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    Avery's Mom

    OLDER peeps (50+) exercise

    I was running and had to stop several weeks due to my stupid dog braking my toes LOL I just started again. hoping that helps
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    Food prep containers

    Never used them, but they have good reviews on Amazon: Sage Spoonfuls Big Batch Storage Set, 4 Ounce (Pack of 12)
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    Thank you! Just came back from a 5km jog and am now down to 185.8lbs!!! Only 10.8 lbs to my goal weight of 175! 🙃 I believe I can go a bit further now, too. I will see! Eeeek!!! 😋
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    UK forum users

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. I think our privately paid health care insurance should not exclude a privately paid for surgery such as wls. However, I guess if your policy excludes wls, then anything to do with wls would be excluded as well. Silly, I know. My original doctor was the 1 who wanted to refer me for wls. I have a work around planned between my insurance and my doctor.
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    Cravings Are Killing Me

    Head hunger sucks. Drink water when a craving hits. Avoid commercials. I would mute TV and close my eyes. I broke up with Food TV. I also used to get up and walk during commercials. Lots o' walking going down. It gets better with time. Hang in there and follow your doc's plan!! You can do this.
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    Just found a link to this story on my google news feed. Thought it was a great read and very much agree with what it's saying. The best line is "Surgery is, by far, the most effective tool in managing or reversing Type 2 diabetes. Just as doctors wouldn't wait until a patient has advanced-stage cancer to treat their disease, patients shouldn't have to wait until they are severely obese to undergo surgery," Brethauer said. https://www.wfmz.com/features/life-lessons/scientists-want-to-change-criteria-for-bariatric-surgery-eligibility/1100520796 Thought I'd share with the group
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    I just took another flight for work on a non-american airline (fun fact, their seat belts are shorter) and i had to take a pic I was so proud. I'm only 4 months post-op and I'm down almost 100lbs from the first surgeon consult later year in September. The whole trip while away I worked out on the eliptical for a full hour every night. It felt great to be able to sustain for that long. Pic attached
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    fluffy diva

    💩Poop (or lack there of)

    I am 5 day post Gastric Sleeve I had no BM about 3 days prior to surgery. So for a total of 8 days I did not go. Today I finally went out and purchased an enema and some MOM. Of coarse once I came home and rested for 10 mins I went on my own. You really have to keep up on your water intake and get some walking in. I think it helped me tremendously. Good Luck
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    UK forum users

    @chrisredjeep Its a shame they don't do samples in the UK, like they do elsewhere. Would save a lot of money in the long run. I think I was just lucky with mine, I loved them pre op and I am still loving them now.
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    Band broke after 10 years went from 12stone to 16stone had op cant lose weight 16.3 spent £6000 feel a failure had abroad need help support wish got another band gutted Heather from Scotland op in latvia too expensive here Sent from my SM-G960F using BariatricPal mobile app