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    Wth have I done to myself panic…

    WLS is NOT the lazy easy way out. Get that out of your head. It's not a miracle cure. It's only a tool. You still have to do all the hard work. Second, it's only been a week. The surgery released hormones in your body and you're second-guessing what you did. You're healing. Life is changing. It's all normal to feel this way. Talk to the counselor at your surgeon's office and deal with some of these issues.
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    Disappointed Surgeons

    My surgeon was nothing but supportive. She never chastised me for not reaching goal but encouraged me to keep trying lose another 20 pounds. She understood when I gained COVID weight. But as for you . . . you're still healing from the surgery. Your body is stall adapting and adjusting. You are about to hit a stall, by the way, just to let you know that everyone stalls starting somewhere between Weeks 3 and 5. Be kind to yourself. Don't let any negativity on the office staff's part get you down. You are on a journey. Good luck!
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    yes - not all surgeons require the two-week liquid diet. Consider yourself lucky...
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    Interesting! This is the only thing on which I have defied my nutritionist. She is adamant that breakfast is a big part of the eating plan, I am adamant that I have never eaten it and never will. The fight continues...
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    I'll definitely have to try that variety pack for my low carb diet before surgery! Get a feel for what I like more. I shop at Sam's club and they have cases of the premier shakes but I don't want to commit to anything in bulk until I know what works after surgery.
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    OMG, I ended up with Covid in my second week, I know how you feel about being set back. My incisions and stomach started hurting again when I had covid and still aren't great now. I don't end isolation for another few days.
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    Okay, so it's been two full weeks on the WW program and I've lost 3 pounds. I'm happy with that rate of loss and feel like it'll increase now that I'm transitioned fully from a no-carb diet to a more well-rounded diet as there would have been a period where I would have gained weight when reintroducing carbs. Overall it's easy to do, kinda fun to track and measure and explore. Plus you can't beat the variety of foods you're allowed to have. Anybody else doing WW?
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    Do hiccups mean anything?

    I also get hiccups now when I'm full. I can't tell if it's because I've eaten too fast because, well, I think I always eat too fast. I also burp more now, which is funny because I don't drink much soda, which I used to drink a LOT of (my program says you can have carbonated beverages after 4 weeks, so I drink some diet soda, but very slowly).
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    Favorite Grocery Products

    I love most flavors of Greek yogurt, but my absolute fave is this Caramel Apple Pie yogurt. Has chunks of baked apple in it and it really hits the spot!!
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    January 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Oh no! I’m so sorry you have to wait longer. Hopefully your surgeon will feel better soon and you will be rescheduled even sooner 😊 Are you doing a preop liquid diet?

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