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  1. *****UPDATE****** feb 2nd, 2012 i now have a leak & a stent was placed in. feeling horrible!!! the below post is the least of my worries now! im going crazy.. i was sleeved dec 20th. everything was ok until maybe a week after coming home from the hospital. i realized that i was extremely exhausted and always felt faint. it didnt really start hitting me hard until last week. everyone keeps telling me that it will get better but it feels like its getting worse! i keep trying to "stay positive" but how much more of this can i take? i want to feel normal again!!!! i noticed that when i walk, im like dragging my feet. im so weak and faint. almost like my thighs might just give out. i also have excessive gas which i think is making me really nauseous. the burps are just crazy. i cant eat or sip without burping.. then it wont stop until i take some gas x chewables. i live off those chewables. as far as shakes, i cant tolerate them. ive tried so many different ones & i throw them up. they absolutely repulse me! i do eat but i have to be "in the mood" to eat whatever is in front of me or i will just throw it up. my stomach is extremely weak! i cant even tolerate Soups. they turn my stomach too. i called my surgeon & told him how im feeling & he told me im dehydrated. told me to get on gatorade for a week & see how i feel then. im going in thursday morning to see the nurse practioner. the gas & the gatorade mixed is making me very nauseous. i take 20mg of prilosec in the morning, 2- Multivitamins & 1- B12. im so so so so so so tired of this! i truly regret surgery. i never thought id feel like this but i do.
  2. i was sleeved dec 20th & i burp CONSTANTLY! its not painful but its friggin annoying! when does it stop? i take prilosec every morning & i take gas x strips as needed. help!
  3. im scheduled to be sleeved on december 20th! i weighed myself yesterday & i am down 15lbs! this 2 week diet is hard but i guess it truly has been teaching me self control. lord knows i want to rub to the cheesecake factory but thats all in my mind because my stomach isnt asking for it. lol. HOW MUCH WEIGHT DID YOU LOSE???
  4. after 11.5yrs of trying & having pcos, i finally conceived in june 2013. i was sleeved dec 20, 2011. i lost 143lbs & was weighing 130lbs when i conceived.
  5. thank youu!!! there is agroup but not many posters on it. i remember visiting it often praying i could be on it one day lol
  6. hey guys! im not sure if any veterans still get on here or not but some of you may remember me from my horror experience with my leak. if you never heard of me, you can go to the complications section of this site & read the post "i definitely regret surgery..... so far!" well, let me start off by saying that i no longer regret surgery! took me almost 2yrs to be able to say that but its true! i was sleeved dec 20th, 2011 this surgery almost took my life but at the sametime, its given me life & now im able to give life to my beautiful baby girl. i wouldve never conceived had i not lost all the weight. i started off at 273lbs & im only 5'1. before pregnancy, i went down to 130lbs. i am now 145lbs & very happy, comfortable & secure with gaining the weight. if anything, i felt way too small at 130lbs so i was excited about some of the weight gain. baby girl is due 03.18.14 & i cant wait to hold my baby in my arms. <3
  7. hello my love! how are things with you? i pray all is well. im so excited about my little baby girl. jasleeve jr lol. her names going to be jasnelle only 18wks to go!
  8. UPDATE! hey guys! its been a while. i look back at my journey & sometimes it can seem like such a distant memory but other times, it seems like just yesterday, i was begging god to save me. the title of this post is "i definitely regret surgery.... so far" but to be honest, i no longer regret it. surgery has given me such a beaaaaautiful gift. im now 22wks pregnant with my baby girl. had i not had this surgery, i wouldve never been blessed with such a miracle. this surgery nearly took my life but it has also given me life & now im giving my baby girl life.
  9. thank you for taking the time to read my story. i know its a lot. boy was there a lot of pain i went through but i thank god i did it because i wouldnt be pregnant now. everything happens for a reason. god bless u!
  10. jasleeve

    Gestational diabetes test NIGHTMARE!

    im terrified of this test. i was told about it today & im so upset i have to do it. i know ill be sick
  11. i cant believe it. i suffered from PCOS and havent gotten pregnant til now, the old fashion way without trying. i am down 140lbs. hopefully, i will remain healthy and continue being healthy with gaining a healthy amount of weight without blowing up. wish me luck!
  12. aw!!!! its so amazing but scary! i cant help but be so paranoid. i cant wait to hit 3months!
  13. i cant believe it. i suffered from PCOS and havent gotten pregnant til now, the old fashion way without trying. i am down 140lbs. hopefully, i will remain healthy and continue being healthy with gaining a healthy amount of weight without blowing up. wish me luck!
  14. thank you everyone! i greatly appreciate it. today i had a lil scare. began spotting & rushed to the er (i happen to be at the hospital already visiting the bariatric center). they said everythings ok & i got to see my lil peanut. & i heard HER heart beat. it was music to my ears. IMA BE A MOMMY!!!!
  15. this made me smile and laugh!!! thank you <3

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