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    Cal Jerrod

    OOTD- Dude Edition

    Hey guys! Thought this would be fun just for us. I'm a personal stylist and its become such a huge inspiration/motivation for me after my sleeve (coming up on 10 years in Sept) that I thought it'd be cool to have an OOTD thread of our own. So gentlemen, shall we?
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    oh my PCP is perfectly fine with it and has no sympathy for me when I talk about wanting to be in the 130s again. Actually, with my build (large frame and muscular) and age (60), 150s is a better range for me ANYWAY. But I did like seeing those 130s on the scale when I was there!
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    PS Cost

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    Hi richiewho, I'm right at 500-550 now. Basically, I start my day with a cup of tea and about 1/3c whole milk (indulgent, but it tastes SOOO good). Usually I put a scoop of genepro powder in it as well. Then later in the morning I have a Pure protein shake made with skim milk. In the afternoon I have a cup of broth, and sometimes another 8oz of skim milk. I guess I'm a fan of milk, hey? Plus lots and lots of water in between. So far it's all working, 11 days after surgery I'm down 18#.
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    Missing my old eating habits!!

    yes, totally. i call it eye hunger, or memory hunger. my stomach is not telling me i am hungry, but i so badly desire a chipotle bowl or a slice of pizza or even a big salad with tons of stuff in it. only 2 weeks out. i have notice that if i take too big of a gulp of my chicken broth or protein shake, i get a very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, so that sort of tells me i am not hungry. lots of talking to myself these days to change old behaviors. you will get there too.
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    Abnormal EKG?! :-(

    Just wanted to let you all know that my doctor wasn’t concerned and I’m approved to move forward! 10 days pre op!! 😊
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    Wow, no-one will ever need weight loss surgery any more! I wish I'd read this post years earlier, it would definitely have fixed my years of struggle with weight gain and loss, and eating disorders. Seriously though, tough love DOES NOT WORK. I'd have thought the fact that we have all needed weight loss surgery is a clue to that. My eating disorder was not something I could out think, fix with a diet or just white knuckle through with willpower. If you made the mental decision and that was all it took, why get surgery???
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    Allow* me to see. I can’t see what I’m typing when I’m on the phone B app 😂
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    to implant or not to implant

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    Green Tea?

    You are allowed to have green tea as long as it doesn't have caffeine in it. I've never seen uncaffeinated green tea though. Good luck!