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Duodenal Switch after Gastric Sleeve

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Hey there fellow bariatric pals. I am looking for advice or anyone with similar experience.

I have GS March 2014 with top weight of 250 at 5'6" BMI 41.

I lost about 55 lbs which my lowest weight has never exceeded about 185. (Goal weight about 165)

So, at this time, I have gained back some weight and am at 200 lbs. So about 15 lbs back again.

My doctor recommended perhaps having the Duodenal Switch/Revision to continue to take more weight off.

But, I really only need to lose about 30-35 lbs. I am afraid that I will get under 160 lbs and be too thin.

Has anyone had the DS after the sleeve? Still researching and trying to make the best decision.

Thanks to all for your time to read and comment.


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A lot of us have had the DS (or simpler SIPS) after re-gaining with the sleeve.... more that I expected when I first joined these forums.

On positive side, most of us found the recovery to be a breeze compared to the sleeve procedure. Also, I have read a few posts from people complaining about lengthy stalls, but almost zero stories of regain. This thing absolutely works!

On negative side, you will have to get used to some significant, potentially embarrassing, life-style changes - most of which revolve around the restroom - that will be with you the rest of you life; much more life altering than either lap band or sleeve. As someone going through this, I say it's 100% worth it, but be forewarned.

If cost is a factor and you live in an expensive state like California or New york, consider going out of state. I'm from California, and was able to save 10k to 15k by having the procedure done in Vegas. Texas is lower cost as well.

DS does seem a little extreme to just lose 35lbs. But if you want to lose it and keep it off forever, it's something to consider. With DS, there is something called the "common channel" which depending on it's length, can somewhat control the total amount of weight you will lose. The longer the channel, the more nutrients you retain. And like my surgeon said, if you find yourself too skinny, eat more cheese burgers!

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