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  1. The boiled egg was too dry for me the scramble had some chees and seem to slide down the throat better instead of dry clumpy hard boil egg. Plus i use oil in my scramble
  2. For me i want to eat a lot of things but even if i bought them id only b able to take a few bites then id b full. You are dealing with head hunger possibly. If you tried eating youd prob be full after a couple bites lol
  3. tarotcardreader

    Help! I ate McDonald's 2 weeks post op

    I was told redness could b bad so i would just call and ask the bariatric nurse at the center. They have seen n heard it all before and it wouldnt be a bother. Also with telehealth you may even b able to upload a pic right from your phone and send to them thats what i do lol makes things so much faster
  4. Hey so i had a second scan on my suspected ileus not sure if anyone else has this
  5. Go to surgeon for script of bentyl that seems to help i am about 3 weeks out as well
  6. tarotcardreader

    First Plateau :-(

    Congrats on your weightloss so far! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Take a minute to celebrate the accomplishment and keep on going 👯‍♀️
  7. tarotcardreader

    Celebrate soft chews

    I was vitamin shopping for next month and decided to try the calcium soft chew (500 citrate) from my celebrate sample bag (cherry) and i instantly became il w nausea for a couple hours looking for good calcium options
  8. tarotcardreader

    Celebrate soft chews

    I tried a caramel bariatric advantage soft chew today and it went down also tasted pretty good!
  9. tarotcardreader

    Pre surgery diet freak out

    🥴thats pretty funny lol
  10. tarotcardreader

    Protein ball recipe need

    can you share one with its stats is it high protein low carb or are you referring to keto fat bombs which are high fat
  11. tarotcardreader

    Revision surgery pre op diet

    hi i dont have any experience with a revision but wanted to wish you luck!
  12. tarotcardreader

    Pre surgery diet freak out

    Yes, I did. Just remember to do it far enough out that stomach wont have food in it. For me i did it 4 days prior to surgery and straight shake for remaining three Forgot to mention I was allowed a small dinner on those days by surgeon with two shakes but instead i had the pizza that one night and followed it with days of just shakes to clear it out
  13. Some believe that the body should pack on nourishment beforehand because you will lack it initially post op. Its an interesting hypothesis.
  14. tarotcardreader

    Pre surgery diet freak out

    I did my best which was to have some pizza four days prior to surgery and breadsticks. This is called food funeral. The other days i just had the shakes and surgeon said surgery went perfectly so no harm done. Mainly they want liver small and tummy empty
  15. tarotcardreader

    Wind issues

    Beans prob dont help. I have the burping problem mostly right now prob cause i just had the surgery couple weeks ago. The surgeon prescribed simethicone have you tried that? It helps the burps to come up right then not sure how it affects the other end 🥴
  16. tarotcardreader


    Botox shots for migraines cured mine. I go every three months and suffer through 30 or so shots then i dont even need an abortive for the next three months. I feel the predome symptoms start to come on but the migraine cant seem to come on. Highly recommend!
  17. Its free to see the dietician for me and many ideas are better than just a few- couldnt hurt
  18. tarotcardreader

    Vitamin/supplements for collagen/skin

    I am looking for acne bumps cause i got bumps ever since surgery
  19. tarotcardreader

    3 months out- upper left pain

    Okay you do need to tell surgeon but also your primary care physician. The reason is that sometimes kidney pain can be like that. With the abdomen there is also this thing called referred pain where the actual spot of the pain might not be the problem area. Visit surgeon and pcp to see if they think you need further testing. I do have some pain there but not in back, and was given xray by surgeon to see what was going on. You might need further testing which isnt something we can help you with. I hope you find some relief 🍀
  20. tarotcardreader

    What causes YOUR weight loss stall?

    Im not stalling yet but i dont have any snacks just three meals a day. Does your program allow them?
  21. tarotcardreader

    Celebrate soft chews

    I have a bag of soft chew carmel from them. I will try one of those tomorrow to see if it makes me sick too. I did see the cherry ones on the website that you are talking about. I am not sure if its a soft chew tolerance problem or a calcium tolerance problem yet. I am supposed to be getting a sample kit from BA already. The vitamins are just so pricy to end up with a batch that makes you sick 🥴
  22. tarotcardreader

    Celebrate soft chews

    Hi Sue thank you i will order a sample kit to try it out
  23. I like this its pretty good. We will probably have stalls n gains along the way and its a good way to look at it
  24. Set up an appointment w the dietician like the other poster said and go over food log they have seen it many times before and probably have some tips for you