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    I had stage 2 (lipo) done today. I'm feeling good. The leftover Percocet from stage 1 is a blessing. Dr. gave ok to use it instead of the typical prescribed Vicodin. I will probably have a small amount of loose skin on the thigh gap and love handle areas but nothing that a tiny nip/tuck won't take care of. I'll post pictures in a couple of months when most of the swelling is gone. As far as the TT recovery (7 wpo), I can now ride my bike; cough/sneeze/laugh without tearing up; but still no heavy lifting. I consider house cleaning heavy lifting (wink,wink) so I guess hubby will have several more weeks of maid duty. I was still wearing a compress garment 23 hours a day even though I don't have to wear it more than 12 hours. Dr. said the longer the better and I don't mind it since it's not summer yet. Now I'm back to wearing it 24/7. Dr. said plan on the scar revision this fall and my scar is healing nicely.
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    I am just beginning this process. I am required to do 4 months of dietary sessions with my primary. We have actually been doing this since I got on prednisone. I keep blowing up. 109 lbs in 11 mths with a 1000calorie or less diet. I have 2 lung diseases and RA so I will be on some dose of prednisone for the rest of my life. I am working on a taper down. I am hoping to get down to 5mg? I think 10 mg is going to be my magic number, unfortunately so my battle will be forever but getting all this weight off now is going to be a good thing. I am at a point where I can barely walk anywhere without my O2 dropping down in the low 80s. I am on oxygen 24/7. My risk of a cardiac event is alarming. This is the main reason why my dr wanted me to have the sleeve surgery. I want to get rid of the type 1 diabetes that prednisone threw me into after my SECOND dose! I have already started a scheduled meal day and cut my portions down to child size(I 1use a kids plate and utensils). I sub one meal with a protein shake. I will graduate to 2 shakes closer to surgery pre-op. I am really concerned about my support system. My husband already does most of the housework. I cook when I feel up to it. Maybe 3-4 times a week. However, he works nights so that he can take me to dr appts. Well, he sleeps ALL DAY LONG. From 9ish until 7 pm at night. He says he can't function without 10 full hours of sleep. On his days off, he sleeps all day and most of the night. He says he has to catch up. He is exhausted and sore. I don't know if I can manage by myself post-op. My son lives in the same town but he has work and such, I am sure he would come to help for a few days. My daughter lives in Florida. She has 3 kids. When I asked if she would come for the surgery since I am high-risk with my lungs, she said that my youngest 2 grandchildren's birthdays are near the time I will be scheduled. Could I plan it some other time? I was devastated that she said that. My Pulmonologist said I have over a 65% chance of not waking up(my risk of a cardiac event if I don't have surgery, is 100%). So, I am not sure how much help I am going to need after surgery. I know everyone is different but, can I do things on my own? I even have 4 dogs to take out all day. One on a leash. Please tell me I will be ok?
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    Hey again, I was just wondering what are some great exercises after surgery also, what are some great glute exercises I suffer from a square bum aka H shape butt so I was just wondering what are some great booty exercises to make my bum rounder and fuller and, what are some other great exercises after surgery?
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    The way we were taught is to walk across the floor on your butt, So hands and feet up in the air and off you go, one cheek then the other. My husband calls it butt scuttling. Lots of stairs are good too
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    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    To gabbykittyvsg- my kitty Kiki and I wish you all the best! You’re in my prayers!!!
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    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    The final countdowns have begun for me. After 5pm only clear liquids, at 6pm I'll call the scheduling line and get my arrival time, then I'll take a shower with the special soap and put the nausea patch on. Then it's chill time with my kitties until we go to bed. I need to wake up about 2.5 hours before arrival time to drink a 20 ounce full sugar Gatorade then take another special soap shower. Sent from my Z6201V using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Meg, beautifully stated. My big day is tomorrow o also am filled with a million emotions today….. I wish you all the best in your journey. I am just finishing my preop. I don’t think I cheated other than an extra ounce here or there of fish. I figure I’m going through all this don’t cheat! I’m already down almost 17 pounds in two weeks. I feel like one of my belts is gone. I’m very nervous about anesthesia due to my apnea … but once the surgery is over I can tackle the next obstacle… one at a time. Lots of xo to everyone going in March!
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    March 2022 Surgery Buddies

    MARCH 21ST HERE!!! Super pumped up and ready.🤩 My pre-op diet starts on the 11th, but that falls on a Friday so I think I am going to start it sooner. I have always felt like sticking with diets, or healthy eating over the weekends is harder so I feel this will be the same. I think starting during the week and getting into a groove before hitting the weekend will be beneficial for me. Good luck to all of us!
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    I started my pre op diet last Wednesday...it's going pretty good so far. Yesterday was hard though. I think I have heard of the food binge prior to starting as a "food funeral". I definitely attended that funeral LOL!
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    February 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Hey all had my surgery 2/8/22 just trying to see where everyone is at I started at 358 today I’m down 25lbs at 333

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