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    Surgery soon

    Don't be nervous as you truly have nothing to lose but weight!!! It will be worth it![emoji176][emoji176] Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    AJ Tylo

    On the lighter side

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    Im finally doing it

    Hi everyone, My name is Corne and I am a 40 year old woman from South Africa. I have been struggling with my weight for about 17 years, ever since I started taking antipsychotic medication for my bipolar. - That stuff is WICKET for your weight. Anyway, it never really bothered me too much, until my health started to suffer. I developed asthma and sleep apnoea. Also, in 2017 I landed up in ICU with heart failure. And my back is literally killing me most of the time. I struggle with daily living, as even walking small distances are very difficult. I get out of breath, and I sweat a lot, which is horrible if you are female. I can't wear make up, which I love, because I sweat it off. At my heaviest I was 211kg (465 pounds) - Horrible, I know. I have had my first visit to the dietitian and surgeon and is currently on a diet to lose some weight before I can get the Roux and Y. As of today, my weight is 185kg (407 pounds) This was not easy. I have struggled with some life difficulties, like being out of a job for 9 months already and I went through a horrible break up. So in the last few months I have gone through some periods of weight loss and then gaining back again. But I hope to stick it out going forward. I see the doctor again at the end of January and I would like to lose a lot of weight before then. I guess the fact that I already weigh 26kg lighter is an indication to myself that this is indeed possible. I just need to keep it up EVERY day. Which is why I joined this community.
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    Surgery soon

    Congratulations 💚
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    JRT Mom

    5 days post op

    Welcome to the other side, Bill! The neck and chest pain took me 5 full days to get rid of, but it DID finally go away. Give it a couple more days and see if you feel better. If you are getting short of breath and feeling faint maybe you should slow down--are you doing too much too soon?
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    🔽🔽🔽🔽 FINAL CHALLENGE ! 🔽🔽🔽🔽
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    Yeah, MGH is one of the top hospitals. I was very surprised they weren’t being more helpful.
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    It sucks that your doctors are just trying to pass the buck. So is it not “official” that you have liver disease? I’d find a new PCP at a different practice and go from there, see if they’ll refer you out to a Hepatologist ( doc that specializes in livers) to get some real answers
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    Weight Gain

    It depends on my goals for the day. Some days I do IF or TRE (intermittent fasting or time restricted eating windows). Then I make sure to hit my protein goals for the day along with the calorie load/carb load I'm doing for the day. Other days, I eat to hunger. But the difference is, I will schedule my meals. 2-3 main meals. And I will allow a snack of x y or z (very specific choices at specific timings) if needed. So it is a structured thing, not grazing, not standing at the fridge wondering what I "feel" like eating. Nope it's more like (1 cup of veggies and Greek ranch dip-homemade, or 1 hb egg, or a lite string cheese + 1 slice BH turkey or everroast chicken, or 1/2 tiny gs apple with 1/2 oz walnuts-raw), that sort of thing. Some days I schedule for a sf popsicle at night, or a sf jello, or sf protein pudding, or chia pudding.