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    Is this it?

    Your BMI is 25.5 - why are you scared that "this is it"? You're at a normal weight already.
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    I just love this picture!
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    Is this it?

    ^^^ that was my reaction, too. You've done much better than the vast majority of WLS patients, and you're at a normal BMI to boot. What were you expecting?
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    Why do you think you've failed? Maybe with a little positive support you can right the ship. Lets talk about what did go right, what didn't, and what needs to happen next. Eddy Blaine Brown II
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    I watch "My 600lb Life" and that does it for me.
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    I'm 16 days post op and my nurse said we can start wearing them when out stiches have healed up.. I plan on doing that when I'm all healed on the outside lol Sent from my Z982 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    5 years post op and have huge REGRET!

    I am sorry for your experiences. I never lost my hunger pains either. But I consider my weight loss to be a success. I am no longer morbidly obese - am on the border of overweight and obese - with my doctor telling me that at 64 years old it is considered overweight, and frankly, I will take that. Not all surgeries that we have for anything are 100% curative. My sleeve did not "cure" my obesity. It was a tool that helped me lose weight and get a handle on overeating. My surgery was not a "cure" and I still do battle with eating too much or the wrong things on occasion; but I am 140 pounds lighter than when I started. THAT is MY VICTORY. Perhaps consulting with a teaching hospital might be of help.
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    Mr Alley Gator

    Pain after surgery

    CG nailed it you are healing use a Pain cream Hemp or CVD cream worked for me
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    I didn't think you could live without a Pancreas?
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    8 Years Post OP - Weight Gain

    I started calorie counting when I was about a year out, and still do it at five years out. It's the only way I can keep on top of my weight (although not everyone likes this method - some find it a bit obsessive. But it's worked for ME). I can maintain my weight if I stay within the 1500-1700 calorie range, but this is going to be different for everyone. To lose, I stay at the low end of my range (or under) most days. If I go over 1700 too often, my weight starts heading north. you might want to start tracking what you're eating in something like My Fitness Pal (although there are other decent apps, too), just to see how many calories you're averaging. You'll probably have to do it for a week or two to get a good average, since some days you'll eat more than others (as we all do...). Then try to cut your average by 100 calories. If after a couple of weeks you're not seeing results on the scale, cut another 100 calories. Rinse and repeat. I find it difficult to drastically cut my calories, but if I ease them down like this, it's much easier to adjust. At some point, you're going to reach your sweet spot where you're losing again. btw - I still count protein grams, but I don't count carb grams anymore - but some people have to because they're very carb sensitive (I'm not particularly carb sensitive). For me it's the protein and overall calories at this point.