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  1. tarotcardreader

    Hair Loss Treatments

    Heya i have a thyroid so what works for me may not work for you. #1 protein gram above 80 #2 unflavored collagen powder added to drink daily solved it for me good luck
  2. That happens if i do not consume enough protein grams and in my case it is prevented by adding Unflavored collagen powder to my drinks. Hth
  3. tarotcardreader

    What do you eat in a day?

    At one month I was eating things like over easy egg yolks. Mainly fluidish stuff like that, Protein shakes (orange flavor, and choc w that pb2 powder in it), strained tortilla soups etc.
  4. tarotcardreader

    rate of weight loss

    For me it really just has varied every week. I know on the days that weight doesnt move that my food hasn't changed so I dont panic about the scale and viola still keep going down. I aim for a monthly goal and try to hit that because the scale can really flux with water, bathroom habits etc on day to day basis
  5. I get hungry but it abates with the smallest portion of anything lol. I would say though im hungry im less hungry than id get prior to surgery
  6. Hey i was on my period for surgery. Nobody cared they seen it before lol. The nurse did make me take of my panty and hygiene item and instead wear a mesh hospital panty into surgery. Post op i was given additional pairs. They dont want you falling asleep w tampon for 24 hours.
  7. tarotcardreader

    Skipping Purees

    Lol. Boy post op even more aversions come and things i didnt like before taste better now. I was excited to get into puree but only there for a few days before being approved by surgeon to start soft food. During the puree phase i could exchange food with shakes if i wanted because my surgeons plan is about Counting proteins. I think it depends on your plan. You could skate through the whole puree thing with shakes if your surgeon allows. For me though, the shakes i tried before surgery i didnt like after surgery.
  8. tarotcardreader

    2.5 Years out!

  9. tarotcardreader

    3 Months Post op Updates

    Also had mine done the 28. I drink fairlife too instead of shakes now.
  10. tarotcardreader

    What could it be?

    Hi Dannies you should contact the surgeon who did your surgery if you havent already and let them know your symptoms. They will be able to suggest the next steps for you
  11. tarotcardreader

    When did you notice the scale moving?

    I dont know where you read 15 perhaps you tagged the wrong person because i wrote 5-15. Hope that helps you
  12. tarotcardreader

    Tummy rumbles?

    Some days im not hungry at all and some days i am but when i am it is very shortlived with less than 2 oz of food. I think it varies by person
  13. tarotcardreader

    How many posts...

    That does seem a bit strange lol
  14. The jury is still out. The medical community seems divided about this right now. Some don’t allow cpap Initially post op in the hospital for that reason. I use cpap and have a pouch and others have as well. If you are having stomach problems make sure to consult your surgeon since its his handiwork
  15. Im down some. I plan to continue to donate mine to dress for success. Its a program that helps broke people be able to look nice for work or getting a job.
  16. tarotcardreader

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    You just have to sign a form that you are leaving against medical advice. Be wary that it gets noted in your medical record though and later on when you need something like home health services they may reject you as a patient because of previous noncompliance.
  17. tarotcardreader

    Best advice for pre-op diet?

    Maybe get some of those sugar free syrups to flavor your shakes so you dont get bored. They have many flavors mint for chocolate shake as an example. 3 shakes a day 😖
  18. tarotcardreader

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    I did mine alone due to covid. I was in there for four days. I could see for the average person having someone there to be an advocate for you while you are groggy would be helpful. However, i recall sleeping an entire day so its not necessary. I would say helpful but not necessary
  19. tarotcardreader

    Surgery done today

    How are you doing now that sounds pretty rough🦋
  20. tarotcardreader

    Protein water

    You could get bottled water plain and add an unflavored protein like genepro to it
  21. tarotcardreader

    Help me get back on track!

    Have you thought about trying to log them? It can be fun if you use a planner with stickers : here is an example
  22. tarotcardreader

    Feeling sick here and there.

    If its happening after eating it could be the reactive hypoglycemia, one lady who had it was put on a zero carb diet and that helped her. I recommend getting a referral to an endocrinologist from you primary doctor. Let them run the labs they are specialized in it and will know better than anyone here. 😬
  23. tarotcardreader

    6 day Post op shaking help

    is it working?
  24. tarotcardreader

    Help me get back on track!

    Teks been at this many years so im going to second his opinion on this one. I am one month out and havent stalled or gained yet. However I hope you get some good ideas here.
  25. My post was in response to a post made to me by sillykitty. As for you i just consider it an amazing feet that you could get such a dense item down at all lol i would hurl

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