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    How Soon Is Too Soon for Reset?

    If you are eating low carb/low sugar/high protein food, then I would put it down to the dreaded stall. My first stall lasted close to a month... when it was over - I started losing 4-5 lbs a week for three weeks, but then hit a stall again.. From what I understand, a lot of people have multiple stalls along the way. But, I would suggest being more mindful of calories - they can add up, especially with things like cooking oils. Using cooking sprays can help alleviate that. Try not to stress out about and trust the process.
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    Healthier, But Lonelier

    This may not be a popular line of thinking but here goes: <!-- Deep Thoughts, BEGIN --> I think that alot of WLS folks believe that those around them would naturally share the same opinions and thoughts they themselves have about it, because, I mean, its a good thing, right? Why wouldn't anyone and everyone with a heart and a brain support and cheer someone on who wants to better themselves (for whatever reason)? The reality is that not everyone will think the same way as you. Yes, one may get disappointed and hurt when those who we care about aren't on the same page, or react/behave in a way that we don't like/want/expect. Whatever their motivations are, in the end the only thing you can control is YOU. You have 3 choices (in terms of relationships, or anything else for that matter): work to change it, accept it, or leave it (and know when to do which). Anything else is doing a disservice to yourself. I know, easier said. But I think the sooner one can recognize what things help and what things don't help (and act accordingly) for any situation, the sooner one can exist in peace and contentment, no matter what situations or people cross their paths. <!-- Deep Thoughts, END...lol --> Good Luck! P.S. Re: Dating...take it easy and try not to put too much pressure on yourself...like attracts like. Again, I know, easier said. Good Luck! ❤️
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    polycistic ovaries

    Also following! I have PCOS as well and will (hopefully) be having surgery in December!
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    Losing Quarantine Weight!

    My weight tends to normally fluctuate +/- 5-10 lbs. I usually have to regiment myself by eating boring foods (protein 🤣) if I'm up and party foods if I'm down. One thing I have not done/will not do is try to out exercise my fun food phase, I just cut down on them since I know they are the culprit. But also lots of people have gained from stress, and this time has been very stressful. Good Luck ♥️
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    Is it possible to donate them to the Bariatric program you went through? Someone in a different stage of their journey maybe able to use them. I tailored & donated clothes as soon as I couldn't fit them anymore. It was a liberating experience.
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    Get rid of them. During my weight loss, I donated everything that no longer fit and bought a few second-hand items just so I had something that fit until I lost more. One word of warning: I bought lots of new clothes when I reached my lowest weight of 132. Then I had a 10-pound gain during maintenance before settling in at 142. I would recommend waiting until you have been on maintenance for a while before splurging on a whole new wardrobe.
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    I had to fill out a bunch of paperwork for the psych eval (like 15 pages). Then, I took two online tests that were a total of about 500 questions, and they were completely ridiculous. All true/false, and a lot of them, in my mind, were like, "well, SOMETIMES this is true, but OTHER times, it is false..." so it took a while to decide which I wanted to choose. My personal favorite one was something like, "I sometimes laugh at dirty jokes." I'm sorry, but what kind of boring life do you have to lead to NEVER laugh at dirty jokes? After that, I had a google hangouts meeting with the psych, who asked questions about my support system and whatnot. I passed, so... I guess I am sane? 🤣
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    Tips for surviving the pre-op diet

    Bowel prep is one of the many things that varies from doctor to doctor and program to program. May the Bariatric Surgery Gods bless you with not having to go through THAT particular experience. The worst part for me? The first of two days of bowel prep was on my birthday. Crappy Birthday to me! Literally.
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    1st month stall?

    I just did a search on this site for you. There are literally 17,501 posts on this early stall. Pretty much everyone has it. I really think bariatric clinics ought to warn people about this because it happens to almost everyone, and people really freak out about it. Just stick to your plan and your weight loss will start up again. Stay off the scale if you have to. It usually lasts 1-2 weeks. Here are all the posts on it. Really - over 17,000 of them. https://www.bariatricpal.com/search/?q=three-week stall
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    Low BMI Gastric Sleeve story

    I wanted to write about my experience with a lower bmi because while I am about 50 lbs overweight 182 5 ft 4 inches - I haven't seen too many posts that describe the surgery with this kind of weight loss. It took me a long time to decide to do this but I kept gaining and have a history of family members who get very very obese after their 40s. I am on the same track. Anyway I am getting sleeve may 13. flyint to texas bc I actually have a friend who is a surgeon that does this. I feel good about that and I am staying with another friend. I have 10 days and started the first day of a soft diet which is various soft Proteins, shakes, cottage cheese, eggs. I was basically good but ate too much. My goal today was just to get used to no carbs. I have had a splitting headache from giving up the caffiene but I am taking liquid tylenol and that helps a bit. I was nervous about this but feeling better about it now and committed to doing this. Ill write about my experience so someone else in the future can decide if this makes sense for them. Ever since I decided to do this surgery I felt like I had control over my body for the first time in a long time. I also had smoked which I stopped. And started drinking tons of Water. Never could do that before. So the surgery has instigated a number of great behaviors. all good. And this forum is key because people are so supportive. I really appreciate it.