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  1. 150 grams of protein is only 600 calories. You need to eat the correct amount of protein so the weight you do loose is mostly fat and not muscle. Also protein keeps you satisfied longer so you shouldn't be hungry quickly after eating. My biggest suggestion is not to second guess your dietician, surgeon, etc. Not to be harsh but what you have been doing apparently hasn't worked or you would not need WLS. In order for WLS to be successful, you will have to stop making excuses and follow the plan. WLS is not easy or a quick fix. It is just a tool. You and only you will still have to work hard. Whoever says it is easy hasn't done it! You CAN be successful just like so many others on this site.
  2. I've noticed wrong information (excess vs total body weight) being stated regarding ESG weight loss. The following is from the doctor who performed my ESG procedure. "On average, patients who proceed with ESG will have lost about 20% of total body weight one year after the procedure. Because of how ESG contributes to helping change overeating habits, many patients lose over 70% of their excess body weight over the long term." I achieved a 30% total body weight loss (lowest weight at 9 months post procedure). However, I'm maintaining a 25% total body weight loss at 2 years out.
  3. Toesinthewater

    Day 21 ESG

    I'm doing good. My lowest weight was 135 (60 pound loss). I tend to hover between 140 and 145 pounds. I still struggle with evening snacking. I'm still able to eat multiple "snacks" over the course of an evening due to head hunger/old habits.
  4. Toesinthewater

    ESG Expected Weight Loss

    I just noted a couple of posts that stated a 20% loss in EXCESS weight when it actually is a 20% loss in TOTAL weight.
  5. Just the lateral one unless you have a ton of skin above your belly button. I had muscle repair with my tummy tuck. I'm still quite swollen in the picture. My scar is high (planned) and I will be having scar revision to lower it.
  6. Toesinthewater

    Feeling kind of devastated…

    I just had PS (tummy tuck) and the most valuable thing my surgeon said was to expect some level of depression/regret and most importantly to be patient. It's takes months to fully recover and see the final results. Hang in there.
  7. I had stage 2 (lipo) done today. I'm feeling good. The leftover Percocet from stage 1 is a blessing. Dr. gave ok to use it instead of the typical prescribed Vicodin. I will probably have a small amount of loose skin on the thigh gap and love handle areas but nothing that a tiny nip/tuck won't take care of. I'll post pictures in a couple of months when most of the swelling is gone. As far as the TT recovery (7 wpo), I can now ride my bike; cough/sneeze/laugh without tearing up; but still no heavy lifting. I consider house cleaning heavy lifting (wink,wink) so I guess hubby will have several more weeks of maid duty. I was still wearing a compress garment 23 hours a day even though I don't have to wear it more than 12 hours. Dr. said the longer the better and I don't mind it since it's not summer yet. Now I'm back to wearing it 24/7. Dr. said plan on the scar revision this fall and my scar is healing nicely.
  8. Toesinthewater

    Another Tummy Tuck Experience

    I looked into going to Miami, FL (Dr. Alex Earle) because of cost but when I took into account all the additional expenses needed for travel (airfares, lodging, food, Uber/taxi) plus my husband was not thrilled once he did research on the possible complications (necrosis, DVT, infection, seroma, hematoma), I went to a local surgeon. TT: $10,700 Lipo (knees, thighs, saddle bags, flanks): $5,600 Even though it was more than I had estimated ($15k), I'm glad I went with a local surgeon because I did have a couple of minor complications (small hematoma and a suture knot that needed to be trimmed).

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