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    From 289.7LBS to 138LBS ☺❤

    I feel like crying guys! What an amazing journey of discovering myself and learning how to love me again [emoji173]
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    Weighed in 278.4 day of surgery, 178.4 this morning. Sleeved 8/1 so just a bit over 10 months out. Also, I'm officially out of the "overweight" BMI range. (my info says 25 but BMI calc says I'm justttt under it) 8/1 (surgery) - 1/18 (about halfway between then and now) - 6/11 (today!) I'm 8.4lbs away from my initial goal but I think I might adjust to 150. Trying to get some kind of body fat testing done per suggestions in a thread I posted earlier this week so I can get a better idea of what's fat and what's skin.
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    3 month success!!

    I am a little less than three months out and am down 40 lbs from my highest weight!! Only 100 to go! Left pic is at highest weight, right is last weekend. HW 285.8 SW 272.8 CW 246.4 GW 140 Sleeved 11/23
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    Matt Z

    It finally happened. Onederland!

    My heaviest weight was 370. In 2010 I had the band installed (such a mistake, waste of time, money and effort IMO) March 10th, 2018 at my Pre-Surgical check in I was 310. March 21st, 2018 at check in for surgery I was 294.4. I had the band removed and revised to the bypass. Today, January 23rd, 2019. 308 days after surgery... I hit a number that I haven't seen in more than 20 years Onederland. I'm down 95 lbs since surgery, 110.6 lbs from pre-surgical. And a staggering 170.6 lbs from my heaviest weight. I need to thank so many people that if I tried, I'd forget someone and then we'd start with the hard feelings. So I'll go with this. Thank you. If you've helped me through this in any way, shape, or form, Thank you.
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    So I had my 6 months check up at the hospital on Thursday, 1 day before 7 months. I saw my surgeon who could not be more thrilled with me. I have lost 82% of my excess weight. (which is a little strange as I have lost 91% of what will give me a normal BMI) They don't want me to loose too much more weight as I'll start to look sickly. They don't think I'll need any plastics, as I don't have an over hang and my blood results are great (the doctor at my support group will probably disagree. All my values are within range, but some are in the lower end, and since she is a specialist on supplements for bariatrics, she prefers us in the upper range). They also have a score that they calculate, that I don't remember, but it was very high, and she called me a success case. I don't go back until my 1 year check up. (I'll just have blood drawn in 3 months and show my support group doctor) They were actually fully booked for the BIA test, but the surgeon wanted med to have one, so she called and asked if they could fit me in, and they could. They are done by the nutritionist. She was also very impressed when she saw me, and after the test she could not be happier. I have the values for all 3 tests (1 month pre op, 6 weeks post op and 7 months post op) I managed to gain another 4 lbs before starting my pre op diet, so it wasn't at my very highest. The only negative thing was my phase angle. It has dropped. It's a measurement that shows how well your muscles are getting nutrition. That along with my total protein (from the blood test) she wants me to eat more, and get more protein. Other than that, everything was great and she was so impressed, especially how much muscles I still have. All the working out and walking has helped tremendously. I have included pictures from about 6 months and 7 months post up. It's only like 5 lbs between the pictures, but I see several changes.
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    Officially reached my 1 year mark! Sw=217 Cw=153 Gw= 140
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    Down 3 Sizes!

    Hi guys and gals, This is insane! I started my journey at 287, a size 24 pant (that were a little on the tight side.) I had surgery on May 14th at 260. Today, just shy of 4 weeks out I weighed in at 239 (finally broke that damn stall). Anyways my clothes have literally been FALLING off me. I was just fine until about a week ago. So I went shopping today and grabbed some size 22s. Too big. So I grabbed some 20s. Still too big. So in total awe I grabbed some size 18s and holy mackerel they FIT. I almost died. And I tried on a shirt that was size 14/16 and it fit! I am on cloud 9 right now 😍. Hope all my fellow May surgery buddies are doing well!
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    Can't believe it

    Every time I see pics like this I'm in awe. 6 years ago myrtle beach and last week myrtle beach trip