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    It's not the end of the world if on occasion you don't get absolutely all of your protein for a meal or even a day. It's likewise no terrible sin to leave food on a plate uneaten. It can actually be liberating. Enjoy your vacations. Tek
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    Add some soluble fibre (look for non swelling ones) to your soups, shakes etc. it will help make things a bit ‘firmer’. I used Benefibre for months to boost my fibre intake & help with regularity.
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    C'est normal. I never peed more than when on the post-op liquid diet. It does get better.
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    I found if I was eating liquids I pooped liquids. As soon as I switched to the ground meat phase, there were no more surprises.
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    Get a good lunchbox that you can put in the freezer then it’s frozen so it keeps your food cold. If I’m too busy to eat my lunch I just finish what I haven’t eaten on the car ride home and my lunch box keeps it cold all day :)
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    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Had mine 2 days ago on October 20th.
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    CPAP on Surgery Day

    Yes, take your CPAP. If you are kept overnight you will use it.
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    How do you respond?

    My standard answer is “a lot” and if they persist I say something like “twelve pounds” then when they are like no seriously, I say “ok you got me it’s actually 13 pounds”. I can keep this up all day.
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    Clothing? Oh no, not for at-home weigh ins. Same and time of the week, yes, but the only thing I am wearing is a smile. 🤪
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    I am 6 weeks post op and have no regrets. I’m actually relieved that I was forced to change my relationship with food because now I can look at things and think “I’m not even hungry” or “that doesn’t even sound good” and I move on.

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