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    6 Month Follow Up

    Had my 6 month follow up today with the nutritionist, and surgeon (it will be 6 months tomorrow). They were both extremely happy with my success. I was told that I have done exceptionally well thus far, and to keep up the good work. I have lost 76 lbs., and 77% of my body fat!! All my labs came back good, except I am anemic, but have always been. So now I have to take the bariatric vitamins with 45 mg of iron. I was told to do was to add in some exercise, just light stuff with the tension bands. Only 15 minutes, 3 days a week, then slowly work my way up. I have fibro, so I have to be careful or I will be in too much pain to do anything at all. I am so happy! My journey is far from over, but I am well on my way to being a healthy, productive, active person. My only regret, if any, is that I wish I had this done 10 yrs. ago.
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    ^^^ I agree with this 100%. We see posts on here from "revisionists" who say the weight loss is much slower from them than it is from "virgin" surgeries. Just follow your plan. As long as your weight is trending downward, you're good.
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    I’m now gone after getting my surgery done Monday, feeling good. Was a bit full of gas 1st night but didn’t merit any pain relief. Here’s to a New Beginning x
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    I had lap band in 2009, it slipped in 2017, and I had it revised to bypass December 2020. I lost 16 pounds in two weeks then nothing for over a month. I worry that our bodies already got used to the lower calorie intake from when we were banded. I also think that is why I gained so much when my band slipped because I was eating “normal” amounts of food, but my body had been set at band amounts for a decade! I’ve finally started losing slowly again in the last week. I too got discouraged reading people’s posts about their significant and quick weight loss, I was starting to feel like a failure. But we each have our own journey and I wish you all the best on yours.
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    1 year+ post op sleeve stretch

    I don't think I could eat 4000 kcal a day anymore. I would be really uncomfortable. But I can eat 2500 easily if I'm not careful (and...I have). But doing that consistently will definitely cause weight gain. Long term, basically WLS controls how much you can eat at one sitting. Before WLS, I could eat half a large pizza at one sitting. No way could I do that now - it would be physically impossible. I can eat 1-2 pieces, and that's it. HOWEVER, there is nothing stopping me from eating 1-2 pieces at 6:00 pm, then another 1-2 pieces at 7:30 pm, and than another 1-2 pieces at 9:00 pm. Ta da! Half a large pizza in an evening. THAT is what you need to watch. and no - it's not easy to maintain. It's a daily struggle once you get a couple years out. I have to watch my intake and weight like a hawk, because if I don't, my weight starts heading north. But I do it because I don't EVER want to be morbidly obese again. EVER.
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    BariatricPal Store

    I just ordered a 15 count trial sample kit of Syntrax Nectar protein powder so I can try most of the flavors before commiting to a large tub. My favorite so far is the fuzzy navel flavor. The chocolate tort was good too but I couldn't get past the texture (I used water.) The shop will definitely be my go to when I need bariatric related items. Sent from my SM-G965U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Day 20 Post-Op & New to the group

    Yes we are very similiar profiles would love to keep in touch i have finally list some weight happy to report down 7 pounds in 13 days post op well done To you on your weight loss a long and hopefully successful road ahead for both of us 🤞🤞🙏🙏😂 mary
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    I got sick this morning

    Mischa, I am not attacking you in anyway, infact, I enjoyed our conversation last night. But Nova hit it on the head. I dated someone who was almost 2 years post-op VSG when we met, and she had JUST started drinking soda again then, for the first time, as her program didnt allow it (at all, but she felt that at 2 years she was good). In the 3 years we were together, she gained back 66 lbs of the almost 100 she had lost. When she went back to her surgeon and they did a scope, her pouch had stretched to almost 3 times its size he had it post surgery. He attributed it NOT to her increasing her food volume increase, but rather resuming her ritual of drinking diet dr pepper often. And he's not some quack doctor, hes one of the foremost Bari surgeons in the United States. I'm not in any way saying that this happens to everyone or even a lot of people that returns to drinking soda after their surgeries, but I just wanted to give you a real life experience with it and why people are worried about you wanting to drink something so carbonated with such fresh incisions and so soon after surgery. Carbonation expands exponentially once its digested and encounters stomach acid and causes your stomach to distend to accommodate the pressure and volume that the gas is taking up (why it makes you burp so much)... right now your stomach is so small, that even a tiny bit of expansion can really be dangerous. Maybe not catastrophic, but I would hate for you to cause yourself more pain, as you're already nauseated and not feeling well. Might I suggest getting on Amazon and purchasing some ginger chews. When I was going through my hernia and nausea issues, they were a lifesaver! Goodluck hun, try and stay positive, I know some things may come off as harsh, but the people (the very very vast majority that I have encountered) really just want to see others (including you!) succeed!
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    I don’t feel right

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. You should definitely call your surgeon's office to check in and see what they say. However, at only 11 days out, it's still VERY early. At that point, a lot of us felt weak, had major problems trying to drink, couldn't eat at all, couldn't hit the protein targets, couldn't walk much. It wasn't until week 3 that I started to feel better. I know on this forum you see a lot of people post that they had no pain and were able to go back to work after a week. I believe them and I'm glad for them, but not everyone has that experience. It's normal to feel pain and weakness after major surgery. But if you're at all concerned, that's what your surgical team is for. I called several times when something happened that I didn't expect and they were always willing to listen and advise. Yours should be too.
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    Breaking Point

    I had got referred in March 2017. Did all the stuff, and had a date set for Dec 2017. I chickened out, rescheduled for March 2018, and chickened out (again) and rescheduled (again) for June 2018. Then yep, chickened out for the third time. Then one day that summer I was at a pool party sitting on the steps of the deck putting on sunscreen. I had trouble reaching my feet to put sunscreen on them cuz of my bulk. So i resorted to bending my knee and swinging my foot behind me to reach as I sat on the top step of the deck. I happened to look up as I was doing my thing and noticed some people around me looking at me with what I interpreted as pity (i dunno for sure if that is what they were thinking, but that is what *I* thought they were thinking, and that was enough). How I felt that very moment solidified my decision to finally go through with it for reals. That week I called the centre and rescheduled (again) for October 2018. I didn't chicken at that time, thank goodness. Zero regrets, and haven't looked back since.