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    Can You Tell Me Your Favorite Meals!!!

    Congrats for off..... I'm a year post op, to be exact, today is my 1 yr bandiversary!! :-D I'm only down 60 lbs but my life couldn't be better!! I have a couple favorites. There are many things I can not eat at all anymore. Bread is very hard... wraps, steak any dry meats, those are all rough. I don't know if you have a Sam's Club in your area but I always get the Parmesean Crusted Tilapia already made. It's almost 30 grams of protein per filet. YUMMY! Another favorite is Tablouli. Most people don't know what that is but it's absolutley delicious and sooo healthy! Just aski for it in any grocery store. Anything in a crockpot.. that all goes down east it seems. Soups, just watch the sodium content. I aim for under 1000 mg a day. For snacks I'll eat turkey perperoni w low fat or fat free cheese and triscuits. My absolute fav for snacking, which I never seem to get tired of is sliced strawberries and bananas with low fat or fat free whipped cream. you can also throw in some bluberries, grapes, rasberries... ect. Just be careful with fruits that have skin on them. (blueberries, peaches...) Just an FYI, it will take you a while to be able to feel restriction. It took me a good 3 or 4 fills to really be able to feel anything. Heck, I'm a yr out and I still havnt reached that sweet spot. However long youre on a liquid diet remember to stay strong. That was so mentally tough for me. Stay strong and don't give up. Lap Band is not the answer to becoming skinny.. it's a change of life. You will reroute your entire life to becoming healthy! Good Luck and remember, we are your banded family! <3 Lots of Love and Prayers! -Ronni P.S sorry for the novel! just told you what i wish i knew back then.
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    pink dahlia

    Funny Weight Loss Moment!

    congrats on the hilarious story ! you might want to get some new clothes NOW, before everything falls down in a public place before you can hike them up ! can you imagine the headlines ? " local woman exposes herself in walmart parking lot, blames it on something called "lap band !!" "pictures at 11 !!" congrats !!
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    Is A 5 Pound Gain Possible?

    In order to TRUELY gain 5 lbs you'd have to eat 17,500 calories OVER your maintenance calories. Did you? Very highly unlikely. So it was not a true gain. It was probably water retention.
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    In the 13 months I have been banded, I have never really had that full feeling. To me, it is more a lack of interest in food. Even when I am eating a meal, I usually just stop because I'm not interested, I'm not enjoying it, or something like that.
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    Yes Bert...I feel the same way! I've been on an emotional roller-coast since my surgery. Thank God there are so many people willing to share their stories and offer help and support! Good luck and blessings to you!
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    Yes...when you're healed and don't hurt and it's once again comforable for you, yes, you can sleep on your tummy
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    OK...I have to just make a correction to this....letting the soda sit for 15 mins does NOT get the calories out (although that would be a fantastic concept...just let your food sit for 15 mins and its calorie free...oh wouldnt that be wonderful!!!)
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    Pre Op Diet Help!

    I agree with the others, stick with what your doctor told you. Unless the guy working at the nutrition store moonlights as a Bariatric Surgeon during his off hours, he's not the expert, your doctor is.
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    Help Could I Be Stuck?!

    I am glad to hear you called your surgeon, that is what we pay them for! I do hope you are feeling better now. Sometimes when I feel the inkling of stuck, if I stop eating immediately, I'll just feel pain for a while. I won't throw up and I can swallow my spit. It will eventually work its way down. Also, after a stuck episode, there is often swelling, so take it very easy.
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    Congratulations! I know it is an ordeal going through the surgery but you made it!! You are really on your way now!!

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