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    Chickpea "Pasta"

    Just here to let you know that I took some advice. I was craving pasta so badly. A few of you told me to try Chickpea Pasta. I was very unsure about it. I bought some, and it was in my cabinet for a couple of weeks. I kept saying that I would try it the next day for dinner, but then I would talk myself out of it. LOL Well, I finally bit the bullet last night. I made chicken sausage, with peppers, and onions, then put it into low sugar spaghetti sauce. Boiled up some of the "pasta", and it was absolutely delicious! It was a little bit harder than regular pasta, but it took the craving away. Now I can experiment with it some more. I love this site because a few of you have given me some great ideas to try. Thank You, and keep them coming. ☺️
  2. Just got off the phone with my nutritionist and she didn't help me at all. For those of you who have been following my posts, you know I had some questions for her. I asked her if I had to keep drinking 8 cups of water per day and let her know that I had to cut down to 6 because I get way too full even at this stage (9 months out), and then can't eat, and am losing more weight and can not maintain. Her answer was "Yes you have to drink 8 cups (64 oz.) of water per day". Then I asked if other liquids count towards the goal. Her answer was, "Yes, and you have to drink 8 cups of water per day also." Well that makes no sense. I then asked what could I do to gain a few lbs. Her answer was to "drink full fat milk, eat nuts, Peanut Butter or Almond Butter". I told her that I eat those things everyday, but can not drink milk due to lactose intolerance. Then she says, "Ok so eat yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese". I told her that I can not do that because those things are dairy. So then she tells me to drink whole milk, instead of my almond milk. By now I am ready to start yelling at her. I know she wasn't paying attention to me. Then she tells me to eat more often, so I tell her that I already eat 5-6 times a day to which she tells me that I should be eating 5-6 times a day. LOL I give up. WTF lady? She also told me I should be having more protein so I tell her about my constipation issues and that I already eat 90-100 grams of protein a day. I let her know that the doc says I need to cut back a little bit on this, and she tells me that I should be drinking protein water. OMG!! Whatever. So now I am just going to have to do it my way, and see whatever works for me. I am going to cut back my water intake to 4 cups a day so I am not so full, and hopefully can eat more. I also will cut my protein down. I don't know what else to do at this point. I need to be able to eat more so I can put some weight back on. Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks
  3. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    TY for understanding. I was also a waitress and was never rude to anyone. It just really made me mad when she was being rude to my elderly mom for no reason.
  4. HealthyLifeStyle

    Follow up to my restaurant post

    TY not be rude to myself and my elderly mom. She was very rude to us.
  5. HealthyLifeStyle

    Against docs advice

    Thank you very much. Me too! LOL
  6. So for those of you who have been following my posts. My doc had told me to take Miralax every single day due to constipation. When I was no longer constipated and now getting diarrhea every day, I called the office and they told me to cut down to every other day. Then when that wasn't working either, I called them again and they told me to keep taking it no matter what. So I had to make my own decision at that point and stopped taking it all together. It has been over a week now and I have been regular. I am not one to tell others not to listen to their docs, but I know my own body, and had to do what I thought was right for me at the time. Sometimes the docs are not always right.
  7. HealthyLifeStyle

    Abdominal muscle cramps

    I also had the bypass 9 months ago. Did you figure out why you were having the cramps? Mine was eating Maltitol, a fake sweetener found in a lot of foods. I stopped eating it and feel a lot better now.
  8. Feeling more confident about my picture being taken at family functions, holidays, etc. I used to actually hide when the cameras came out because I feared of my pics being shown to everyone to see how big I was. Not being embarrassed to eat in front of others. When I was bigger, I didn't like to eat in front of anyone because in my mind they were making fun of me for being so fat.
  9. HealthyLifeStyle

    Water intake

    Anyone who has been following me knows I have been asking about the water recommendations. Even though I am a little past 9 months, I was told by a few people on here and also my docs office that I should still be doing the required 64oz of water per day. At 6-7 months I cut down to 6 cups per day so I could eat more protein. If I didn't do that, I wouldn't be able to get in all my food because I was just too full. It was concerning because I had already reached my goal weight and couldn't maintain. I let the docs be aware of this and was told that I still had to do the 8 cups per day. I made my own decision not to listen to them. At this point, I am drinking only 4 cups of water per day. By doing this I am able to eat more. I have been doing this for at least a week. I was excited to get on the scale today because I just knew I had put on a few lbs. but alas I have actually lost more. I am so frustrated because I really thought this was going to work. Less water being less full means more food intake means weight gain. Isn't that how it would logically work?
  10. HealthyLifeStyle

    No more body hair?

    Well that could make sense. I do have Hashimoto's. After the WLS my doctor has decreased my meds twice. I will have to ask about that. Thanks Also I am going to be 52 this year so age may have something to do with it like you said.
  11. HealthyLifeStyle


    Great advice thanks
  12. HealthyLifeStyle


    Great idea about the kids portion and switching the meals. LOL
  13. HealthyLifeStyle

    9 years post OP and cant eat

    Very sorry your going thru this. It makes me nervous re the surgery. I am 9 months out and although I am not vomiting, I can still only eat about as much as I did at 5-6 months. Very little. I went from 216 to 131 and keep losing. I can't maintain at all. I look very thin and sickly. I haven't got any help from my nutritionist either. I have called my surgeons office and no one has called me back. I am glad to hear that your going to see a specialist. I am looking into getting a new nutritionist myself. Good Luck
  14. HealthyLifeStyle


    Ate my 1st one about 6-7 months post op and had no issues. I wasn't really a fan prior to surgery. Now I love them and eat them at least once a week. I can only eat one spear and then I am full.
  15. HealthyLifeStyle

    What's your best post op advice?

    Just focus on one day at a time. Remember that everyone is different and loses at a different pace. The advice on here is excellent, but you can not compare yourself to others. Always check with your docs office if your unsure about anything. Protein is always comes first with your food/meals. If you follow the plan you will succeed.
  16. HealthyLifeStyle

    Looking for a good Protein Bar

    TY all for the suggestions. I recently tried the Atkins Protein Bar chocolate peanut butter. I love it and it hasn't made me have a belly ache. I don't eat them every day. Just a few times a week and so far so good.
  17. Is anyone else experiencing weird goings on with this site? Last week while I was on here, my user name changed to Alex Beecher and I could see all of his info such as address, phone number, and his ordering history. I contacted the customer service and they helped me fix it. I had to clear my cache and do some other stuff, but it worked. Now today as I was on here, my points were 903 and when my page refreshed it was down to 863. I contacted customer service once again and this time they could not help me? I am not happy that I lost my points because I order from their store, and use the discount. I changed my password and it didn't do anything. I did a review of one of their products (40 points) and it didn't change my points? You have to verify thru your email and I did that, and still nothing. I contacted customer service again and they can not help me? What the hell is going on? Do I have a virus in my computer? Wouldn't it be affecting other websites as well? I don't know anything about computers. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  18. HealthyLifeStyle

    Nutritionist was NO help at all

    What is SX? LOL
  19. HealthyLifeStyle

    Nutritionist was NO help at all

    I don't drink anything other than water. Tea or protein cocoa in the wintertime on occasion. I do not drink alcohol at all. I have not tried Lactaid pills. I may have to try that. Bada beans sound awesome. Where do you get them? I never heard of them. Funny thing is that this nutritionist is from my bariatric surgeons office. TY
  20. HealthyLifeStyle

    New Mattress

    I always wondered about the purple mattress.
  21. HealthyLifeStyle

    Nutritionist was NO help at all

    I thought I had to only use her because of the affiliation and insurance. I didn't know I had a choice.
  22. HealthyLifeStyle

    No pre-op diet?

    Every doc is different. They all have their way of doing things. My dad had the surgery 5 yrs. ago and he was told that he could never have pasta or rice. He came with me on my 6 month check up and heard them tell me that I could start eating small portions if I felt up to it. He was mad. LOL I was also told that I could never drink carbonated beverages again, EVER. A lot of people told me that they are allowed to. It is very different for everyone.
  23. HealthyLifeStyle


    I never heard of this. How do you take it? Do you only do it when your severely constipated or for regular maintenance?
  24. HealthyLifeStyle

    Possible gas??

    TY for clearing that up. I have never heard of a cramp being called a stitch before.
  25. HealthyLifeStyle

    December 2020 surgery

    OMG!! You are not 67! You are so pretty and looks so young. I hope I look so good at your age.

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