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    Port Placement Surgery

    Happy Wednesday everyone. I know I haven't been active on here lately but I am back now. So how is everyone? I hope everyone is well. Where should I begin? This month has been a good month for me despite of me being a plateau... life has been good. I had a couple of moments this month. The one that hurt the most is when I didn't get my dream job. What is my dream job? To work in Human Resources I have a degree and experience in that field and I had my 10th interview and I still didn't get the job. I felt defeated but I got back on track. I decided to continue practicing my interview skills and keep moving forward. "Every NO! is one step closer to my YES!" Yesterday I had my port placement surgery. This time Dr. Richardson didn't have me come in at 430AM it was 830AM this time! Once again my amazing daddy took me to the hospital. He was off at work at 630am that morning and was still able to stay with me the whole time! I have to admit I was really nervous this time around I don't know why but I was. However I did get the biggest surprised yesterday....... I AM IN ONEDER LAND!!! (is that the right term?) I was shock was I seen the number 193.4! I was so nervous I couldn't cry. I have seen those numbers since I was 19. Wow I am still in shock! Today I am resting I haven't got my appetite back but I am slowly drinking water. I want to do some type of exercise today but I just do want to over do it. I am so close to my high school weight! It's nice to know that my Wii Fit was not lying to me. I am going to reward myself by going shopping for some new clothes and get me a pedi on Saturday. Besides I am on leave until Dec 2nd. God is good and I am loving my band! Thanks for reading.
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    From the album: cary

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    Emotional Eating

    Thank goodness your daughter and her beautiful family are safe. I am a stress and emotional eater so I know where you are coming from. You are correct. Breaking the diet and eating things you shouldn't will not help your daughter nor will they help you. Change your thought process on this. Think that sticking to the plan will make you healthy and that health will get you a chance to visit with your daughter and her family. Stay focused and pray for those who suffered major losses in the tornados. Good luck in your struggles.
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    Me and my Granny!

    From the album: Changes!

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    From the album: alexa_nj01

    14 lbs lost in 3 weeks post-op... 31 lbs total since i started my journey August last year.. I am sooooo happy, I can only say Thank you Jesus..
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