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  1. stay the course.......continue what you are doing and it will happen...... if you are doing what your doctor/nutritionist says to do, then you are doing a good job stop reading/comparing your loss to someone else or because they had a different surgery than you...anyone on this wonderful earth lose weight the same way...one pound at a time..we must work off/burn more calories than we eat...that is how we lose weight...our WLS helps us eat less...UP to us to do the eating...DO NOT expect the WLS of your choice to do all the work kiddo..if you do, then you are in trouble already.. whether you like it or not, the first month or two or (three) if you are newly banded or any WLS... you are healing...you are swollen, your not hungry and then you get hungry, trust me the hunger will return...(head hunger is real btw)...being on liquids or soft foods will make you lose weight...most people lost a good deal doing liquids...i know i sure did but NOW is the time to get your mind into the game...if you are struggling now, what will you do when the scale/weight loss does slow down for real (and it will).......this is where you need to measure your (true and actual weight loss in inches aka clothes getting too big or you need to buy smaller ones...that is a GREAT feeling).. PS: not eating/starving yourself doesnt work..diets dont work we all have dieted and well, you know how that turned out eating good food in your band allotted amounts and beginning some sort of exercise/movement does work.. promise if YOU keep going, you will get there... focus on inches LOST as that is true WEIGHT LOSS on a side/personal note: i left this forum because it saddened me to read people saying i only lost this...and then how bad the (band) was BUT i want to reach out to those people like myself who want to lose weight...not to be a size 2 or weigh 100 pounds..but those (like me)..the larger BMI people.... when i started, i needed to lose weight to be able to merely walk again... WLS its not an easy road but its not an overly hard road either... get off the pity party..eat real/clean food/move your body and do what you need and know to do it will happen if you let it..and then do it... repeat daily for best results
  2. ☠carolinagirl☠

    my journey with restriction

    right now I have 2.5 CC in my 14cc lapband (i also have plication on my stomach). my dr said in about 2 weeks (when i had fill) i would begin to feel the fill... now i understand what (restriction) is i have always not been able to (eat) much due to the plication. i have had restriction from the beginning. lost most of my weight w/o fills. i have now have 2 fills in 3 yrs but i can eat past my (boundaries and fullness signals) if i want too and have this past week, i ate and i ate and i kept on eating.for the last 8 months, i have had a really hard time personal wise with 3 deaths in the immediate family one after the other and life issues and well, food tastes good when you are stressed..so i ate...no excuse.no woe is me...it was my reality...i was (full) or aka felt full and kept on even when it got uncomfy ...however we know we must always STOP before its get that the feeling of being stuffed or uncomfy...picture eating a huge thanksgiving dinner and you are like.....OMGod this is how i feel after eating a very small amount now its pretty cool but also i admit, i am missing eating..BUT i know since i am a volume eater, that is the only way i can lose weight so i had my WLS of choice..i had WLS to help me lose weight but i have to help the WLS also so what does it feel like besides what i wrote above (the full) feeling well, if i eat too fast, my chest can feel some what tight...and my left shoulder can twinge a smidge (not hurt)..but what i am experiencing the most is that my stomach feels like i am full and i am not wanting to eat...couldnt care less...someone from this forum named B-52 writes that is how he feels..couldnt care less/no desire.......this is exactly how i am feeling and i am enjoying it...its new..in a couple weeks, going back to get a little more..my dr is filling me slowly..he thinks i am very nearly that sweet spot (people call green) but i prefer to call it pink spot BUT us WLS patients must eat *protein* to continue to lose weight..it is hard when you are not hungry let me tell you...but i am trying and i can tell that to me, in my words, this is what restriction feels like to me. from Dr Simpson: When you eat Thanksgiving dinner, you can feel stuffed. Contrast that with the sensation two hours after you eat your big meal, at that point your appetite is suppressed. It is the subtle dimming of the appetite that the band should provide. Being stuffed after a large meal is a complicated sensation of the abdominal wall stretching and a lot of gas in the bowel, in addition to feeling a diminution of appetite. You will not, and should not, feel the abdominal wall stretch with the band. You should not feel the "near nausea" and you should not feel bloated. Key point: You should NEVER eat until you feel full. It is best to stop eating before you "feel full." If you do eat until you feel full you will most likely be overstuffed. This leads to the universal key to success -- patients who eat a small volume of food (which, if you measure, is consistent) will be successful with the band. If you want to succeed, you need to know how much you are eating, and then stop eating -- it is in your control, but the band will help you -- not by stopping you, but by allowing you to feel satisfied after the small volume. http://drsimpson.net/fills/Lap-band-eating/lap-band-not-restriction/lap-band-and-restriction.html
  3. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Raleigh Nc Support Groups?

    am looking for a support group in the raleigh nc area. if you know of one, please message or respond back to me thank you
  4. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Banders #6

    wow, i have been banded with plication for almost 2 yrs and been on this forum for 2 yrs 4 months..where has the time gone? i am happier today then i was when i started in Feb 2012...compared to where i am now today.. the only (advice) i want to give is the following (take it or ignore it): call your doctor if you are hurting or concerned or need (assistance w/questions can i or should i eat/do/drink) i strongly advise anyone to do what THEIR doctor says, not mine or anyone elses.. use common sense (you cant gain true weight overnight and you wont lose true weight overnight) eating more calories than you burn off will make you gain weight with or without any WLS reality is clothes sizes getting smaller is a accurate sign of losing weight (dont focus totally on the metal monster) you do not have to be at goal in six months...get there when you do...WLS has no expiration date and last but not least believe in yourself to give yourself credit..you know if you eat too much of the not so great food chioices out there dont say the WLS did not stop you..you stop you.....YOU can control yourself..(you wont step out in front of a train would you??) WLS will help you but it wont be the save all as that part is up to you and me be well and all the best to you.
  5. ☠carolinagirl☠


    read some of my NSV.........then think about your own NSV and now ask yourself just how are you doing??? (yeah i thought you'd see it now).. some NSV's for me that i love and no longer take for granted: having a seat belt fit properly painting my toe nails putting my socks on (hub use to have to do this for me).....although he still ties my shoes being able to reach down into washer w/o my stomach getting in the way fitting into a bathtub and water can go around me sitting in a chair or even laying in bed without fear of it (breaking) walking to and from a store parking lot fitting into a reg bathroom stall without using the handicap or turning sideways a woman's time of month...easier access (no other words needed) smaller clothes and able to buy in stores in person and not online clothes are no longer loud/circus colors (why do clothes markers make obese/fat woman clothes so loud?) wearing button up jeans wearing a skirt that zips (and not having to wear elastic) weighing less than my ole man (what a feeling that is) knowing i can get up and go somewhere as my legs/knees will work lower back pain nearly GONE completely fitting in a movie theater seat with room to spare crossing legs (WOWsie moment there) the list goes on and on.........what are some of yours??
  6. ☠carolinagirl☠

    YES.......It is true

    There will always be tomorrow morning. The only difference between one day and the next is what you decide to do with it. What you do does make a difference, too. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time, and even if you seem to be headed away from your goals rather than toward them, you are the most important actor in your life. Every day we make choices. Every evening as we get ready for bed, we are the consequences of the day’s choices. The final choice we make at the end of the day is to either give up, especially after a discouraging experience, or to rededicate yourself to your path starting the next morning.
  7. your TO do today: remember to eat slow...enjoy the TASTE

  8. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Weight loss plateau! HELP!

    are your clothes getting looser or too big? if so, you are losing even if the scales doesnt show it yet stay the course, continue doing what you do and it will eventually (inches lost are true signs of weight loss) sounds like you are doing great to me.
  9. your TO do today: eat breakfast

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      We all need this reminder @carolinagirl!!!

  10. ☠carolinagirl☠

    VIP Member Check In

    I am 49 and live in the tarheel state of NC i have been married to my hub almost 31 years we have a 24 yr old son and a 3 yr old granddaugher our son in stationed in england with the air force we just acquired a 7 month old red doberman after losing our Kabo a month ago hub/me ride harleys on weekends and like to be outside we like rock music, tattoos and movies kinda boring but we are whom we are
  11. Every day we make choices.

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      Yah, like last night...Days and days without anything sweet and last night I ate cookies...I'm such a dumb cluck! :(

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      Yes, we do. Some good, some not so good. Hopefully we're all making mostly good choices.

      Your pics are great! You're looking wonderful!!!

  12. i am with @parrishel, any pain is not good uncomfortable however could be a sign of (eating too fast/too much/need to burp) but def not pain
  13. ☠carolinagirl☠

    I wish I knew.....

    I am glad my dr told me it was ok to use Imodium AD liquids in mean liquid out (both pre and post op)
  14. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Good vs. Bad

    right on lizzie no food is good or bad.... just like no WLS is better than the other i do not read threads where people are on their scales every 5 min and spazzing over .23 oz gained and how (bad) they see themselves unless one can use the scale as a guide and not a (device) i know for a fact that clothes getting too big are a true sign of weight loss in other words, inches lost mean true weight loss people must learn to realize what makes one overweight..eating too many calories and not burning them off..i had my WLS of choice to help me not eat so much...up to me to choose what to eat...sometimes its good and sometimes its not so good... i am like you..living/enjoying life healthier and able to walk... to me, that is what is good
  15. Every day we make choices.

  16. ☠carolinagirl☠

    my journey with restriction

    Jeannie I love you 4ever ♥
  17. ☠carolinagirl☠

    5 days post op

    after surgery, the inside is healing..testing waters is and could be dangerous. why chance it just after having WLS?? please dont. immediately get back to the liquid and then soft phases as your doctor advised for best results and continue to follow their instructions. and i dont mean to sound mean/nasty, but what would your doctor say if you asked him/her? i bet they'd say what i just wrote...call and ask them hang in there you only just begun
  18. stumble? ...get up and keep on going

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      Dang what if you have a charlie horse?! Those have been driving me crazy this last week!!! But I'm still going :)

    3. enjoythetime


      Carolinagirl, I haven't been on in a while and I so needed to hear this today! Thank you!!!!!

  19. “Always focus on your effort, instead of the results of that effort.”

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      That's a great thought for a monday morning! Thanks!

    3. <3 Carolina Girl <3

      <3 Carolina Girl <3

      I need to remember this...thanks for the motivation.


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      Words to live by. How're doing my friend? Thinking about you and the ole man often.

  20. several things... hard to walk couldnt stand for more than 5 min as my legs/knees hurt so bad couldnt wipe my butt after going to bathroom hub had to put my socks on wearing a size 5x skirt and wonder do they come bigger and the most important thing...my son saying i was to be a grandmother....
  21. ☠carolinagirl☠


    here is an idea.... put on some clothes you wore at surgery...and if they are getting kinda on the big side well, you know that you are losing weight....its hard but do try not to live/die by the scale. if you are losing inches aka actual weight, the clothes won't lie. i am sure you are doing great if you follow the dr's advice and instructions, you are doing well
  22. click here to see story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3098288/Fashion-label-Lilly-Pulitzer-slammed-customers-images-taken-inside-company-s-office-reveal-fat-shaming-cartoons-posted-walls.html I found this article on a website and the link above has a picture of this clothing designers office with a couple of pictures showing fat woman and some comments next to the pictures.. its no wonder women of size dont like to shop at stores...i myself at my highest had to buy clothes online...one because i was too big to park in parking lot and walk into the store much less stand for 5 minutes.......and two it was easier to not have people looking at the fat lady women, if you are a large person (i am now and will forever see myself as large) try NOT to let things like this get to you. WE are beautiful no matter what size we are. i myself struggle with this every day at work..the women i work with are smaller than me, most are way younger and well, i spend time wishing i could be them..in my mind, if i was thin (or whatever my fat mind thinks) things would be perfect…world peace, i would be happy….well we know that is a load of crap dont we? what matters is the INSIDE the outside matters in regards to our health…it is best to not weigh a lot to be healthier yes but we should not be punished or judged for the number on the scale or the size of the tag on our britches..but i am guilty as charged with thinking the outside only matters. it is what my mom thought and said for my young life and def made me have a warped thinking process right out of the gate… so today…..look in the mirror and go you sexy thing…no matter what the scale says or your pants or skirt size say…so the f**k what…you are SEXY and you are GORGEOUS right now..yes you are
  23. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Hunger and Satiety Scale

    found this at my dr's office yesterday thought i'd share
  24. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Here is my TV Commercial--update

    some of you know the local news and my dr's office asked me to do a commercial..they have approved the footage and i am sharing with you....cant believe i am but i am..with my ole man and kabo the doberman
  25. ☠carolinagirl☠

    Here is my TV Commercial--update

    that funny.....me awesome LOL as long as you love me, well then i be okay