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On 7/3/2020 at 6:06 PM, lessismore1001 said:

i Haven't been in here for a long time but wanted to respond to this post.

Firstly, I am no angel in the eating department but have found that the more fat I eat, the more I fart and they stink. When I keep the fat in my day lower, it is 100% more controlled. Fat also has a tremendous effect on poo. It tends to pass right thru so the more fat you eat, the more runny and stinky the poo.

Don't get me wrong. The poo smell is revolting but I find the better I eat, say with a lot of vegetables in the day, I'm in a much better position.

I eat dairy but too much makes me extremely gassy. So if I want an ice cream or frozen yogurt, I'll follow the first spoon with a chaser of lactaid tablet!

With almost zero fat in my diet since friday I think it smells more than ever😂 It might have something to do with that for the first time in my journey I am constipated after being stuffed with morfin for 3 days - but it is like a machine, can't control the farting 🤣

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