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  1. Sunnyway

    I hate myself for going through with WLS

    It does get better. It's normal to have regrets at your current stage. I am one of the very rare bariatric surgery patients to have serious complications. However, after a challenging year, I've lost a total of 115 lbs and my life is totally normal. I eat regular food and have resumed all of my prior activities. A year ago I was in hospital due to peritonitis and sepsis arising out of bariatric revision surgery. I rued my decision to have RNY>RNY revision surgery. I spent 7 weeks in hospital with 3 endoscopy procedures and two open surgeries, followed by 3 weeks in a rehab facility before returning home. I had an open surgical wound for another 3 months, requiring daily dressing changes. I'm lucky to have survived at all, with organs and limbs intact. Because of the endoscopy procedures my pouch and anastomosis were stretched so I now have minimal physical restriction and will have to watch my diet and record my intake for the rest of my life. I accept that and hope to lose more, but will be content if I don't continue to lose. If you read the many stories on this site you will see that regrets pass and the vast majority of us are ultimately happy with our decisions to have surgery. Life does return to normal. You will be able to eat normal food. If you follow an appropriate food plan and learn how to eat differently during this period of restriction you will lose weight and keep it off. Since you have had such meager support, it's up to you to read and learn more about how to make a successful return to normal life minus the excess poundage. There are many excellent books available. You may be able to get some on Amazon.de or have them sent to you by someone in the US (or on Kindle in English). Here are a few of the books I recommend. There are many other excellent books and cookbooks to support you. You may ultimately still need breast reduction surgery, but you will be in better shape before you proceed with it. In the meantime, make the most of the tool you have been provided. Hang in there. Day by day, it will get better.
  2. It's unlikely that you would ever projectile vomit. If you overeat and get uncomfortable you may make yourself up-chuck to bring it up. A finger or spoon at the back of your throat will trigger the gag reflex and help you bring it up.
  3. It took one year and two weeks post surgery (plus 7 months pre-surgery), but today, nekked, on my own scale, I hit ONEderland, 199.6 lbs. Yipee! I know it's transitory and I'll bounce back and forth for a while, but this is the first time my scale has shown under 200 lbs for about 25 years. I've gone from a size 30-32 to an 18-20. My hair is growing back. My brother is moving back home after 30+ years as an expat. I've booked a southern Caribbean cruise for April and he's going with me. All is good! Just when I finally got all skinny leg pants, I discovered that the "in" style is again baggies. Well, there are some things you just can't win.
  4. Sunnyway

    A little drink?

    I didn't drink alcohol at all for 8+ months post surgery. I'm now 12 months out. I do drink wine and spirits now but it hits me very fast and hard. I'd be staggering at two drinks. Also, alcohol wastes calories. I'd rather save them for real food. Another reason to avoid alcohol is "addictive transference" Alcoholism developing after bariatric surgery is a real thing. I'm going to do the "Dry January Challenge". It's New Years Eve tonight, so I'll have my last drink for at least a month.
  5. Sunnyway

    So depressed about my hair

    Update: It's been a month since I posted the photo of my hair loss last spring. This morning I noticed a lot of 1-2" long hairs on top of my head. I can actually part my hair and the scalp is not so prevalent. I lost most of the hair in June, so it's taken 6+ months for it to noticeably grow in.
  6. But... how to avoid that? There should be no "projectile vomiting". The moment you have the merest inkling that you've had "enough", stop eating. This is a subjective feeling. If you feel your saliva increase, stop. If you feel a tightness in your chest (which is where the pouch is located, not lower in your belly), stop. Do not eat to "fullness". Immediately post-surgery is when you will learn how to eat differently. It's very important to take advantage of this. If you feel plugged up, you can put your finger or the bowl of a spoon at the back of your throat and up-chuck into the kitchen sink. It's NOT projectile vomiting. It's not bulimic vomiting--it just clears out the overfull pouch that is causing the meal contents to back up into your esophogas. It's not vomiting at all--there is no bile. It's just the masticated food you last ingested. Deliberate up-chucking will give you relief. However, repeated up-chucking can stretch the pouch, so take heed and stop eating before you reach the point of discomfort.
  7. Sunnyway

    Help me with puree ideas

    Try FitLife fat-free milk. It's ultra-pasturized and lactose free--plus it tastes good. It also froths like a dream. I also encourage you to buy a few bariatric cookbooks. There are many on Amazon. They give ideas for all stages post-surgery.
  8. I hope you know that there will be a drain or drains following your bariatric surgery! I found them uncomfortable but bearable.
  9. Sunnyway

    When to stop...

    Yes, if you eat until you "feel full" you will stretch your pouch. The restriction is temporary. Use it to learn how to eat differently. You're not much at risk at the puree stage, but you must still control your intake. During the restrictive period overeating may be uncomfortable or even painful--but not everyone experiences that physical sensation. Follow the guidelines provided by your clinic as to quantities. You will never again have this tool, so use it wisely.
  10. Sunnyway

    So depressed about my hair

    I lost hair and started wearing chemo caps and headscarves and finally bought a wig. Then I made a new friend who is utterly bald due to alopecia. Her courage in going hairless has been inspirational and I have become much less self-conscious about my thin hair. My hair has started growing back (but is still very thin). My head gets cold so I do wear baseball caps and knit stocking caps but I'm no longer embarrassed to go bare-headed inside.
  11. Sunnyway

    Emergency lap band removal

    Unfortunately what you experienced is exactly why few surgeons do lap band surgery anymore. A bad result does not necessarily mean medical malpractice. You had bad luck, just as I did. I had RNY>RNY revision last December 21. Ten days later I was airlifted back to the hospital with peritonitis and sepsis. My small intestine had split post surgery and everything I consumed was entering my abdominal cavity. I spent 7 weeks in hospital, had 3 endoscopy procedures, two open surgeries, and then spent 3 more weeks in a rehab facility. This was just about as bad as it could get: I was near death. However, I recovered without loss of any organs, limbs, or mental capacity. I never blamed my surgeon or the hospital.
  12. Sunnyway


    I dropped 50+ lbs pre-surgery by cutting out all foods containing sugar, flour, white potatoes, rice, and processed foods. These are my trigger foods. I consider myself to be a sugar/food addict. I can never go back to eating these things with abandon. I started using the Baritastic app. I occasionally used liquid protein shakes during that period. My calorie count dropped to around 1000 per day. I attended water exercise classes three days a week, including swimming 1/4 mile each time. I also increased my mileage on my walking tricycle to at least a mile a day. I've lost another 50+ lbs since my RNY>RNY revision surgery. I still strive to avoid my trigger foods. It's harder to resist now and weight loss is slow going, but I'm still dropping a few pounds a month with lengthy stalls.
  13. Sunnyway

    Maximum injury from minimal effort!

    Here is the walking tricycle I use for exercise. It's very stable and can be used by people with various disabilities. I got it because my weight and bum knee prevented me from walking or running. However, I love to run with the tricycle because it supports my weight and balance. I try to go at least one mile every day, but have gone as as far as three miles on it. Without it, I can walk only a few blocks. Notice that there are no pedals! One's feet are the locomotion and brakes. I do not recommend gravel! My friend and I usually ride on sidewalks, back roads, and parking lots. It folds in half and the wheels and seat can be popped off so it fits in the trunk of my car. My friend travels with hers, riding it in airports right up to the jet way where it is gate-checked just like a wheelchair. Check it out on Alinker.com. Alinkers tricycles cost about $2900 US, but the company has "rent-to-own" and crowdfunding programs.
  14. Sunnyway

    Mango juice?

    Avoid fruit juices. They are practically pure sugar since they contain minimal pulp. Eat whole fruit instead--assuming fruit is allowed on your bariatric plan.
  15. Sunnyway

    pre op bowel prep

    Magnesium citrate is on a shelf in every pharmacy, usually on a bottom shelf. Look where Fleet enemas are shelved. If you can't see it, ask for assistance. You can find it online, too. Do a google shopping search or check Amazon.
  16. Sunnyway


    Stalls are common and normal. It takes a while for your body to adjust and your set-point to change. Be diligent in weighing and measuring. Eye-balling quantities just does not work. Weighing, measuring, and recording keeps you honest. If you have not already done so, get some bariatric cookbooks or look up bariatric recipes online so that your meals are not boring and repetitive. You might try cutting out all high carb items such as bread and other things made with flour, white potatoes, rice, processed foods, and anything made with sugar. Avoid protein bars and processed "protein snacks"--they are CANDY to your body and will trigger you to eat more. In the almost two years since I started in the bariatric program I have encountered stalls frequently. The worst one lasted for over three months. My best advice is to stay off the scale, no matter how tempting it is. Check the scale just once a month. Contra-intuitively, sometimes it takes eating MORE for a few days to help reset your set-point. Measure yourself instead: neck, upper arm, bust, chest below bust, waist, hips, thighs. Record the measurements in an app or diary. You'll see losses even if the pounds are sticking. You'll also see your clothes fitting differently or need to replace them with smaller sizes. My second tip is to shop at thrift stores! I've gone down from size 30-32 (4x) to 18-20 (1-2x). Who can afford retail with that many size changes?!
  17. Sunnyway


    Lucky you. It will be harder when you have no restriction. It's essential that you use this period to learn how to eat differently and continue to hold the line. I lost half of my weight-loss prior to surgery. Because of complications, after my RNY>RNY revision surgery I had three endoscopy procedures which stretched my pouch and anastomosis. After a few weeks I had very little physical restriction. I've had to work very hard to eat differently and continue to lose weight. My post surgical loss is now equal to what I lost prior to surgery, and I struggle every day with cravings. I need to keep my calorie count in the area of 1000-1200 per day. I eat almost no sugar, flour, white potatoes, rice, or processed foods. But--it's worked and I will continue to do this for life, recording every morsel in my (Baritastic). app I know that as soon as I start to return to old eating habits I will regain what I have lost. It's hard work, but so worth it. Hang in there!
  18. Sunnyway

    Conflicting Body Images?

    I think this phenomenon is common. I certainly have experienced it. At my heaviest, I didn't think I was "that big" and conducted myself with confidence and style. Then I lost weight and I could not see the weight loss! I lost 70 lbs before I could see the difference in the mirror although everyone else was saying they could see a marvelous change. Now I've lost another 30 lbs and I'm going through another dysmorphic experience. I've gotten so many complements and positive comments that now I picture myself as smaller than I really am. It's shocking to look in a full length mirror and realize that I am still morbidly obese.
  19. Sunnyway

    Awful doctor experience

    I will agree with the others your options are to a) accept the surgeon's social awkwardness/rudeness if the other clinic members are supportive, or b) find a different surgeon/clinic. In your shoes I would probably look for another surgeon/clinic. I do want to point out that the RNY bypass surgery is generally accepted to be more effective than VSG. RNY results in greater weight loss, resolves heartburn/GERD, and resolves, improves, or prevents Diabetes 2. Some say VSG is a "more invasive" surgery, but frankly, removing 80% of your stomach is pretty damn invasive. With RNY bypass the stomach is separated but not removed. Both are performed laparoscopically. The VSG is easier and quicker for the surgeon. However, a lot of VSG patients have to have revision to RNY later.
  20. Consider the possibility that you are a sugar/food addict and need to cut out things like sugar, flour, white potatoes, rice, and processed foods. I've been pretty successful at losing (despite frequent stalls) by following this. Due to complications my RNY>RNY revision was not successful so I have no volume restriction. I HAVE to record everything I eat. My clinic wants me to restrict myself to 800 kcal a day, but I struggle with cravings even though my body is getting sufficient sustenance. Cutting out the trigger foods (above), helps with the craving but I'm usually consuming around 1000-1200 kcal a day--and still slowly losing. Here are some books I recommend.
  21. Sunnyway

    Where to buy

    Use google shopping search if you know the name of the product. Bariatric Pal has a lot of products, but there are many other bariatric sites selling products. Amazon carries a lot of bariatric products, too.
  22. I've had delayed dumping syndrome due to too much fat from batter-fried fish. It appeared about 6 months after RNY>RNY revision. I had bloating and belly pain starting 24 hours after that meal. It lasted for several days, gradually improving. I feared bowel torsion but had bowel sounds and a BM so the clinic PA said it was delayed dumping. It happened again 3 weeks later after eating smoked fish. I had never heard of delayed dumping syndrome--it was much worse than sugar dumping and lasted longer. I've sworn off sugar so that's not a trigger and I've learned my lesson about eating excessively fatty food!
  23. Sunnyway

    Gastric Sleeve and Depression

    I've mentioned in other posts that I had complications post-revision surgery. I became profoundly depressed while in hospital for weeks without knowing when I would be able to leave. My Wellbutrin was bumped from 150mg XR to 225mg daily and it helped tremendously. Once I was out of rehab and back home the extra dose was discontinued. You might talk to your doctor about adding a bit more during this slide you are in.

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