. I would like to hear from some others on what their story has been with hunger post op. Thanks
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    Around 8-9 months....was probably the first time I actually felt what I thought was actual hunger (i.e., not cravings). Food aversion/not wanting to eat is still a thing for me sometimes (it comes and goes) and i'm 2+ years out. ....and like @GreenTealael said, the hunger I feel post-op is very different from what I remember pre-op. Before it was like a ravenous, urgent type of thing, now its way more subdued and can wait.
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    Hello! I have finally received my surgery date for 3/30, and I absolutely can't believe it. I am so scared, but I am also so excited and hopeful about the future. I am looking to make a plan for requesting time off of work, and I am wondering how long it really takes until people feel back to normal, or normal enough to start doing regular work again. I am a teacher who works in person, and my surgery will be happening over spring break, so that will be the first week. In the current environment, its good because we have the option to work remotely, so I am going to request to work remotely the week after break - doing google meet sessions with students for about 6 hours a day. For the following week, week 3, I was thinking I could come back to work in person as long as I'm not running/lifting or straining myself. Does that sound reasonable based on people's experiences? Did you feel like you had the energy to work remotely by week 2, and back in person by week 3? I know it all depends on how things are actually going, and I'll change the plan if I need to, but I Just need to make an initial plan to give to my admin. Thanks!
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    Yes this is absolutely doable. I work from home but was back in my office 2 days after surgrery. This may not be common but I had no pain once I got the gas out of me and this has really been incredibly uneventful.
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    When I decided to have RNY I had to prove I was obese for 5 years. I got my records from my PCP hoping they noted something about my weight since I was too large to be weighed and avoided cameras like the plague. "Super Morbidly Obese" kept popping up. It was the one and only time I was happy to see those words. I felt the same as you that why would anyone want to be intimate with a man who had a 1/4 ton extra weight. Feeling this way sex was not something I pushed. I also stopped pushing because I didn't like hearing "no" so much. Which I understood completely... and unreasonably resented. We worked on these issues but everything came back to one key issue: I was extremely fat. After surgery we continued to work through issues and unreasonable resentments, both ways. I recommend this. After surgery I was very excited when my weight reached "morbidly obese" then "obese", "overweight", "normal". I'm now in overweight and it is appropriate for my body. Sex issues changed mostly for the positive. Good luck Tek
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    The "addiction transfer" is a term that is very new to me but something I think about quite a bit. Guess I never really put a name to it. One thing i've read up on quite a bit lately and something I firmly believe in.... we will NEVER get rid of our demons (insert addiction de jour here or mental baggage/whatever) so we're really only left with one choice. Change our relationship with the things that plague us. This is the hard work I keep harping on about.
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    Same here Have to force to eat
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    Tips and Pointers

    We have the same date. I’ve never had surgery before either (well a c-section) but I know how you feel. First off we won’t be cut open because it is laparoscopic and my surgeon said you’ll only remember about 30 seconds before surgery once you wake up it’ll be over. So I just keep thinking about that!
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    I haven't heard this, maybe contact your surgeon or if the clinic has a nurse that you can ask? I imagine they will be taking your temperature etc so hopefully that would cover off on any issues.
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    Lack of pressure when urinating

    It is not unusual for some people to have a more difficult time urinating after anesthesia. As long as you are still able to go, the pressure issue should resolve itself pretty quickly.