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  1. I know most folks here can relate - I'm well over a year out and these last 10lbs to my "real" goal are just killing me. I jump back on the bandwagon for a week or so and lose 2-3 lbs and then gain them back for no apparent reason (other than hormones and such) which of course puts me in a mood to just give up and go back to normal maintenance... then again, lose/gain the same 2-3 lbs over the next few weeks. Particularly when everyone is commenting on how great you look and "WOW, you are killing it, you look smaller every time I see you." No dammit - I want to lose at least another 10-20 lbs... I know what I need to do, just can't seem to get in the right headspace for more than a week or two.
  2. @BlondePatriotinCDA, oh how I wish it was muscle! It's fat.... It's crappy diet and laziness - hence the reason I'm back to the forum for accountability. I haven't posted in about a year and funny that this was at the top of the rants and raves. Thank you for the response and personally for me, the reality check. I'm up about 5lbs (consistently over weeks), so I definitely know it's not hormones and I KNOW I have to get back to basics. So what do we do in these situations? Log in regularly, track what you eat (so you can't rationalize poor diet), and look at pictures of yourself when you were obese. I NEVER want to go back to painful joints, embarassing pictures, and not being able to buy clothing from pretty much anywhere I wanted (Oh, and I spent a fortune on new clothes so I don't want to go through that either!). Thanks to all here for being a sounding board and reminding me of WHY.
  3. Strange, I’ve been having the same issue lately. Blood work good, surgery in 2020. At first it was just dizziness when standing, but took my first hard fall earlier this week.
  4. MandoGetsSleeved

    How to survive company workshops?

    I'm gonna go old school - Take your shakes/protein water and don't worry about it. If you're comfortable telling folks about the surgery, my experience at work events was that everyone was really cool with it and often went out of their way to accomodate me (not pushing food or making it awkward when I wasn't eating).
  5. MandoGetsSleeved

    day 1 of soft foods

    Super easy - A bit of Mayo, some mustard and stir it up. Once you're on solids add some chopped up pickle (wait for this for now) and/or jalepeno if you like spicy.
  6. MandoGetsSleeved

    Did I screw up lol

    Agreed with everyone else. Eating out in the beginning is especially tough to make "good" choices. As Catwoman said, some folks tolerate spices more than others. I would offer some advice to proceed with caution on some things just because you don't know how YOUR body will tolerate things in the beginning (spices, milk based sauces, etc). I've had to make some uh.....quick exits when I got stupid and tried something in public for the first time that just didn't agree with my um.... gastrointestinal system.
  7. MandoGetsSleeved

    Weight loss starts when?

    Weight gain is normal from all the IV fluids. Drink as much water/liquids (as your program advises) and walk walk walk. This will help with any pain and get your body back in whack.
  8. MandoGetsSleeved


  9. MandoGetsSleeved

    No Caffeine

    Not sure I understand what you're saying? I guess my point was that I drink quite a bit of caffeine daily and it's had no negative effect on me.
  10. Not sure your feelings on therapy, so here's what I do/did when falling of the wagon early on - First, forgive yourself - Each day is a new day and you damn sure can't change the past. Tomorrow morning, get up. weigh, track, measure - Hell, skip the weigh part, it's probably screwing with your head since you're losing weight. Track and measure. Track EVERYTHING. You're going to fail a few more times, make the next day a new day, don't let it last a week or a month. - If it were easy, we wouldn't need the surgery to help us.
  11. MandoGetsSleeved

    After surgery am I doomed to a life of throwing up???

    As many have said - I'm about 18 months out and I've thrown up once... about 2 months post op and first starting solid food. I ate some pork (less than 3oz) and promptly thought I was going to die - Threw up and I was fine again. Haven't thrown up since. In the early stages I followed the plan pretty closely, can now eat pretty much whatever I want (in small quantities) and the best decision I've ever made for myself.
  12. MandoGetsSleeved


    Sleever here - I can eat bacon with no issues (but I limit to 1-2 pieces when I do)
  13. I just thought it was ironic that one of the reasons I had the surgery was to be able to walk more comfortably!
  14. MandoGetsSleeved

    Need massive help

    @Octalmist37 - I can COMPLETELY relate to the mind set part. I'm only a year out, but regain is a HUGE fear as I've progressed through this adventure. My thoughts - be brutally honest with yourself and do whatever motivates YOU to get back on track. For me, it's shame - I HAVE to weigh myself daily. Otherwise I tend to play mind games on myself (my clothes still fit, so I must be fine, right?) - Yeah, **** stretches! Another thing I tried (that really did NOT work) was to "allow" myself 5 lbs gain - Nope, too easy to let those 5 become 10. So, my advice for you is really to just suck it up, realized you screwed up, and get back to basics - One day at a time. If you screw up one day, just start over the next. Don't let it turn into a bender.
  15. MandoGetsSleeved

    The Beauty Premium

    Interesting article - Thank you. I think for many people obesity CAN and DOES affect income. I have to ask "why" though in many cases. Is it because we were perceived as "fat and lazy" or is it because others do? Let's face it - When you're obese, you often DON'T have the energy or stamina to keep up with someone else who's fit. The other side of that, when you're obese in the workforce, you may try harder so that you're recognized for your work vs. your size. As someone who fell into both of the above categories. I have been successful at work over the years by proving that I could take on just about anything thrown at me. On the other hand, I know there are opportunities that I've missed because of my weight/size. For a period of time, I thought I would like to be on the demo team at work, but self-realized that wasn't a possibility because: 1 - I'm not sure I could physically keep up with other team members, and 2 - I would have looked like &#*% in the "uniform" (everyone matched on demo days). Honestly, I never even applied for the position. Alternately, I proved myself elsewhere and I have risen in the company to a senior management position. Perhaps it would have been sooner had I been thin? I really don't know. Now, as a normal sized person, I do see more opportunities at work, but I believe that's MY confidence rather than what some would perceive as discrimination. One thing I think that happens is that in life, many people are beat up for being overweight and lack self-esteem. They use weight as an excuse to be disappointed rather than just going for it. When I say "excuse", please don't take that as an insult. So many overweight people have food issues because of crappy lives and it's the one thing they CAN control. It's a vicious circle and in no way meant as criticism. I was lucky - I have an amazing and supportive family so my issue was simply that I love food - It wasn't a coping mechanism. I feel like that is the reason my income wasn't directly assoicated with my weight.
  16. MandoGetsSleeved

    Today I Hit My Biggest Goal to Date

    Congrats! Onederland is one of the greatest feelings in the world for many of us!!
  17. MandoGetsSleeved

    Was this a mistake?

    As some others have said, if you're still having surgical pain, you should probably contact your doctor. We're all different, but for most, the surgical pain goes away pretty quickly (I never had to take a pain pill after leaving the hospital). With regards to eating and drinking - Yeah, the liquid phase seems like it's MONTHS and at first you feel like you'll never be able to eat/drink normally again. Part of that is true...you'll never be able to eat the portions you once could. We're all different, but after a few months, there are very few things that I couldn't eat or drink. After about a month, I was able to swallow fairly large gulps and can finish a bottle of water in <5 minutes if I'm really thirsty without any pain or discomfort. A few words of advice - When you do start eating purees and then solids - Go slowly - If you eat too fast, it can be miserable. You're probably going to do it.... seems like we all do... If you eat something that doesn't settle well with you, hang in there and try it again in a few weeks.
  18. MandoGetsSleeved

    Can someone remind me?

    Here's what I found: https://www.upmc.com/services/bariatrics/surgery-process/post-surgery/diet/soft After Bariatric Surgery - Suggested Food Ideas for Adaptive or Soft Diet Protein Sources All varieties of fish and shellfish Turkey breast or chicken breast (chopped, white meat) Low fat deli lunchmeats Sliced or grated low fat cheese (5 grams of fat or less) Hard boiled or poached eggs Soups (dilute with skim milk or add finely minced meats) Grains/starches Hot cereals Unsweetened cereals softened in skim milk Baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, or yams Boiled pasta, noodles, or white rice Fruits/vegetables Canned fruit (in own juices or water packed) Soft, fresh fruit without skins (apples, pears, peaches) Bananas Cooked or canned vegetables Avoid raw, fibrous vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Avoid skins and seeds.
  19. MandoGetsSleeved

    1 Year In - My story

    Just wanting to share my story and current status at 1 year in. I started the journey in June of 2020 after considering it for years. Having surgery was something that was in the back of my mind for years. I have a co-worker/friend who had gastric bypass about 3 years before me and quite honestly, she is the reason I ended up taking the plunge - Gastric Sleeve was the best choice for ME. Watching her journey and seeing her success motivated me. I appreciated the fact that she was willing to share her experiences both positive and negative. Prior to my meeting with the surgeon, she gave me a ton of insight on what to expect with both positives and negatives. Physically, I knew I was ready for a change. I needed to make sure I was also mentally ready for the change. I WAS! I started with a BMI > 40. I'm currently 80% complete towards my goal. I hoped that I would be at goal by now, but I'm ok that I'm not. Much of that is based on decisions that I've made with regards to how/what I eat and drink. I WILL get these last 20 off and hopefully another 10. I don't know how long it will take, and at this point, I'm not overly concerned if it takes another year. What's my life like now? I can move better,I can buy clothes anywhere, I'm confortable in my own skin (loose that it is!), and I have a newfound confidence in most everything that I do. I eat pretty much anything I want - Just in much smaller quantities. I've been lucky - So far, there's nothing that really upsets my stomach or makes me sick unless I eat too much (has only happened a couple of times). I drink alcohol when I want it - Some weeks I may have a drink or two a day, and then other times, I'll go weeks without a drink. Again, I'm ok with that - it works for me. Some weeks I gain, some weeks I lose. I've been horrible about tracking - However, if I see a gain, I start back just so that I become aware of exactly what is causing it. Again, OK with that. I DO get on the scale often. It works for me. Keeps me accountable. Every once in awhile I get frustrated with the restrictions (OMG, I ordered veal piccata the other day and it was AMAZING - I wished I could eat the whole darned thing at one sitting!!) - However, I choose to look at the upside now on this one - I ate it for 3 days!. Good food choice: NOPE - Worth it: YEP! For those just starting the journey, it isn't always easy - it isn't always fun. For ME, it's the best decision I've ever made for myself. It's definitely not a quick fix and I would encourage anyone who is using food as a coping mechanism to really look deep before you take the plunge. This surgery certainly doesn't "fix" anything like that. it's a tool (and a great one, but remember, the change is only to your stomach, not your brain) - I happen to be one of those people who just loves food, cooking, and the social aspect of it. Having the surgery has allowed me to continue that and still keep me in check with smaller portions. Hope this gives folks some insight into what CAN happen. We're all different and will have different experiences.
  20. MandoGetsSleeved


    Being able to walk into a store and buy “normal” sized clothes!! Still a long way to go, but I’ll take these size 14s from a 24!!
  21. Great reminder to keep up with everything and it's possible to get back on track!
  22. MandoGetsSleeved

    Post-op Portions help (1 month out)

    Katherine, We're all different in what we can/cannot eat and what our metabolism is. The best advice you can get will definitely be from your doctor. Losing 28lbs in 4 weeks is AMAZING! One thing you will see on this board sometimes is "contests" on who can and does eat the least. One of the hardest things is to keep from comparing yourself to someone else (trust me... we all do it!). Personally, I've lost about 80lbs since August (somewhat of a slow loser) - BUT, I am a LOSER. I'm eating at a pace that I can live with for the rest of my life (or at least it feels that way now). If you're comfortable and you're losing (stalls happen - Just part of the process) and your doctor is happy and your bloodwork is good - Just roll with it and enjoy the journey. A
  23. MandoGetsSleeved

    Stomach Gurgling

    Yup - ALL THE TIME... Doesn't matter if I've eaten, what I've eaten, when I've eaten... etc.... I tell myself it's the beast churning and burning!
  24. MandoGetsSleeved

    ONDERLAND!!!! and NSV's

    HAHA! Hard to do more than one island these days - SO MANY quarantine rules. This trip will be to Oahu since the hubs has never been there, plus they have the most things open. And not quite ready to rock the suit solo yet, but... I definitely intend on rocking the shorts and t-shirts and get the heck out of this cold weather!! thank you all for the kind comments.

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