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    Those last 14 lbs....

    I tried fasting for 2 days (16:8 pattern) and lost a pound. Promising so far! 🙂
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    i can go skydiving now!!!!!!!

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    I have only had RNY surgery once, but I have several metabolic challenges that result in me being a VERY SLOW LOSER no matter how 'on point' my eating/exercising/etc. is. I was very concerned about my very slow loss, especially as this is the only time I've had surgery. In the first 2 weeks I was under 200 calories a day and the next 4+ weeks, I was under 400-450 a day so the 'math' did not add up. I was told the exact same thing by my doctor and his nutritionist - that after I had healed more, the weight loss would pick up SOME. It did, but I am still a slow loser. HOWEVER, now I am over 3 months out and those 'small numbers' that dismayed me are all adding up. I think I read somewhere, and hopefully one of the veterans can correct me if I have this wrong, but when comparing amount of weight lost at about 2 years out, those who lost 'fast' and those who lost 'slow'...ended up with very comparable amounts of weight lost by that time (assuming all things are equal - like the slow losers didn't give up out of frustration - they continued to work and stick to their plan and exercised just as much if not more as others).
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    How Am I Doing?

    That's 20lbs a month well done
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    Those last 14 lbs....

    Another strategy for optimal fat burn is to do your exercise during the fasting window, if you can. When I am doing IF, I do my stair climbing, arm and leg routines in the morning, before I start eating.
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    Cigna - Denial Due Location??

    👏 STAY 👏 ON 👏 TOP 👏 OF 👏 THEM 👏 Keep track of everything, request written/email copies, calls be recorded, representatives names & ID numbers etc., call Everyday if you need to since its obvious they can't get there own **** together. GOOD LUCK 💙
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    My head on straight! Stop you dont need bowls and cups and all the marketing promo stuff. You Sleeve (A tool) will stop you from eating to much, I personally dont eat much at all, Definitely dont need a plate to tell me how much, Since you are on a liquid diet for the first week or so i would just bring a Nutra Bullet and go get soups and brooth and whip it. Key post surgery is to move and i mean really move walk as much and Sip water walk sip walk sip walk sip. You most likely will have no desire to eat so that is easy. Be prepared the head games are evil, They pass quickly but you will be messed with in the head. Congradulations and this is the best thing you can do. Best decision i ever made
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    Those last 14 lbs....

    Thank you for this reply, AZhiker. I didn't reply to it straight away, because I thought I'd research what you said a bit first. I had initial misgivings that I could fit enough healthy nutrition into an 8 hour window, given the restriction I feel. However, I'm looking into the 5:2 diet as a possibility and tried fasting for 16 hours out of the last 24. It wasn't too difficult. You've given me food for thought (which involves no calories - hurrah!).
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    I love the Tomato Carrot Bisque!
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    Those last 14 lbs....

    Intermittent fasting knocked down the last 15 pounds for me. There are LOTS of threads on IF on this forum. Lots of us have used (or are using) one form or another. It is a powerful tool, not difficult, and actually very healthy for you. I am not sure keto is the way to go, as the fat content is so high. With bypass, we already have fat absorption issues, and I know my intestines are not happy with too much fat. Also, your liver has worked very hard to process all the fat you have already lost. You might have had fatty liver disease, as I did, before surgery. From what I have read, adding more fat for the liver to work on is not a great idea. IF gives you the benefit of ketones, but without the high fat diet.